1.4 – The meddling mother

ScreenshotMy wand tingled and I activated the search spell. There was only one crystal this time, clearly displaying the graveyard.
“Oooh I’m ready for you now!”

Screenshot-2First I should make sure my new spell still works.

Screenshot-3Yes, yes it does.

Screenshot-4I couldn’t help myself. The moment I arrived to the graveyard and saw them so out in the open, I had to laugh maniacally.

Screenshot-5I began casting my spell just as they noticed me. Surprisingly enough they didn’t seemed frightened. Too confident. Ha! They didn’t know about my new spell!

Screenshot-6I released my paralyzing spell!
The little fairy seemed surprised and alarmed, while Tarnowak stood still.

Screenshot-7Finally they were mine! I didn’t know how long the spell would last so I hurried over so that I could finally deliver that message.

Screenshot-8I touched his hand, acquiring physical contact and awaited the message. It was almost instantaneous.

Screenshot-9A voice appeared in my head, dark and sinister that sent chills down my side. It said two words.
“Kill him.”

Screenshot-10Out of nowhere, the two who should have been paralyzed started to move. Tarnowak grabbed my other hand, and the fairy brat conjured some sort of spell with her fairy dust.

Screenshot-11A flash of white and when I opened my eyes I wasn’t in the graveyard anymore.

Screenshot-12“Where am I?”

Screenshot-13“A place where hopefully you’ll listen.” Tarnowak said. Tarnowak was beside me?

Screenshot-14This is so weird. I’m boiling with rage inside but I’m acting so calm on the outside! For one I’d like to know why I’m dressed like this! And where I am?! And whats happening?!
“Tarnowak.” Was the only word that came out. Damn it!

Screenshot-15“You must know by now who you were working for.”
“Yes. I know you are essential for the survival of supernaturals. I also know that the person who communicated with me telepathically is most likely the grim reapers wife.”
“That’s pretty accurate!” He said with a smile. DAMN IT! How did you get to that conclusion before I did self?? I want my body back! What kind of trickery is this!?

Screenshot-16“From now on, I want to help you guys against the bad guys. I’m sorry for doing those things, I hadn’t realized on what side I was. I also want to help you because I find you incredibly hot.” WOAH, when did that happen? I don’t remember thinking that?? Yes he is hot, but that’s no reason to tell him!!
He chuckled. God damn it!


Screenshot-18Oh damn it, I had to take control of my body at that exact moment didn’t I. Oh now my cheeks are going red.
You’ve never had a boyfriend before it was about time…
A fading voice…that sounded oddly like my mothers. This is so confusing!!

Screenshot-19“OH god holy sh*t! I am so sorry! I don’t know what came over me, I had absolutely no control over it!” Though that felt pretty good…

Screenshot-20“Haha, its ok. I don’t mind.” GOD DAMN IT, I JUST SMILED!!!

Screenshot-21“AHEM. Anywho can you tell me why you have those vein thingies on your head?” Might as well gleen some information.

Screenshot-22“It’s a disease that the grim reapers wife inflicted upon me. Anna has been able to suppress it, but it won’t last very long.”
“My fairy sister. I found her when she was just a baby.” Good they’re not related.

Screenshot-23“Is it true that you’re immortal?”
“Yes. I knew your grandmother. That’s about the time I was born.”
“Oh wow, your old.”
“I hope you don’t mind dating an older man.”

Screenshot-24“WHAT?! Who said anything about dating you??” I stammered.
He laughed. Oh god.

“That sounds like that fairy brat!” He smiled.
“We have to go now, she can’t hold this for much longer.”


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10 Responses to 1.4 – The meddling mother

  1. ‘You’ve never had a boyfriend before it was about time…
    A fading voice…that sounded oddly like my mothers. This is so confusing!!’ <– Haha, I love it! Another brilliant chapter!


  2. amandralynn says:

    Mysterious it is that she heard her mothers voice. Great chapter!


  3. brainofivane says:

    “The moment I arrived to the graveyard and saw them so out in the open, I had to laugh maniacally… I began casting my spell just as they noticed me.” – Well, hunnie, you kind of sound like a villain right there. Maybe you really are on the bad side. It’s okay. You’re more an antagonist than a villain for now.

    I thought she turned into a mermaid. She kinda looks like Ariel after all.

    This chapter was really amusing! Awesome work! 🙂


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  5. raerei says:

    Unexpected! 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  6. bloudwedd says:

    What an intense chapter – loved it!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. “What?…” indeed! I mean obviously glad she didn’t kill him, but the compulsion to kiss him out of nowhere!? More pondering ensues…..

    Liked by 1 person

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