Generation 3 heir vote

Yay generation 3! I’ve never gotten this far 😀



Will you choose Serenity? (Rya and Ryan will obviously be included in Serenity’s story)

nathan ado

Nathan? (Nathan’s story jumps up a few years)


Or Balthier? (Balthier’s story, well he’s got a ghost and an amnesiac girl XD)

Vote now 😀

About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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1 Response to Generation 3 heir vote

  1. brainofivane says:

    Pfft! Nathan didn’t win… boo!!!! Haha… but yeah… Serenity and Balthier have interesting stories too…

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