1.1 – Fairies and witches don’t mix

ScreenshotThis should do it! The spell shouldn’t backfire now! I’ve spent years working on this search spell! Today I’ll finally find that person. This chore can finally be finished and I can go avenge my mother. Though she was too nice and naïve for her own good, and that’s probably what caused her demise, she is the one who raised me. I owe her that much.

Screenshot-2“Give me a sign, show me the way to complete my legacy,” I began casting the spell.

Screenshot-3“Lead me to the key,” I finished the incantation and released the magic.  Crystals appeared before me, three of them. Each showing a different place. The junkyard, graveyard and central park.

Screenshot-4“That wasn’t very detailed. The closest one is central park, might as well start there.” I put away the wand I had crafted myself as a teenager. I really hope one of those three places held that person. Maybe because I said key, and not person it might actually send me to places with keys. All three of those places could have random keys lying around. Then again everywhere probably had lost keys.

Screenshot-5Riding on a broomstick is the best thing about being a witch. I’m not very fond of the idea of being discovered as a witch (this town likes to turn a snobby nose towards supernaturals), so I cast an illusion spell two years ago that makes people think I’m actually driving a car. That way, I can enjoy being a witch to the max. And even if they discovered me, I’m invincible. Nothing can beat a witch!

Screenshot-6Well, so far Central Park is empty except for a bird and that guy reading a book. The only piece of information I have to help me find that person is that her eyes are white. Well that’s if it’s a her. It could be that guy, but I’m not sensing any sort of magic from him, though there is something magic here.I’ll have to search.

Screenshot-7I hadn’t even taken a step forwards that a fairy came flying over. A FAIRY! I hate those creatures. Fairies and witches don’t get along by nature. And this youngling was coming straight for me! This must be the magic I sensed, it definitely is coming from her. That person isn’t a fairy though, my mother told me that person isn’t a witch, a fairy, a vampire, a zombie, a werewolf or a ghost. The only magical thing about them is that they are immortal. That I know of. With my luck it’s probably the grim reaper.

Screenshot-8“Oh how amusing, a white-winged fairy come to ruin my day!” I exclaimed.

“Shut up witch, and leave us alone. We don’t need your stink here.” Oh she’s a nasty one.

Screenshot-9“We, who’s we?”

“Its not of your business just go back to wherever you came from! We don’t need witches roaming here!”

“I’ve been here for three years, I’m surprised you’ve just recently noticed my presence. And it is my business, I have work here! Why are you so touchy?” I checked her eyes just to make sure. She had pink eyes, typical of a fairy. They usually have bright cheery colored eyes.

Screenshot-10“I-” A car passed in from of the town hall at the opposite side of the park and the fairy twirled around like a paranoid. Her eyes lingered for a long time on the guy on the bench.


Screenshot-11She turned right back around, this time wearing a frightened expression. I was right.

“What’s he got to do with this? He’s a mortal.” The fairy got closer, and the stench of fairy dust made me want to sneeze.

“Nothing! Leave!” She pleaded. “I can take care of him!”

Screenshot-12Enhance which is too far to be seen.” I muttered my eyes then zoomed in to the guy sitting on the bench. IT WAS HIM! It was hard to see, but his eyes were white, it had to be him! And what was that on the side of his head…?

Screenshot-13The fairy brat made fairy dust appear in her hands and brought it up to my face, immediately snapping me out of my enhancing spell. I sneezed and she smiled. Damn fairy dust!

Screenshot-14“What are you doing with him?” I asked, suppressing my need to jump and scream of joy.

“Look leave us alone! They said I could be the one to protect him! I don’t want a witch helping me, I’m more than capable!”

“Look, all I need to do is give him a message, fairy.” I snapped, this was almost over.

Screenshot-15“A message? What kind of message? Here, I can pass it on, just give it to me.” She said suddenly cautious. I honestly didn’t know the message.

“I don’t know it. My mother told me the people that had given her the mission would tell me once I found him. But for that I need to have physical contact, I just need to go see him. Its not like I’ll kill him or anything.” I was already saying too much to a teenage fairy, but she seemed stupid enough to let me pass.

Screenshot-16 Or not.

“WHAT? How could you? You’re a witch aren’t you? Are you that dumb!? No way, you’re one of them! You’re not going anywhere near him!”

Screenshot-17Then the dumb little fairy put a spell on me.

Screenshot-18Oh god…I’m feeling tired…

“Don’t come near us again witch, or next time I won’t be so nice.” What was she saying? I wasn’t gone yet!

Screenshot-19Damn it.


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14 Responses to 1.1 – Fairies and witches don’t mix

  1. Just stumbled across this and so far I’m really enjoying it! I’m intrigued!


  2. amandralynn says:

    This is cute! I laughed when I saw her riding down the street with her broom. lol


  3. brainofivane says:

    “We don’t need your stink here.” – Says the girl who has a really dirty apron. 🙂 I’m kind of liking the fairy too. She reminds me of Tinker Bell’s playful naughtiness. And the guy with the white eyes… mysterious. 🙂 I’m entertained. 🙂


  4. Hello there!
    It’s been a long time since I last visited your blog, I read few chapters, but then I somehow got lost on the way… well, it doesn’t matter now, because I’m back looking forward to catch up! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. She’s so cute grinning on her broomstick! Oh no! The fairy put her to sleep. Interesting… I wonder what the guy has to do with everything.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. kaffepigen says:

    Great second chapter! I’m enjoying it so far 🙂 You got me caught on this! Right, I’m off to explore Windenburg 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Bahahahaha! I cracked up when I saw her splayed on the ground like, “Damn it” LOL.

    Although I don’t blame the fairy for acting hostile. Literally the first thing she said was “Oh how amusing, a white-winged fairy come to ruin my day!” I wouldn’t be very happy to see the person who said this to me either XD Goes to show just how deeply ingrained this hatred is though.

    Now to wonder…bench dude…friend or foe? Hmmmmm. *ponders*

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Also it might take me 4839204230 years to catch up, but I tried to catch up at the beginning of Nikolas’ generation and was out of my mind confused, so I thought maybe I should start at the generation before that and then was still confused so….here I am. At the very freaking beginning, LOL. Oh well. Even though it’ll take me eons to catch up, I can already tell I’m going to enjoy the journey =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Haha that’s not surprising XD After gen.6 everything becomes really intermingled!
      I’m happy you’re starting from the start. That way you’ll get to see my gen.4 🙂 A fan/author favorite.

      Liked by 1 person

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