2.1 – Prologue/Epilogue


I nervously pulled at my pillow with my fingers. I didn’t know what to pick. Since Roland had given me the proposal I was having a hard time NOT wanting to be able to see. However he was asking me to become, basically, his father’s slave. He did say they could help me develop my witch powers though, which was something I was worrying about. To be able to see….for the price of losing my freedom.

“Millie? Are you okay? I haven’t seen you leave your room lately.” Aunt Anna asked as she came in.

“I’m fine, where is everyone else? The house is rather empty.” What bothered me the most, was that Roland had asked me not to tell anyone. Why? I have no idea, but for now I’ll keep it to myself.

“Clarice was here moments ago, but I can feel her downstairs.” For a long time Aunt Anna had been aware of Clarice’s adventures.

“But, knowing what’s down there…why don’t you stop her?” I asked, I knew about how the evil witch was locked in a book. One that her sister was always carrying around with her.

“There is no need to interfere, she can’t release the witch, no one can, and hopefully she’ll learn from her mistakes on her own.”

“Even though two days ago she asked Roland to give her a baby? You’re being a bit too loose with her.”

“Ah she’s a teenager.” Aunt Anna said. I heard her making my sisters’ beds. Obviously she didn’t want to talk about it anymore. Hopefully she had it under control.

“What about the others? What about Christopher?” I asked. Even though my big brother hated supernaturals, and hated me, I still loved him. I don’t know why, I just did.

“Christopher….has been hanging an awful lot with your father.” Ah yes their father. He had suddenly appeared two nights ago, unannounced and went straight for his son. Since then Christopher and he kept hanging out. “The whole vampire transformation thing is pretty hard on the poor boy. Tomorrow is his birthday however so hopefully we can make him forget it.” The fateful 18 for my brother, I still had a year and a half to go. Weird how we’re all so close in age.

“Keena is being Keena. She’s probably out on investigating business again.” Aunt Anna continued. I had noticed she let us have  A LOT more independence once we reached teenagehood. “And Felicia…” Aunt Anna caught herself before she went any further. There was a small silence. Yesterday night Felicia had run off. She had left everything here and poof, gone like the wind, not a look behind. What was really making this hard for Aunt Anna, is she knew Felicia would not be coming back. Aunt Anna felt like she had failed in raising us. But she didn’t! We do all have our faults, but we all have our qualities as well.

“Anyway something is on your mind and I would love to know what.” Aunt Anna picked up again. I’m sure if I left Aunt Anna would be fine, and I would be surprised if Roland’s father forbade me to have any phone calls. The more I thought about it, the better the idea seemed. It was only the “at my father’s services” part. It would be a lot easier if I could know what kind of services he would be asking me to do.

“Roland.” I replied, because technically it was Roland.

“Oh really?”  Oh Aunt Anna, you’ll never change.


I cheered along with my siblings to Christopher’s birthday. He wasn’t his grumpy self. I could almost hear him smile! It had to be the overwhelming joy of finally being an adult. He grew up and we ate cake. Keena was beside me, while the birthday boy was off talking to his father.

“Oh wow, Christopher is just keeping dad to himself! Maybe we’d like to talk to him.” Keena hadn’t had any problem calling our father “dad”. So far only Aunt Anna, Christopher and Clarice actually had a good long talk with him. “So you made your choice yet? Blind or not blind…” Keena added. This didn’t surprise me that much that Keena would be aware of my situation. It almost seemed as if she was aware of everyone’s storyline! It was almost as if she was a fortune teller. They can all see in the future, or so they say.

“Still undecided.”

“You should totally go for it!”

“But the consequences-” I found myself trying to explain the dangers of such a deal.

“Screw them, if you say yes it will be better for everyone. I want another piece of cake.” …Maybe she could see the future. I mean, if I’m witch, why can’t she be a fortune-teller?

The phone rang and I think it was Clarice who sped forwards to answer it.

“Heelloo….Roland!” Before Clarice could say anything else, I said her name and she reluctantly handed me the phone.

“So?” He asked.

“Can you guarantee I will be able to call my Aunt?” There was a slight pause.

“My dad says its fine.” He replied. I heard Keena butt in Christopher and our father’s conversation. I heard Clarice head off to her room. But I couldn’t hear Aunt Anna moving or saying anything at all. But I could feel her standing still, looking my way. I smiled, and it felt as if Aunt Anna was telling me to go on my own adventure.

“Yes. I want my sight back.”

Now a few pictures, Christopher and that vampire girl grew up, and Christopher became a vampire later on.




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2 Responses to 2.1 – Prologue/Epilogue

  1. brainofivane says:

    Whoa. Christopher looks really great as a YA! Being a vamp suits him.


  2. raerei says:

    I hope he stays as a vampire. 😀 Perhaps I just like that now he hates himself. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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