2.4 – Failed ambush


Cause things like this


And this, just don’t happen everyday XD


Seven months later…

I got out my wand and he pulled out his fairy dust.

Helping out had been a lot more boring than I anticipated. The day to day routine for the last seven months was exactly the same. At the very least my witchcraft jumped up a lot of levels. However I can’t go any further without the teachings of an actual witch, and the only one I knew was my mother.

And I learned many things during those seven months.

For one I learned that fairies and witches don’t usually get along. However hostility towards each other only begins when one has reached maturity. Which is why Roland and I’s marriage has to happen the moment it becomes legal. Same for the conception of our child. Once again I will be gone before any of the happens.

I learned that Roland’s father did not want me to tell Aunt Anna where I was, in the event that she would be overcome with the uncontrollable anger that would lead to harm them. Because there was no doubt about it, she would come get me.

I also learned, this time from Aunt Anna, that Christopher had achieved complete vampirism and fled from the house. Apparently he had asked/forced Clarice to make an anti-vampire potion, but then when she finished it he refused it. Said he didn’t need it anymore.


The first big event and sign that Kasey’s premonition had been true happened five months ago. A werewolf was brutally murdered, ripped apart into pieces. That was the supernatural killer’s first attack. There were many more after that, and as time passed, there was less time between murders. After examining the bodies, putting all the clues together and with the help of Kasey’s newest premonition, it had been quite obvious who was behind these.



My small light hovered beside my face. It wasn’t actually a light, more like a communication device. It was like our little radios, for me and Roland.

Now as I was thinking. It was Christopher’s doing, which wasn’t that surprising. He hated supernaturals. He had accepted his vampire form and decided to use it to destroy all other supernaturals. I’m pretty sure he held some special connection with Clarice. Maybe he actually loved her. Because any other would have killed her first. Apparently he also trailed his vampire girlfriend around. But there was no one else. I don’t think many vampires would want to join, considering they were supernaturals as well.


As was agreed, the moment I sighted him I began my sleeping spell. I was still a weak witch, but combined with Roland’s father’s fairy dust it should be strong enough to knock them out for a few hours.


WOOSH! Oh I’ve always loved the feeling of releasing a spell. Especially seeing the bright colors. I had almost become addicted to it.


It hadn’t knocked them out!! That’s right, vampires don’t pass out. Once their energy is depleted they are simply human beings. Good thing we had a plan B. Roland flew into the scene.


Roland threw his first attack onto Christopher!


“Ohhhh I’m so cold!” Christopher sarcastically said.

“Can we get this over with, I can smell the next one.” The vampire girl said beside him.

I can’t believe it! Christopher was a lot stronger than he looked! Even though vampires are naturally cold, Roland’s spell should have turned him into an ice cube!


Seeing this Roland threw his other spell, this one more fire oriented.

“God damn it I got a mouthful of it this time!” Christopher complained.

“Man I’d love to help, but all my energy is drained. I don’t know who though.” The vampire girl sniffed around. I felt slightly embarrassed. They were much stronger than us.


I was about to step forward and try simply bonking him on the head. With all his energy drained he shouldn’t be able to do much, but at that same moment my Aunt Anna sped forwards onto the scene. She shared a glance with me and I felt Roland’s father tense up behind me.

“Damn it,” He muttered.


“Tell him to get back here right now.” Roland’s father said through his teeth. I told Roland to do so.

“Oh wow my Aunt is here. Might as well run.” Christopher rolled his eyes.


“Sweet dreams vampire.” Aunt Anna used a strong sleeping magic that even I could feel from here. How did Aunt Anna know we were here? Why did she come? She knew the dangers!

She did the same to Christopher.


And then in a flurry of white fairy dust light, she disappeared with the two vampires. It had seemed a bit as if my brother had expected us. He certainly hadn’t looked surprised.


The moment we got home those three huddled together and started talking rather frantically, in Kasey and Roland’s case, about Aunt Anna.

“What was she doing there? How did she know?” Roland asked his father.

“She took our suspects! Who are we to know she won’t let them back out?” Kasey asked.

“Shouldn’t we go stop her? Get back what’s ours!?” Roland’s anger was building up.

“We’ll teach her a lesson! Getting her nose in our affairs! Who those she think she is?!” Kasey’s as well.

“Obviously we aren’t going to confront her, when you two have no self-control.” Roland’s father said. “She’s strong as a fairy, it would not be wise.”

“But dad, you’re stronger! You could have taken her out! Why didn’t you?” Roland growled.

“That’s not you talking! That’s the curse.”


I stepped forwards.

“I’ll go.” I interrupted. “You guys can deal with what’s going on here and I’ll go check on my brother.” It was a great plan, and I would get to see Aunt Anna again.


“I think it’s a great idea! That would solve a lot of problems!” Roland supported me.

“Are you kidding what about the white-winged fairy?” Kasey snapped.

“She already knows I’m with you, it’s not going to make much of a difference now. You guys stay here and I’ll keep contact with the light communicator. I’ll keep it on at all times.” I continued. Roland’s father sighed.




I headed out the door before he could change his mind. I hadn’t realized I had missed home so much. Seven months was a long time. Nonetheless, I was finally going to see them all.

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6 Responses to 2.4 – Failed ambush

  1. Seems I was right to dislike Christopher, only now his hatred has turned him into a murderer. I know he’s family and so they want to protect him, but I can’t help but think of the families that are less one member because of his blind, unfounded hatred. He’s completely out of control. I wonder if there’s even hope left for him at this point.

    Also not sure what to make of Roland and his family. Obviously the enslavement leads a bitter taste in my mouth, but so far I guess they haven’t proved to be sadistic and/or evil yet? For the most part anyway. I get the feeling that Roland’s dad has a plan though that he hasn’t even divulged to his children, but who knows? I guess I’ll soon find out :3

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Ah Christopher was a nut job.
      Jeremy, Roland’s dad, was just using Millie as a means to an end.
      So it is evil, in a way that he didn’t care for her feelings, but there was indeed nothing sadistic as in wanting her to suffer.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. *Mpart* says:

    Just started reading this story tonight and I loved the part about the Grim Reaper’s wife being trapped in the book the first generation! Christopher is a nut job and I’m wondering what he will do next. I get bad vibes about Anna…maybe I’m wrong though.

    Liked by 1 person

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