2.14 – Not so bad afterall


It’s already been a few weeks and it feels like I’ve always lived here. As if those two years had never existed. Serenity has certainly had no trouble with meeting people. I have to say, I was rather surprised when Clarice announced she was mother of twins!


She had a little girl named Rya, and for some reason or other she named her little boy Ryan. Little Rya got her mother’s hair and little Ryan got his grandmother’s hair. Both have blue eyes. So Clarice is still a white-eyed.


I have to say, they both strike me as a bit odd.


I hate to say it, but having a child isn’t all that bad. It does help that Serenity is an absolute angel! I don’t think I could have gotten a better daughter.


“I was just wondering. Who’s the father?”

“The father? Oh I don’t know. I was sleeping around a lot and at some point I got pregnant. It doesn’t really matter. I have them, what else do I need?” Clarice replied.


“Of course I didn’t always think that way. I was actually under the impression that my first child would inherit my white eyes and I would be done with it. But then I got pregnant, and it didn’t really matter to me anymore whether they had white eyes or not, actually I preferred they didn’t. Who was I to dump something I didn’t like on someone else?” Clarice monologued.  Yeah, I sort of knew what she was talking about.


I closed my eyes and took a deep breath. Enough stalling, I was going to do this now. Something I should’ve done a few weeks ago.


I left Clarice’s room, and my old room, determined to actually have this talk happen.


I cleared my throat, trying to catch my father’s attention. Because that’s what he was, my dad. Someone I had never seen before who popped into our lives when I was still a teenager. A random thought struck my mind. Where does he sleep? All the rooms are taken….unless he sleeps on the couch.



Everybody simultaneously decided to get their diplomas. Yes that is Tay Bayless, Keena’s fiancée.


That’s Felicia.


There’s Keena.


There’s Millie, the only one without a proper hat. (she was apparently the most likely to get arrested)


And Clarice! Back to the story. (most likely to be an athletic star….)


Oh and random Christopher, he was late. Still looking like a vampire.


“Ah good, stand there.” Tarnowak said as he moved me to the designated spot. “Don’t…move…”

“Look I came here to talk.” I began.


“You’re my dad, yet I’ve just recently officially met you.”


“I see something really wrong with that phrase. I’d really just like to know why you left exacty.”


“I know Aunt Anna said it was because you were a white-eyed and all, but if you wanted to leave so badly why did you even come back?”


“I just want to make sure that you don’t expect too much from me as a daughter. After all I’ve never really met you, and I don’t know how to be a daughter to a father.”


“Is that me?”


He picked it up and placed it on the wall beside the picture of my mother.


“As long as you don’t expect me to be a father, I think we’ll be good.” He said. I smiled. I was okay with that.


My phone started to ring, it was Kasey. Why was she calling me? A good few weeks after she had left as well.



“Hi, its Kasey.”

“Hi Kasey, why are you calling?”


“I…I just felt like chatting is that okay?”

“Yeah of course!”

“It’s been pretty lonely without you guys. When you left dad sort of locked himself in his room and hasn’t, really come out since. I miss my brother too.”

“Why didn’t you call him?”

“He doesn’t have a phone, but I don’t really want to talk to him either.”


“You’re more than welcome to come here you know.” I proposed. I’m sure Aunt Anna wouldn’t mind.

“Oh no! I like my house and I love my dad! I can’t leave him here alone! He’ll get over it soon. What with all the making out he just did, he’s gotta be really confused. I just wanted to say hi and wish you the best of luck.”


“Bye Millie.”



I hope she’ll be fine.


I went back to Clarice’s room. Seems it’s bedtime already!


“Come on.” Roland picked up Serenity.


I followed the two and watched as Roland put Serenity to bed.


They were so adorable together.


Having children was actually really fun.


“Would it be bad to want another one?” I asked.


“Not at all.”


Oh yeah, this is Daniel. Christopher and Tonia’s baby. He grew up with the trait loser XD.

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4 Responses to 2.14 – Not so bad afterall

  1. brainofivane says:

    “I hate to say it, but having a child isn’t all that bad.” Psssh… called it. Millie wants a family. She just thinks she doesn’t.

    I feel bad for Kasey… She’s kinda grown on me… But then I’m always wondering if she has something naughty up her sleeve.

    And so… Millie, who keep ssaying she doesn’t want children or a family, wants another child… Pfft… I love her. Hahaha…


  2. “I was sleeping around a lot and at some point I got pregnant.” This sentence made my day 😀 😀 😀

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Ohmygosh where did you get the sims alphabet poster? I love it.
    Great chapters. You are an amazing writer and I can fly through this. 😄

    Liked by 1 person

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