I rocked Anastasia back and forth, waiting for her to fall asleep. She was still only three weeks old. The last three weeks had been a furious mess! It was a mix of caring for the baby, dealing with the loss of Laura, and the loss of Serenity.


Yes my dear sister decided to pack up her bags and run off, closely followed by Rya and Ryan. Whether for friendly or evil means, they were right behind her and Aunt Clarice didn’t seem to care. She sleeps most of the time! I’m kind of sad, I would’ve liked to say goodbye. Apparently I’m the only one. Nathan barely even noticed! That girl search of his is becoming an obsession.


“Hey.” Angel whispered as she entered the room. Ah yes Angel.  I think I will forever remember the moment I explained who Angel was to my mother. She was absolutely shocked! In the end she had no trouble in letting Angel stay at the house though. Which is good because Angel basically lived here when she was a ghost anyway.


“Hey.” I whispered back.

“She fell asleep?” Angel asked, I nodded.  Things between Angel and I have gone back to normal. We don’t really talk about the fact that I kissed her, or that she was extremely jealous of Laura so she ran off. We are completely ignoring the fact that we quite obviously like each other as more than friends. Yet nothing has evolved in our relationship, and I dare not touch on those touchy subjects just yet.


“How are you holding up being a human and all? Must be different not being able to pass through walls.” I asked for the fourth time.

“I’m used to it. Actually I wanted to talk to you about the thing you asked me a few days ago.”


“The thing? I asked you a thing a few days ago?” She cast me a are-you-serious-look.

“Remember? About how weird a ghost I was? And what was my past and all that?”

“Oh yeah!” That’s right! She had told me she did remember everything, but it was in a bunch of pieces.


“Yes well I’ve finally completely figured it out. So get ready; my family is a famous clairvoyant family that lives farther south from here. You’re dumb so I’ll explain what a clairvoyant is. Clairvoyants have grey eyes and have the ability to see the future. So there was this other group of people who didn’t like the fact that my family had such power, so they put a curse on their first born child, namely me, to be a ghost, and so their beautiful line would be ruptured. Anyway I think it’s something like that. I stayed in that house until I was eight or something. My mom pretty much gave up on me when she gave birth to nothing. And before you say anything, and I do not feel like going back to go see my family or anything, I’m more than happy here, AND I’ve never had a premonition, like a vision of the future, as a ghost, so it’d be cool if I got one as a human. I’ll be working on that from now on.”


“That’s it bye!” And then she spun around.

“Okay then bye.” Well that was one hell of a speech. It’s good to know.


“You too Balthier.” Suddenly I could heard my mother’s voice. I have no moment of peace, I’m much too popular for my own good.


“You know,” My mom began, putting on a very good sad face. “You kids have it easy, you don’t have to pay for anything.” Oh please, really?


“You get to live the good life while your parents pay with sweat and blood to give you kids a roof and food!” Mom started to cry.

“Oh no she’s crying?” Angel’s not actually buying this is she?

“So, you want us to get a job right?”


“In a nutshell.” Mom went right back to her usual face.

“What about Nathan? Why aren’t you annoying him?”

“He’s volunteering at the police station.” Figures.

“Jobs? I’ve never had a job before, it always looks like hell when people come back.” Angel thought out loud. Baby + Job + Magic lessons + personal life. Never mind take out personal life, I don’t have THAT anymore.


Millie’s POV

I left the two and headed back to the kitchen only to be surprised by Roland.


“Roland!” I imitated his voice.

“I’m thinking we could maybe introduce the kids to my dad, especially since he’s a great-grandpa now.” Roland said with a smile that said he knew I would disagree, but he was trying anyway.


“Hehheh, I’ll just ignore what you just said.”


“No…I’m serious.”


“NO! Roland! I can’t believe you would even suggest that after what he did! You want to bring him in this house filled with witches whom he doesn’t like at all?? No and that’s it! Don’t bring something like that up again!” I shouted. This is what happened when Roland spent a little time with his sister?

“Millie…” But my glare shut him up. I was going to kill Kasey(Roland’s sister) if this was her fault.


Angel’s POV

Come on, come on PREMONITION!!



That’s not what I meant!


“Angel!” Balthier said, snapping me out of my premonition. “Woah! You’re eyes were glowing for a second there! Did you just have a premonition?” Oh no what do I do?  I can’t just tell him! It’d be weird…and awkward.

“Nope!” I lied. “I wish I did though!” I feel the enthusiasticness was a little too much.


“This all sounds very doubtful. Are you sure you didn’t have a premonition?” Oh no he’s onto me!

“I’m sure!!” I rapidly replied.


“Why won’t you tell me?” He asked.

Why didn’t I? Was it because I was embarrassed? It wasn’t that bad. I shouldn’t feel bad. He knows I like him already.


“Fine. I had a vision of you and I kissing.” I replied. I held my breath and he gave me a look that almost seemed as if he was laughing at me on the inside. Had I made the wrong choice?


Balthier stepped forwards and grabbed me in his arms.


“Like that?”

Okay, having Balthier and Angel kiss is painful. Their faces just don’t MELD very well together… I won’t be having pictures of them kissing often. XD

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4 Responses to 3.8 – PREMONITION!

  1. brainofivane says:

    ” We are completely ignoring the fact that we quite obviously like each other as more than friends.” – so sweet that he knows that now…

    ” You’re dumb so I’ll explain what a clairvoyant is.” – LOL. Her mockery of him continues.

    Whoa… since when is Millie so dramatic?

    Weee!! Really liking the Balthier-Angel pairing!


  2. Balthier says that it was a difficult time, but I don’t necessarily feel that. He seems to just be continuing on a little disconnected from it, which is maybe protective, but also a little nerve-wracking. I mean he expresses occasional sadness, but mostly he seems okay. Hmm.

    It is nice to see that he and Angel can finally be together now though. They do seem to have a fun and caring dynamic 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Yeah, I guess Balt did disconnect. In a span of three weeks, he lost a friend, gained a baby = responisibilities, and lost a sister. The only was he could deal calmly was to take a step back.

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Hmm, Balt is taking after his mother quite a bit, with the disconnecting think. I’m surprised that he allowed things to go back to ‘normal’ with Angel, surely her love would have been a great help when he was trying to deal with all the other things that happened. Then again, I guess he’s still only a teenager and didn’t want to have even MORE things changing at the same time. But at least they’ve now admitted their feelings!

    Liked by 1 person

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