3.7 – I’m happy for you…


Look at what I found in one of my sims inventory!!

Oh and a few people grew up in the middle of the chapter….


God damn it she’s way too pretty XD.  This happened in my first legacy, when the children of the founder grew up, I kept regretting, one after another, that it wasn’t them that had been chosen because their genetics were way too perfect!!


The last guy, is actually the guy I chose to be Serenity’s partner. I thought I’d show you cause we won’t be seeing much of him. This might be one of the only time actually.


Also a deer, because it was there and begging to be taken a picture of XD.


It was clear Angel was long gone, and I had accepted the fact that I wouldn’t be seeing her anytime soon. Our next mission, Laura and I, was to find her parents. And our first lead was that they were scientists. Daniel had refused to help us any further, saying he’d done his best and he didn’t want to risk being caught by her parents, or anyone else for that matter. And that only after repeating that our idea was stupid and reckless. I see he gets his friendliness from his father. I’ve heard stories of my Uncle Christopher, I heard all about his absolute hate for supernaturals and his unmatched grumpiness towards other sims.


At first all we were doing is staking out and waiting for them to come. We were looking for a couple that looked like Laura.

But soon, the stakeouts became boring and conversations took place. Conversations that nearly always turned around our unborn baby.


During the first few months of her pregnancy, she had weird mood swings I doubted were because of pregnancy hormones. We’d be just standing watching the science center that she’d turn on me, yelling and saying I was breathing too much or that I was an incomprehensible idiot!


It would never take long before she calmed down and started spouting that she was sorry, she really didn’t mean it. I didn’t quite understand it, but I always forgave her, it was no big deal.


There was only one time where I wasn’t able to calm her down. She was four months down her pregnancy, and she turned to me with the nastiest look. She was completely out of character.  She glared at me for a full two seconds saying I’d better learn before it was too late. Then she’d walked away and had come back moments later on her own. It was the last time she had a weird mood change.


And then for the rest of her pregnancy she was fine, apart from a few long lasting headaches every few weeks. At some point we forgot what we were actually supposed to do. The stakeouts became picnics and weren’t romantically anything, we were just…friends the whole time.  There was something that kept bothering me, something I felt I had forgotten. Something very important concerning Laura. It was on the tip of my tongue, but it just wouldn’t come out!


“Do you think you’ll ever see Angel again?”

“I just wish I knew why she’d left.” I avoided her question.


“I think you already know why. I mean if you didn’t you’re way dumber than I thought.”  She laughed.

“Hey!”  I said lightly punching her arm. She laughed harder.

Truth is I did have a vague crazy idea of why Angel left. And if that was the reason then next time I saw her, which I knew I would,  I would make her realize how dumb that was.


“What’s that?” I said focusing my eyes on something behind Laura.

“What?” She asked, her laugh slowly fading.


“Is that Angel on the bridge?” My heart skipped a beat. It couldn’t….could it? It could be nothing else! I was certain that was Angel.

“What? Angel?” Laura asked, trying to confirm what I had said. I could hear it in her voice, the hope. God, it had to be her!

“Come on!” I urged.


We hailed a taxi and climbed in. Angel, after nine long months Angel was back! Why she was on the bridge, I couldn’t care less. I just wanted to see her. Have her mock me, to wake me up in the morning.


I started chanting a spell.


I hadn’t been fair to her at all, but I’d been preparing something. Something that I know she wants. I did research. I asked my mom (who didn’t take too kindly on the news of being a grandma, especially since it took three months before the news reached her), I asked my sister, I read books, and it all came to the same conclusion.


Ghosts are shadows of their original selves. They simply repeat actions done in their lives.


They cannot talk, age or feel. Three things which Angel was doing in abundance!


It made me think, that maybe Angel wasn’t actually dead.

“Balthier! No I’m sorry,”


Or maybe she wasn’t supposed to be dead.

“I shouldn’t have, I’ll leave now!”


Maybe she’d been forced into being a ghost, not having the chance to live her life.



Whatever the reason. I wanted to give her the opportunity.


POOF! I pulled back to see if my spell had worked! It had! Angel was a human!

A small scream came from behind us.


