2.7 – Two-way street


I panicked.

MY VISION! MY EYESIGHT! Where is it!? Why is everything all of a sudden all black!!! My hands are in front of my face, but I can’t see anything!! Oh god, oh god!!! This can’t be happening!! This desperate need to see rose up in my chest. So much that I just couldn’t bear it anymore.

“Roland’s dad!” I exclaimed. “Of course he can give it back to me!”

“Millie?” Asked a concerned Aunt Anna. But I ignored her, my main concern was my eyesight. I can’t live without my eyesight!

I managed to run out of the house without clumsily killing myself. I don’t know where Roland lives!! Oh god, what am I going to do?? Through all my panic I heard someone move outside.

“Need help?” My father, Tarnowak asked.

“Yes a ride!” I said as I reached out, trying to find him. He led me to his car and I told him the address. While he drove, I fidgeted with anything I could get my hands on. I needed my sight! Why had it left?? What had I done?? Why can’t I see anymore?? The car stopped and I tumbled out, recognizing the peculiar stone floor. The outside of Roland’s house.

Stumbling and completely panicking, I found my way through the shrubbery past the fence and burst into the house.

“HELP! My eyesight!” I wailed in agony. Not seeing was pain enough! Footsteps tumbled forwards.

“Millie!” Roland exclaimed. Roland’s father touched my forehead and my back.  Felt fairy dust tickle out of his palms. And then I could see again. The panic and pain in my chest was gone, and in its place was a bitter after taste.


The first thing I laid eyes upon was Roland’s sad face telling me over and over again that he was sorry without opening his mouth.


I turned towards Roland’s father, furious. This was the side effect Aunt Anna had hinted at. Roland’s father must have done something because under normal circumstances I would not have acted like that just because I lost my eyesight, something I’ve never had until seven months ago.

“You! Why was my eyesight gone and why did I panic as if it was a matter of life or death!? Its not like me!” It wasn’t like me to yell either, but I was extremely embarrassed by my behavior.

“Be thankful I gave it back!! I told you as long as you stay in my obedience you will be able to see, but you went off and said you’d go back home. So the end of the deal, I took away your sight.” Kasey snickered.


“As for your little panicked state. I had to give you the want to stay with us.” I stayed still in shocked. If I was understanding correctly…he had made me ADDICTED to seeing??


“Dad how could you! That’s inhumane! You have no right to do that to Millie! You took away her free will by doing so!”


“INHUMANE? Might I remind you we are hardly humans, same for her! Witches need to be treated as such!” Wait…I remember me and Aunt Anna talking about this. About how fairies and witches naturally don’t mix.  It took a little of work and her and mom got together however. So it’s not a curse or anything. But it looks as if Roland’s father certainly does not like me. Because I’m a witch. Makes a bunch more things clear now.


“Come on Millie.” Roland grabbed my hand pulled me up the stairs, leaving a very joyful Kasey behind.


He brought me up to the rooftop where he let go of my hand. “I’m so sorry Millie. I dragged you into this. I hadn’t realized what an asshole my dad was.” Roland apologized. I love Roland, he’s such an amazing friend. I don’t know what I’d without him. When I’m with him it’s almost like being with myself.


“To make up for it,” He turned around. “I promise I’ll figure out what spell my dad put on you so that even if you leave I can let you keep your sight. I’ll figure out what he did!” He sounded just like that time when we were kids. After he discovered I was blind he told me he’d find a way to bring my sight back so I could see everything he sees. However this time I won’t be standing on the sidelines.


“This time so will I. And when either of us discovers the right spell you and I will leave this place. We’ll leave from your dad’s crazy genealogy stuff. We both deserve it.”


“Ah Millie you’re awesome, I love you.” Roland said as he pulled me into a hug.

“Same here.” I said as I hugged him in turn. I guess it’s a good thing I came here. Roland’s always trying to ‘save’ me. It’s my turn to save him.

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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5 Responses to 2.7 – Two-way street

  1. brainofivane says:

    Awww… I love Roland and Millie together… which is why I’m still bothered that Millie doesn’t seem to want to have children. What will happen to the legacy??

    Roland’s dad scares me. Most of the time, I want to kick him.

    Boo you, Roland’s dad! I’m glad I don’t know your name!


  2. I hope that Millie’s plan to run away with Roland works out and that he can make his promise come true 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  3. yimiki says:

    I wonder if Roland’s dad already knows what they’re up to. After all, he also knew that she intended to stay back at her house. Was it an automatic failsafe in the spell, I wonder? Or does he know whatever she’s saying or thinking? Hmm. Must know must know. xD

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      He heard her say she was going to stay because she had the light Communicator with her.
      The addiction part was already integrated though.
      It’d be scary if he knew everything haha!


  4. So far it looks like my suspicions about Roland’s dad are spot on. As I keep reading I’m growing to trust Roland more. He really does seem to care about Millie and seemed genuinely shocked to learn that this addiction was integrated into his dad’s so-called gift. Still keeping a little guarded, but for now I’m glad that Millie has him 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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