2.3 – Fairy Problems


“Hi Aunt Anna.”

“Millie? Is that you? Where have you been? You disappeared after supper and never came back!” Aunt Anna panicked. It was really too bad I only had 15 minutes to talk to her.

“Yes it’s me. Don’t worry I’m fine, but I don’t think I’ll be coming home anytime soon.” I heard a scoff from behind me.


“What’s wrong? Have you been kidnapped? Why aren’t you coming anytime soon?”

“I really can’t say,” I wished I could, I should ask Roland’s father about the exact things I can say. “All you need to know is that I’m safe, and I’m with Roland.” That seemed to reassure her.

There was a warning cough behind me.


“So how is everybody?”

“Christopher isn’t doing too good. He’s in a hard place right now. His teeth have started to grow out and his eyes are starting to glow. He’s always either in his room and in pain or at the park at night. Clarice and Keena are doing very well. Not much different for them. And as you know, Felicia is gone. The house feels a lot emptier with two of its daughters gone.” Aunt Anna was edging dangerously close to trying to make me say exactly where I am.

“How about Tarno- I mean dad?”


“Oh your father is doing rather well considering he’s actually aging now.”

“I was thinking about that. If being a white-eyed means being immortal, never dying, why did Clarice age?”

“Hmm…that’s a very good question. Most likely white-eyes have the same growth as vampires. Once they reach the height of their physical form, they stop aging.”


“So will you come see me today?” Aunt Anna inquired.

“I don’t think I can today Aunt Anna. So far they’ve just let me talk to you 15 minutes per day.” I was started to sound like I really had been kidnapped. I’m sure they have a good reason for all the secrecy. I can most certainly understand if they have a secret they would rather keep for themselves. I’m really sorry Aunt Anna, but for the next year and a half, I want to bask in the glory of the millions of colors surrounding me.


“Who’s they?” Aunt Anna’s voice became cold.

Kasey sprung up.

“Time’s up.” She snapped. Had I said too much?


“But I still have ten minutes left!” I complained as Kasey grabbed the phone out of my hands and violently hung up.

“You say too much!” Kasey growled.

“But I only told her I had 15 minutes to speak with her!”

“Your Aunt is a clever fairy. She’ll try to interfere with everything! Now unless you want my dad to kill her you’ll be careful of what leaves your mouth!” She’s younger than me yet she speaks to me like I’m a child! Anger stirred inside of me, if anybody even as much as scratches my aunt they’ll have to answer to me!


“Hey what’s up?” Roland asked as he came in.

“Your dumb fiancé is practically shouting to the world what we’re doing!” Kasey spouted. Roland blushed at the word fiancé.


“Well isn’t this a nice little gathering.” Roland’s father said as he appeared on the scene, staring right at his son. Kasey smiled as if she had won.


“Miss Millie needs to be informed of what she will be needed to do.” He said. “Can you do that Roland or do I need to?” He asked. He sounded a bit too cold.


“Yes dad.”

“Good , while you do that I have to talk with Kasey.”


“Heheh that’s me! Who knows might be something mega important! Like a mission!” Kasey proudly thought out loud. I just couldn’t help but wonder what type of childhood Roland had received. His father seemed so strict and disciplined. What I had with Aunt Anna was fun and light, not a lot of stress, for me anyways. For Christopher however, he just kept asking for punishment.


I exited the house with Roland and we headed for the small pond they had beside their home. I ran forwards excited to see the water and the fish. Fish had always been a mystery to me. I never quite knew how they looked liked or felt like.

“Whew! You run fast!”


“Okay let’s get this over with. Um….how do I start?” He frowned.

“I don’t need to know everything all at once. Just feed me bits and pieces, and for now all I need are the essential parts.” I wasn’t going to stay longer than a year, something I’m sure Roland will understand.


“Okay then, good thing because supernatural history is just f*cked. Alright. What my dad basically wants me to tell you is that you’ll need to train your witchcraft because my dad’ll have near immediate need of your powers soon enough. Of course, being the person he is, he won’t explain anything properly and he’ll just expect you to follow him like that, which is probably why he sent me in the first place.”


“With us supernaturals there have always been two main groups of fairies. The shadow-winged and the white-winged. As you can see we come from the shadow-winged family. Each town has a family of white-winged and shadow-winged. Those two families have always been in conflict considering who might be the better fairy. Who would have the power to rule over all fairies, basically bask in eternal glory and all that sh*t.”


I laughed. “You know it just, it never really made sense to me, why we had to fight the other fairies. I mean vampires and werewolves I get, even witches I might get, no offense, but other fairies? I always thought we were one group. But really we were the shadow-winged, the white-winged, and the other colored fairies. Must be something deep in our roots though, because whenever we see a white-winged rage erupts, and the same thing for the white-wings. It’s almost uncontrollable.”


“It happened to me, once I met the white-winged fairy that lived here. The first time I met your Aunt Anna, Millie, was in town with my dad. I saw her doing groceries or something, and before I had even realized she was a fairy I was already charging towards her in a blind rage. My dad had to stop me, I think he sensed her and that’s why we went there on that specific day. Because since then I can vaguely feel her presence when she leaves her house and I’m a lot more composed.” My Aunt Anna is the white-winged fairy. How ironic. I’m in the house that wants to kill her.


“But don’t worry! My dad isn’t like our ancestors. He suspects the same thing I do, that this thing over us is probably a curse. His goal isn’t to annihilate your aunt, its to figure out how to get rid of the curse. Which is the main reason why you’re here. Because all supernaturals know that witches are the best with curses. And also we’re going need more firepower soon.”


“You see my sister Kasey had a special gift. Sometimes she gets a glimpse from the future, and very recently she got a very interesting one. She saw supernaturals dying from left and right. At some point in the near future, someone suddenly starts killing supernaturals. We don’t know who, we don’t yet know how. All we know of the how is that they don’t do it by killing your white-eyed sister. Very soon we are going to need your help.  Supernatural groups don’t naturally band together, not even when faced with imminent threat. So each family has to fend for themselves.”


“What about my Aunt? Can I at least warn her?”

“I don’t….know. Logically you should be able to, but sometimes I don’t know how my dad thinks. I don’t even think he wanted me to tell you this much.”

“Well then, while I’m here I might as well help out.” Sounds like a fun game. 🙂

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