Laura was in labor!


Laura groaned and did something not typical of one in labor. She passed out. Panicked I sprinted to her side while Angel hailed a taxi. Laura hadn’t completely passed out, she managed to get out a few words before she did.

“I’m happy for you…”



We got to the hospital/science center and Laura was carried away. Once our names popped into the system, they called my mother and Daniel came straight to us. For the next few hours he became our inside information. But the information he kept bringing back was only making us worry more. Being unconscious, Laura was in no condition to give birth on her own, so a c-section was to be held immediately. Not only that, Laura’s condition was getting inexplicably worse by the hour. Her systems were shutting down as if they’d run out of juice. Daniel told us he suspected the cause were the drugs. He couldn’t have seen it coming. The stress on her system had been too much. Maybe if she hadn’t been pregnant, she would have been fine.

The paper with Laura’s name on it, which she had treasured in her pockets ever since she’d discovered it, had fallen out when we carried her to the hospital. While we were waiting and worrying, I discovered we could open the piece of paper, and written inside was her parent’s address. And for some odd reason it made me want to cry.


“Here he comes.” My mother announced as Daniel arrived with a baby in his arms.


Daniel passed the baby girl into my arms. My heart stopped as I looked at my child, my little girl. It felt weird, but I was a daddy! At eighteen years of age. She cooed and extended her tiny hand upward. My heart melted.


And then my cousin went and started his sentence with “I’m sorry.”


“She didn’t survive. She’s dead.”

Oh shit I hate myself so much right now. I feel so bad. The feels they hurt so much!


On the bright side XD. Keena (remember her? Millie’s sister) and Tay finally had their first baby thanks to Twallan’s story progression. So say hi to Melvyn! His daddy’s eyes and his grandma’s hair. He also had his daddy’s ears AND he’s a werewolf. Believe or not their also expecting another one!

Plus, Serenity and Simon are married and expecting! Goodness sakes reproduction everywhere.

P.s. this chapter was originally supposed to be three different chapters, but it made them too short.

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9 Responses to 3.7 – I’m happy for you…

  1. Oh my word, poor Laura. 😦 It is nice seeing Angel as a human, though. I really like her hair.


  2. brainofivane says:

    Ha!!!!! I loved loved loved this chapter! I loved Angel turning into a human and with a kiss too… Then of course Laura goes into labor. I like that she and Balthier are just friends. 🙂

    I wrote the above before reading about what happened to Laura. Now I feel really bad that I didn’t like her that much… 😦


  3. yimiki says:

    Oh, poor Laura… =( She had a terrible life, being experimented upon and then dying with memory loss… I hope she’s at peace now at least. =(

    Liked by 1 person

  4. This chapter was so sad… I’m really sorry that Laura’s gone.. Poor baby girl. Hopefully Angel will be a good step mom 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Ummm sooooo did it read it correctly that Laura and Balthier’s relationship turned more into a friendship over the course of the pregnancy? If not, I hate that the last memory Laura had was of Balthier kissing another woman!!! Unless it was mutually established that they were more of friends now because it was obvious that Balthier was actually in love with Angel? I don’t know, it felt a little unclear.

    And now Laura is gone and I don’t even know if I’m consoled by the fact that she at least lived the last of her life out of being experimented on because she’s still so young and that was all tragic. The poor girl =(

    The only silver lining seems to be that Angel is back to how she should be. I suspected she might be more than what she seemed because I remember Rosahelminthe’s ghost not being able to talk really–just exist as an echo. Makes me wonder how Angel got to be that way in the first place.

    Well, at least Balthier has her now during this awful time. His dear friend/girlfriend gone and now a young father? He’s going to need all the support he can get.

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Is it horrible for me to be pleased that Laura’s dead? I really didn’t like her character, she seemed only there to be a catalyst for Angel and Balthier to realise their feelings for one another. Even if she and Balthier agreed they were better off as friends, the fact that she brought in the first of Gen 4 would mean she was always around. It’s honestly better this way.
    And I love Angel even more as a human, her hair is beautiful! Can’t wait until I see her actual face. So glad Balthier found his love.

    Liked by 1 person

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