3.5 – What are the odds right?


A few days later we headed back to the science center. My cousin was our only lead, and this was the only place we could find him. I don’t know where my uncle lives, so…

This time Angel decided to stay outside, said she had some thinking to do. Laura was also a lot more straight forward. I didn’t have to do any talking when we got there. She headed straight for Daniel, who had been pacing down the hall, paranoidly checking the corridors and told him up front to tell her everything. Who she was, what happened everything.


And then the sad story began.

Apparently her parents were scientists and they worked with a lot of different drugs, in particular a special drug supposed to dramatically enhance a person’s mental capabilities. They’d been working on that particular drug since Laura had been born. You see Laura, was born with severe mental difficulties. In other words, she had been born retarded.


Her parents were foolish and impatient. Without testing the drug first, they immediately administered it to their only daughter. They didn’t envision at all how much damage it would cause.

The more I heard about this story the more I got angry against her parents.


After she had been given the drug, Laura had become much smarter, but she would have the odd cardiac arrest or extreme headaches. And all her parents did was keep giving her different versions of the drug to try to attenuate the effects.


Eventually my dear cousin Daniel, decided this had gone too far. He gave her the antidote that had been prepared by her parents (for every drug they made, they created an antidote, yet never used them), and sent her off, telling her to get to a safe place.


He hadn’t anticipated that the enormous quantity of drugs in her system would battle each other out. Her brain probably let go of her memory as a defense mechanism.


“Good thing you came today. Its your parents day off. Which is why I would like to take this opportunity to examine you, see if any other damage was caused.” He finished.

“Um…okay.” Laura replied, a little bit shocked. Not that I blamed her.


While they did that, I took the opportunity to have a little talk with Angel.

“Okay, you obviously have a problem with something.” I started.

“I don’t feel like talking about it.” She replied a bit coldly.

The new tension made me feel awkward. I normally didn’t feel awkward around Angel.


“I don’t care, if I win you tell me everything.” I challenged. A little smile appeared on her face.

“Fine prepare to lose!” Now that was better.


“Will you look at that a tie!” I exclaimed.

“And so nothing happened.” Angel said, back to her cold tone.


I didn’t get any farther with Angel, because after that Laura came out.

“That was fast! So what are the results?”

“Oh….yeah he’s got some funky machines. Um I’m fine. Seems there won’t any negative effects.” There was something bothering her, but it was getting late. Now was not the time.


Laura’s POV

Later back at the junkyard….alone…

Talk about a lot to take in!


“Who would have guessed my own parents used me as their lab rat! Plus that other thing…did you know this would happen kitty?”


“Um…I’ll leave you to it.” I said, awkwardly looking away as the cat cleaned its privates.


“I don’t think that cat even cares.” A ghost suddenly appeared at my side, sitting on the same bench. A ghost. You know what, I am too traumatized to be surprised right now.


“Oh I’m Angel by the way. I’m the ghost that’s been stalking Balthier since he was a kid. I’ve only just decided on the spot to let you see me. You looked really down, so I thought you could use some comfort. So there, I’m all ears. Pour it all out so we can get this over with.” Angel said.

I smiled a bit nervously. What the hell was I supposed to say to that? Maybe this was really actually my brain’s way of comforting me. Making weird ghost hallucinations suddenly appear. Might as well go with it.


“Okay well um…I just found out that I was actually a retarded child, and apparently my parents hated me so much they pumped me with drugs to try and make me normal. It got so bad Balthier’s cousin, had to help me out but I just ended up losing my memory in the process.” I said.

“Wow sounds exciting.” Angel said a bit sarcastically.


“Oh you haven’t heard the best part. I decided to sleep with a guy whom I’ve just recently met, and then later I find out I’m pregnant!”


“What are the odds right?” I added, feeling myself get a bit hysterical. PREGNANT FOR GODS SAKE!


“…” Why was my ghost hallucination so quiet all of the sudden?


“YOU’RE PREGNANT!” She exclaimed with fake enthusiasm mixed with extreme shock.


“OF COURSE OF COURSE. Congratulations, now shut up or I might actually hit you in the face with my pass through walls arm!” She exclaimed with false joy. I was worried for my ghost hallucination. Had she gone mad with the news? I wouldn’t blame her.


“I need to go now.” The ghost said.

“Okay.” I said as I watched her leave.


“I’m actually feeling a lot better now!” I told the cat.

Whaaaa angel didn’t take the news so well XD. The cat seems to be enjoying the show however. Oh yeah, who saw this coming, because I totally did, from like miles away XD.



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5 Responses to 3.5 – What are the odds right?

  1. brainofivane says:

    Whoa. What a back story for Laura!

    For some reason though, I find Angel’s standoffishness (*cough* jealousy *cough*) toward Balthier really endearing. I’m more on Angel’s side in this love triangle (if it is even one).

    WHAT?! Laura’s pregnant? What? I didn’t see anything coming. O.o Which is why I’m floored right now.


  2. I didn’t absolutely expect this! Poor Angel. Her crush is in love with the other girl… I’m curious what she’s going to do about it. Will she suddenly disappear from Balthier’s life? I really like her and I’m still trying to understand why she’s been stalking him all these years…

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Emily Anne says:

    No way! I was not expecting that at all… omg!!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. The cat! Seems like a rather normal cat, but part of me still wants to think it’s up to something, LOL.

    A pregnancy o___o I guess I wasn’t really expecting that either only because their relationship hadn’t seem to evolve that far yet. Clearly, I was off XD

    Once again, poor Angel 😦

    Liked by 1 person

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