3.6 – The Alarm Clock’s gone


“Can’t you let me sleep for once Angel?” I groaned.


“Okay dude, I know I have wings, but I don’t think that makes me an angel.” Nathan? That’s a surprise. It feels a bit weird too, Angel is normally the first face I see the morning. What with her purposefully waking me up.


“You’ve SEVERLY overslept. Just wondering, were you dreaming of Angels perhaps?” Overslept!? I never oversleep! I’m going to have to find my alarm clock and demand to know where she was this morning.

“You’re very funny, so how’s the hunt for the girl going?”


“Badly! Especially when my mom sticks me on wake-the-sleeping-beauty job!” Nathan complained as he left.

“Okay, fine I get the message.” I rolled my eyes.


I’m really worried though. For as long as I can remember Angel never left my side. The very first time was yesterday when Laura and I went to meet my cousin Daniel. And our last conversation didn’t end correctly. Was Angel mad at me? I decided to head over to the junkyard to check on Laura.


“Balthier!” Laura exclaimed as I arrived. She must get pretty lonely here.

Still no sign of Angel.


“I didn’t even know! Yesterday! I thought she was just a hallucination but then I clicked! Of course! I met your ghost friend! She appeared to me yesterday and listened to me complain about my problems! But then she left. I can’t believe it! I saw a ghost!”

What? Angel let…Laura see her?


“She was pretty energetic for a ghost! I thought ghosts were only supposed to be shadows of their real selves. Funny how I remember that but not my memories! Anyway there’s something I need to tell you!”

Angel talked to Laura? She’s never talked to anyone other than me! I was always the only one to see her!


“You have to realize though, that I came pretty close to not telling you! But talking with Angel made me think otherwise.”

Could it be I’m not the only person she comes and sees? Could it be that right now she’s with someone else, being someone else’s ghost?

No that can’t be, my whole life she has always been there, every second of it. She would always be there when I ate breakfast, did my homework, played outside. She’d be there letting little comments fly by.

So then why wasn’t she here right now? What had I done that had gotten her so mad that she’d fled? What had I done?


“I’m pregnant!”



“Heh what?”

“I’m pregnant!”

“Repeat that,”

“Do I really need to?”


“I’m assuming this is mine.” I said a bit nervously.

“I don’t think I slept with anyone else in the past week.” Oh god its mine. She’s pregnant. I’m going to be a daddy.


“Hey by the way, where’s Angel? I was hoping I could see her again.” ANGEL!


“I don’t know! And it worries me. She’s never left my side before! Actually I’m surprised she even went to talk to you without me around.”


“But I’m sure it’s nothing to worry about. She’s probably really mad at me and when she’s ready she’ll come back. That’s probably all there is to it. Anyway we should probably go find your parents, maybe your memory’ll come back when you see them.” I said, more trying to convince myself then her.

“Are you kidding! Your childhood friend obviously takes priority over my selfish parents!” A wave of relief washed over me when she said that.


“Well she’s probably hiding her presence from us, so I would need to come up with a revealing spell. However that’s beyond my capabilities, I’ll have to ask my mom. And while I’m at it, I might as well tell her she’ll be a grandma soon.” I said.

“Okay.” And that was it, we set off.


“MOM!?” I yelled as we got home.

“She’s not here! Stop yelling!” Came my big sister’s voice. Someone sounded grumpy.

“I guess we could ask her.” I said to Laura. My sister was after all a witch, she might know something that could help.

“Ask me what?”


“Who’s this?” Serenity asked suddenly very interested.

“Not important.” She wasn’t going to be the first to know. “Do you have any good books that can teach me a revealing spell? I need to find a ghost.”


“I’m not going to ask.” Was she trying to be all big sisterly? “Revealing spell? Easy! I can cast one for you guys now.” It couldn’t be that simple.


Serenity cast the spell with foreign words I’d never heard before enabling us both to see ghosts who didn’t want to be seen.

Spells were chanted using the everyday language, in what magic had Serenity been dabbling into?

I’m not going to ask any questions, because she did the same for me.


“Off you go now.”



We searched for hours and hours, for two days straight. All we saw was one ghost, and it wasn’t Angel. Eventually I came to the realization that she was gone and…I broke down. I don’t know why but I just couldn’t imagine day to day life without Angel. I was way too used to it! I kept missing her and feeling bad for not discovering what was going on with her the last day I saw. And since she was a ghost we couldn’t report her missing or anything. Her missing and finding out Laura was pregnant got to be too much. Laura had to give me a hug to comfort me. A hug!

Angel was my first real friend and my best one; I just wish I knew why she left. Not knowing is what was torturing me the most.

Oh my a bigger chapter to make up for the smaller ones! There is a bunch of text here. I tried very hard to demonstrate how shocked Balthier was throughout the whole thing. Hopefully I got the message across XD

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4 Responses to 3.6 – The Alarm Clock’s gone

  1. Johanne says:

    oui c’était clair que Balthier est abattu !


  2. brainofivane says:

    I love Balthier’s reaction to finding out that Angel showed herself to another person aside from him. It really downplayed the pregnancy reveal.

    I miss Angel already. I think I like her more than I like Laura. Gawrsh. How dense can Balthier be?! *facepalm*


  3. yimiki says:

    Gee, Balthier, I know finding a long dead girl that vanished is important, but you’re going to be a DAD. You have a BABY on the way. Maybe think about that a little more? Gosh, he’s dense XD

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Boy is almost as obtuse as Harry Potter. I still can’t believe they actually slept together, one time and she’s pregnant? Talk about irresponsible.


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