1.20 – Keena Part 2

ScreenshotKeena’s POV

“This is getting frustrating! I’ve finally discovered an elixir, only to find out its to turn a vampire into a human! It took me years to figure this out, Keena! Are you even listening?” Clarice ranted.

I couldn’t believe I had let myself get caught when I followed her down. I was supposed to be covert. At least she took it well.

“Yeah, yeah I’m listening. Look I’m sure there’s a book in those thousands of bookshelves. Something that says something. You know apart from the whole white-eyed baby thing.” That’ll leave her thinking.

“I dunno. I don’t have the confirmation that the baby I get will gain my white eyes.” She continued. God your problem is so simple, but whatever.


Hmm. Felicia looks as bored as usual. Nothing interesting ever happens to her. Though its still amusing to watch her. Its like she doesn’t even notice our presence, let alone anyone elses.

Oh, not surprising that Christopher would leave. I’m surprised he stayed this long.



“So you find anything yet?” Clarice asked.

“Nope.” I replied. I wasn’t actually searching. Just wasting time looking at books.


Well, well little sis, seems you found something interesting. Took you long enough.


Well no point in me staying down here is there? Hmm…I should plan a party for after supper! Why, Keena, you have the best of ideas sometimes.



“Jesse why aren’t you on the dance floor?” I asked.

“The same reason you aren’t, because they are taking up all the space.” Jesse is a random classmate from a school nearby, who decided she would come to my party. There aren’t that many people but when my siblings get here this place will be cramped. I love it when Aunt Anna leaves on her five hour long walks. I really wonder if she does anything other than think during that whole time.


“While we are on the subject, think you could tell me who that guy dancing with Zoe is?”

“Caught your eye didn’t he?” Indeed he had. I make a habit of knowing everyone and all their backgrounds. I know that Zoe’s mother is a drunk and that her dad is obsessed with cars. I also know that Zoe easily trusts, for which I pity her. I know that Jesse is a model child at home and the laziest human being at school. I know that her parents have high expectancies and that her mom is currently cheating on her dad with Jesse’s gym teacher. See I know a bunch of cool gossip, but I don’t know much about this guy, and its not the first time I’ve seen him.


“He’s Zoe’s boyfriend,” Jesse began, I had obviously caught that much. “He doesn’t go to our school, and the only time he makes an appearance is at parties with Zoe. No one else has ever seen him anywhere else around town. Which is kind of unfortunate for us ladies cause Zoe gets him all to herself. Though we’ve never seen ‘em kiss or anything.”

“Yeah kay.”

“I’m gonna get myself another drink.”


Oh, an uninvited vampire guest has arrived. Good thing Christopher’s not here yet. Of course the more the merrier.


“Yes, welcome.” I am the host after all.

“Where can I find Christopher?” Quite interesting this is. A supernatural that knows my brothers name. I wonder how she acquired it?

“He’s not here yet, but his room is right there.” I said pointing to his room.


The vampire nodded and headed for the room. As long as Chris doesn’t find out he won’t hate me. Oh there goes Felicia, she got bored quicker than I thought she would. And it would seem Chris has arrived. Taking his usual calming breaths before entering the house. So amusing!


“Hey.” Chris says as he comes in. Oh, look at that smile, thinking my party sucks and he won’t stay more than a couple of seconds.


“Before you leave, dear brother, a vampire girl came looking for you a few minutes ago,” I said, as I blocked his path.

“Thanks.” He grumbled, his mood suddenly dropping. Seems he already met the girl.


There goes my dumb brother. Seems Jesse finally got onto the dance floor. Also seems like Millie is getting pretty bored. I thought she was bringing her fairy friend along.


“Hey what’s up Millie?”

“I’m just waiting for Roland.” She replied.

“Well you’ve been waiting for a long time. Is he coming or not?”

“He’ll come, not to worry.” Millie continued.


“I’ll be in my room.” She said as she got up. Well that was fine, Clarice was about to come anyway, and I had the definitive feeling she had something to say.


“Hey sis, I finally found a solution!” Clarice exclaimed as she came in.

“You did?” I asked, hopefully she wouldn’t see how sarcastic I was.


“Well then let’s hear it.”

“Baby making. That’s what I’m gonna do, and I have the feeling that my first try is going to be the right one.” Clarice announced. Well, I’m not surprised she kept her secret to herself.

“Well that’s cool but don’t take him.”



“Him,” I said as I motioned towards Zoe’s boyfriend.

“He’s obviously with Zoe, I don’t know why you’d go after a taken guy.”


“Ooh there goes Roland. Hes not taken. And all I need is a baby, Millie’ll forgive me.”


Clarice got up and left. “Ah but dear Clarice…”


“It’ll just make it all the more fun…”


…vampire leaves.


And out runs a bitten Christopher. So  predictable.

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