2.17 – So bored


Kasey grew up! I put her hair back to its original color. I didn’t do anything with her clothes, believe it or not, she grew up in them!


Daniel grew up also 😀


Serenity’s POV

“I’m bored.” I said as I sat down beside dad. Mom was with Balthier and Aunt Anna was with Nathan. I had no one to hang out with.


“What do you mean? Weren’t you painting not too long ago? You were saying it was really fun too.” Dad said.

“Yeah, but it’s not fun anymore. I’m not like Balthier who can paint with his fingers for like hours.”

“He is still a toddler. Do you want to join me?” He proposed. I didn’t really feel like playing video games.


“No not really.”

“Well then you could go see Aunt Clarice. Maybe making elixirs is your thing.”Screenshot-6

“That’s a great idea! Thanks dad!”


“Oh you’re such a big boy! Walking to mommy like that!” I walked past those two and headed straight for the middle door.


I do enjoy warm weathers, but I have to say that winter is truly a beautiful season. All the pretty snowflakes falling like rain.




“Aunt Clarice!”


“Hi Serenity.”

“Dad said you could maybe show me how to make elixirs.”

“Ok, but first have you seen the secret rooms in this place?”


“No I haven’t.” I replied.

“Well then I’ll be your guide.” I followed Aunt Clarice.


“Look at this.” Aunt Clarice said as she moved one of the books. The bookcase opened!


I followed Aunt Clarice down another flight of stairs.


There were a bunch more bookcases! Aunt Clarice touched the bookcase to the left and it opened.

“Over there is what we call the holding room. We used it once, and that was for your Uncle Christopher.” My Uncle Christopher? I think this is the second time I hear about him.


Aunt Clarice then opened the bookcase right in front.

“This one contained a single very special book. Yes a very special book.”


Then she opened the bookcase to the right. “And this one…”

Wow just so many secret passages!


“Has this box. We don’t know what it is, and it was here before your grandma bought this house.”

“It looks so cool!”

“Yeah it does.”


“Okay, come on let’s go make some elixirs!” Aunt Clarice chirped as she walked out.


Soooooo cooooollll.

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1 Response to 2.17 – So bored

  1. brainofivane says:

    Oh boy… I see trouble in Serenity’s eyes…


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