1.18 – Clarice Part 2

ScreenshotClarice’s POV

“This is getting frustrating! I’ve finally discovered an elixir, only to find out its to turn a vampire into a human! It took me years to figure this out, Keena! Are you even listening?” I complained. It was true I had been sneaking in the basement since I had discovered it a few years ago to research an elixir that may turn me into a human so I could then become a supernatural being! Then a few weeks later Keena had followed me down and asked to be a part in my secret. I didn’t mind much, Keena was cool. It was people like Christopher or Felicia who weren’t cool.

“Yeah, yeah I’m listening. Look I’m sure there’s a book in those thousands of bookshelves. Something that says something. You know apart from the whole white-eyed baby thing.” Keena proposed.


“I dunno. I don’t have the confirmation that the baby I get will gain my white eyes.” It sounded pretty last minute, though I was starting to feel restless and impatient. The idea of having such a high importance on the supernatural population was creeping me out, I certainly didn’t want this burden.

Well guess we’ll hit the books when we get home.



“So you find anything yet?” I asked.

“Nope.” Keena replied. The books were mega interesting, but not the subject I was searching for interesting.


I feel like I’m hitting a dead end. I’ve practically read all these books already! I’d be surprised if I actually found anything worthwhile.


Hey what’s happening? Why is the bookcase moving?


Omg…secret passage!


A stone room with a stairway in the middle. I wonder what type of treasures I could find down there!!


Wow! Even more books! I wonder if there are even more top secret! I ought to find one here. Who built this place? Was it mum?


“1608….1609…wait these are just photo albums and diaries!”


Again? How many secret doors are there here??


Just one book? Must be one special book.


It’s got no title. But it doesn’t look very dusty, like in the movies dusty, where the dust is like five centimeters high.


I wonder what it says! Maybe it holds the secret to …well everything! It must be one hell of a book to have a whole room to itself.


I opened the book only to find that the pages were white. How disappointing.


But then words appeared on their own…

Hello, what is your wish? I shall grant any.

“…Really? A book that can grant wishes!?”

Yes, anything your heart desires…

“You must be a magical book or something. But there really is only one thing I want. I don’t want to hold the burden of being a white-eyed anymore.”

And so I shall grant it once you give birth to your first child. I can guarantee that your first child will be white-eyed, but you must carry me along.

“Great! Though it seems kind of mean to drop my burden onto my own child.”

Do not worry, the child will bloom with its white-eyes. You will not need to care for it and it will be the happiest child in the world.

“In that case, all I have to do is get pregnant. Simple enough.”

Good luck…



“Baby making. That’s what I’m gonna do, and I have the feeling that my first try is going to be the right one.” I told Keena as I arrived to her party. I ain’t going to tell her about the book just yet. She might get greedy.

“Well that’s cool, but don’t take him.”

“Who?”  Keena interested in a guy?


“Him,” She said as she motioned towards Zoe’s boyfriend. He was hot, but he was also sort of taken.

“He’s obviously with Zoe, I don’t know why you’d go after a taken guy.”


The door opened and Roland, Millie’s guy friend, came in looking a bit worried. He headed straight for our room, where Millie probably was.  Hmmm he wasn’t taken, and all I need was one night, to give me one baby…

Good choice, fairies have good genes…


After a few seconds of hesitation I got up to follow him.


I went in and without a care for whatever those two were doing, I demanded that Roland give me a child.

Like I said, I have no self-control.

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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5 Responses to 1.18 – Clarice Part 2

  1. starletsims says:

    Just like her mother hahaha

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  2. Oh no, this isn’t going to end well 😮

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  3. Emily Anne says:

    Oh no… this is nothing but trouble.

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  4. No self-control? More like a lack of a grasp of even basic social norms! =O


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