3.3 – The hint


We entered the science center.

“This place gives me the creeps.”

“I wonder if they need any lab rats. You don’t have a part time job Balthier,” Angel said.

“Oh how funny, we should hurry up, Laura’s already gone ahead.”

“Of course mustn’t let our dear Laura wait!”


“Are you sure this is a science center? Looks more like a hospital to me.” Angel said.

“This place is at the same time, a science center, a veterinarian clinic, and a doctor’s office. Guess they ran out of place.” I replied.

“It seems all too white to me.” Laura said. “I don’t like this place, maybe we should turn back.”


“The girl doesn’t have such a bad idea. You’d think they were encouraging slavery.” Angel commented.


But before we had the time to leave some scientist/doctor dude came around the corner, with one hell of a surprised look. That red hair seemed awfully familiar…


He raced forwards and pulled Laura to the side.

“Laura! What are you doing here? After all that was risked why would you come back?” He whispered alarmingly. She looked at him in confusion.


“Why did you come back?” She obviously wasn’t going to reply, but anyways I had finally figured out who this guy was.


“Hey you’re Daniel aren’t you?  You’re my Uncle Christopher’s son, right? So that makes us cousins.” I knew I’d seen those blue eyes and red hair somewhere apart from my mother.


“So dear cousin, Laura has completely lost her memory so she obviously won’t be able to answer your questions.” I explained. Laura nodded along.



“Yes dear cousin, poof, like it never existed in the first place.” I continued.

“It’s no use, stupidness runs in the family.” I ignored Angel.


His eyes suddenly became distant as if he wasn’t looking at us anymore.

“Of course, the drug, it must’ve—her memory—-the antidote—makes sense—side effect…” He wasn’t making much sense with his thinking aloud.


Footsteps were suddenly heard around the corner.


“HURRY! Leave before someone sees you!” Daniel suddenly whispered loudly.

“Okay okay!”


That was weird, but most certainly worth investigating. This was probably the hint we were looking for.

Another rather short chapter I suppose…I seem to be having a bit of difficulty taking good pictures these days.

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2 Responses to 3.3 – The hint

  1. brainofivane says:

    Ooohhh… intriguing! Wonder how Daniel plays into Laura’s character…


  2. Emily Anne says:

    Hmm, so interesting, I wonder what is going to happen! (treating myself to a few chapters for finishing half my studying hehe)

    Liked by 1 person

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