2.21 – Nathan’s Part


Nathan’s POV

Yet more training. I don’t mind it, but I’d rather be working out. So that next time I get into a fight, I actually win that time. We haven’t really heard from the two devil twins in a while. They’ve relatively left Serenity alone, which I find odd. They were probably working on something big.


“Great job son, you’re learning quickly. Like your mother said, you are free to go.” Ha good, the rest of the day to myself.


Dad left and my twin brother came over.

“Hey Nate, I’m going to talk a walk, wanna come?” Couldn’t hurt.

“Sure, why not?”


“It’s getting pretty dark.” I commented. It had gotten dark too fast. The lesson had lasted longer than I thought.


“Yeah, but mom doesn’t mind. She says walking is good.” Balthier replied.


“Just leave me alone!” A voice came from my right. Who was that? I turned only to vaguely see a girl and two guys.

“I’ll go check it out!” I announced.

“Okay well have fun.” Balthier replied. Guess I was going alone.


I flew over, and the closer I got the better I could hear.

“You gotta come with us!” Growled one of the boys.

“Doesn’t mean I want to! Why can’t you just leave me alone?”


“It’s for your own-” Began the boy in front of her.

“Don’t give me that!” She protested.

“We’ll take you in by force!” Growled the one behind her. That was it.

“You heard her, leave her alone!”


All three turned towards me and I felt slightly awkward. Was that the right thing to say? The two guys looked at me and sighed heavily.


“Let’s just go.” Said one of them.

“This is your lucky break!” The other one told the girl.


Catching me totally by surprise she sprung forwards and hugged me.

“Thank you so much! It’s been so long since I’ve had the opportunity to go outside for more than five minutes!”


“What do you mean?” I frowned as we separated.

“Nothing.” She quickly replied.

“Okay, I’m Nathan.” I said, deciding not to push too much.

“I’m Mina.” She replied with a big smile. She was pretty.


For the next few hours we simply talked. She told me about her love for books, and I told her about my sister and my twin brother, and how we looked nothing alike.


Then when the five minute rain went by, we sat down under the cover of trees and I talked about how I wanted to be a policeman, and she told me how much fascination she had with the stars.


And finally when it was two hours past midnight and she had decided it was time to go home, she told me to meet her here again tomorrow, but this time in broad daylight.


I agreed and we parted ways.


Of course mom wasn’t that happy about me staying out so late.

“Nathan! You have to at least warn us! Did you talk to anybody? Maybe…I don’t know someone with black wings as well?!”

“Mom what are you going on about? I met a girl and we talked, there were no other black-winged fairies. Are there others apart from dad and me?” Mom looked taken aback. Did I hit a nerve?


“Just don’t leave the house without telling me where okay? Have you seen your brother?”

“He kept walking, I’m surprised he ain’t back yet.” Mom frowned and walked away.


Next day I headed straight for that grassy spot. Hoping to finally see Mina in broad daylight. However, the only thing I saw were two werewolves searching for something. So those two guys from yesterday had been werewolves!


Upon noticing me both werewolves turned around. I’d never seen werewolves before.

“You! It’s all because of you! How dare you show your face here!” One of the werewolves growled.

“Where is she?” I asked.


“You don’t have the right to demand that!”

“If you don’t leave now we’ll tear you apart!” They threatened.


One of them jumped towards me growling ferociously. I backed up.


I wasn’t stupid, I know I can’t take on two werewolves at once! I used a trick Aunt Anna taunt me, and using my fairy dust I zapped out of there.

I swear though, I’m going to find her. I don’t know what they did to her, but I’ll find her.

One more chapter left…

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2 Responses to 2.21 – Nathan’s Part

  1. brainofivane says:

    Yup. Nathan’s definitely my favorite.


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