1.8 – Free spirit

ScreenshotThe new house!


Screenshot-2I was watching Tarnowak paint as I usually did when he dropped a news bomb on me.

“I’m going to leave soon.” He announced rather casually.

“What?” I asked not yet into the conversation.

“Hopefully tomorrow. So I won’t be there for the birth of the baby.”


Screenshot-3“Um, No! What is this? You’re here for me all this time, and two months before I give birth you ditch? What’s wrong?”

“I was just warning you.” He said as he continued painting.


Screenshot-4“Anna! Get your ass over here!” I yelled while glaring at my husband. Does he even know what he’s saying?


Screenshot-5“Goodness sakes, what would those guys do without me?”


Screenshot-6“Yeah, whats up?”

“Your big brother just told me he wasn’t going to be there for the birth of this baby and that apparently hes going somewhere tomorrow!”

“Oh. Well the answer to that is pretty simple.”


Screenshot-7Tarnowak had already tuned us out as he usually did while painting.

“He goes through these phases. They’re pretty unpredictable. He just needs to leave and head to the only place he can be safe and alone. In his head. With my help of course.”

“Please, elaborate…”

“He’s told me once he had these like battles in his head and he had to keep going back or something. That or its his escape hatch when stressing stuff comes along. Like, I dunno, the birth of his child.”

“Well he should confront it like a man!”


Screenshot-8“Anywho I gotta go to school.”


“Look, Tarnowak is a carefree spirit. You can’t hold him back, its his own choice if he does or not. Be happy he hasn’t decided to leave you yet.” Wow what a reassuring thought.


Screenshot-9And sure enough the idiot made his little escapade the next day, sleeping peacefully in bed.

“Don’t hate him for it Rosa, really its just in his nature. After living for 300 years, you sort of need these times of rest.” Rest, was it now?


Screenshot-10The next few weeks were pretty damn lonely, me and Anna weren’t really…tight. I spent most of my time in the baby room, talking to my baby and rocking back and forth. I was really curious as to what this baby would grow out to be.


Screenshot-11It was on one of those nights that the baby decided it was time to come out! The thing is, supernaturals can’t go to the hospital. Too many weird things happen at birth and the humans would just freak out. So I had to give a homebirth with Anna’s help.


Screenshot-12Let me rectify that, I had to do it all by myself cause she was freaking out in the corner of the room for the first half hour!


Screenshot-13And with lots of sparkles, Christopher was born!


Screenshot-14Even though it was still rather early, I double-checked his eyes. They weren’t white. But we wouldn’t know before his eyes settled.


Screenshot-15Even after Christopher was born, it would seem Tarnowak REFUSED to wake up. Anna said not to mind, if he didn’t in two months she’d force him awake.


Screenshot-16Surprisingly enough, I actually did not mind. I can’t force Tarnowak to do anything, and I really understand what Anna was talking about. And if Tarnowak was awake he would say yes when ever Anna would want to walk Christopher. Thing is, I, want to walk Christopher!


Screenshot-17Of course…


Screenshot-18Two months went by pretty fast…


Screenshot-19“So this is Christopher.” Anna had woken Tarnowak up, and he had come to say hi to his son.


Screenshot-20He then talked to me, and told me he couldn’t stay here anymore. He had to go explore and do other stuff. But he would come back now and then.

I know I shoulda been pissed off, but…Tarnowak wasn’t your usual guy, and he was forcing Anna to stay behind. (Reasons beyond me)

He spent the night with me, and the next day he left, and I was fine with that.

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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  1. julyvee94 says:

    what a weird relationship. Guess supernaturals are not your usual guys ^^

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