2.18 – Little Soldiers


Serenity’s POV

Ah damn, here they have me cornered yet again!

“Hey loser, what’s wrong?” Rya asked in a threatening voice.


“When did it occur in that tough noggin of yours that you could defy us?” Ryan asked, smacking an L on his forehead.


“Look! Just because I didn’t have time to do your homework is no excuse to b*tch at me! You should be doing your own homework anywho! You’re lucky I haven’t gone to my parents yet!” Damn and I’m all wet now too. Can’t they see it’s raining? This really isn’t the best time!

Rya started to laugh. “Is she threatening us?”


“She better not be. As if the adults could do anything against us.” Ryan smirked. What did that mean?


“Hey b*tch!” Rya snarled, trying to get my attention.


“HEY! Leave our big sis alone!” Nathan shouted as he came running, Balthier following close behind. What were those two doing?

“Here come the babies.” Rya muttered.


“OH wow look at that, you’re so weak you need your baby brothers for help!” Ryan mocked. That’s just great.


“Let’s just go.” Rya said with Ryan following close behind. Nathan watched them go.

“And booyah another successful victory.” Balthier said. I hope they’re not getting cocky.


“Oh yeah, like you did much, I did all the talking.” Nathan argued. They’re making this a habit! They’re my little brothers for crying out loud! I don’t need their help. I’m obviously doing just fine.


“Guys you have to stop this. Its not your job to protect me.” I told them, even though I knew they wouldn’t listen. “You have to stop coming to my…..rescue. I don’t need to be rescued.” Nathan looked up at me, and I could tell he didn’t believe me. Oh well, it was worth a try.


“You’re right! I’ll go tell mom.” And with that Balthier ran off.

“No wait!” Don’t tell the parents! They don’t need to know! It’s a trivial thing…


Millie’s POV

Balthier came running towards me and he was wet from head to toe.

“Balthier! What were you doing outside in this weather? Without an umbrella!”

“Mom that’s not important right now!”

“Oh, it isn’t?” I asked a bit disbelieving.


“Rya and Ryan keep bullying Serenity, you have to stop them.” I sighed.


I knew about that, and I had talked to Clarice about how her kids were misbehaving, but Clarice just kept repeating that her children were angels. And Serenity hadn’t come to me yet. So far things were under control. If they got out of control I would have to intervene. Clarice will be pissed at me if I do however.


“I would love to help son, but not only has Serenity not come to me yet, but these are Clarice’s children. She is going to have to punish them. But I’ll see what I can do.”


Balthier’s POV

That’s just great. Doesn’t look like mom’s going to be able to do much.


I ran back outside to tell my big bro the big news. We are twins, but mom told us I was born second so that makes me the youngest.


“So what did mom say?” Nathan asked.

“Not to go outside when it’s raining.” I joked.


“Okay well joking aside. Mom said she would talk to Aunt Clarice about it.”

“Well that won’t work. Guess we’ll be stuck protecting our big sis.” Nathan said.


Who was that? The ghost of a girl floating at my left. I remember something Aunt Anna said about ghosts. How if you see them its only because the ghost lets you see them. Oh well, I turned back to my brother.

“Yes sir!” I saluted. This was going to be fun!

Ooh itS a bit later than usual. Sorry bout that. I got a new game and spent most of my time on it XD. This is going a bit fast age wise, but their story isnt really meant for kids. I can leave hints here and there but I need them to be teens! Only four more chapters before the heir vote! Start thinking…

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  1. brainofivane says:

    I hope Nathan wins the heir vote… He’s my favorite.


  2. I’m curious who this ghost girl is and what she wants… Hmmmm…

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