3.9 – Adults


Two years later…

It’s already been two years! Anastasia is a big girl now! She already knows how to talk and walk, I’m happy, she grew up with her mother’s hair.


She’s quite the talkative and energetic little girl, apart of course from those little episodes.


It would happen at the most random of times, she would be her happy little laughy self…


And then she would erupt in a large temper tantrum, crying and screaming, sometimes hitting people as well. Every time we would ask what was wrong she would only reply that it hurts. The first thing Angel and I thought of was Laura. Could the drug have been passed on to her daughter? Could there be something wrong? With those thoughts in mind we’d brought her to a dozen doctors, but they all replied that she was in tip top shape.


Angel and I, per mother’s suggestions, got ourselves a job. She went to work at a grocery store while I got myself a job at the bookstore. We technically didn’t finish high school, let alone go to it. I was homeschooled, and Angel, well she never even had the chance to be educated. All she did was watch other people. If we were living on our own we would be having a lot of trouble! But we have Aunt Anna, Roland, and Nathan who work. Plus we also have Grandpa Tarnowak who sells his paintings. Though he hasn’t been selling a lot lately.


Mom has been by his side ever since he developed it.


He looked so healthy, I wouldn’t have imagined he would get so sick. It must be weird for him, he’s lived for 300 hundred years and he’s months away from dying. Mom is just getting sadder every day, Dad is with his dad, and Aunt Clarice doesn’t seem to want to be near her father. Plus I don’t know where Aunt Anna goes to everyday.


“Hi Anastasia, how you doing?” Angel asked as she bent down to pick her up. Nathan came in the room, with his policeman uniform still on.

“Balthier! I think I might have something like a lead!”

“Hi to you too, had a nice day?”


“No seriously, I found a clue!” Nathan urged.

“Well that’s great, only took you two years.”


“I’m being serious Balthier.” My twin said in a very serious tone.

“I know, and that’s the problem. This obsession of yours, it’s gonna end badly.”

“So you want me to just abandon on Mina.” He asked. “Well I won’t I’ll search for her my whole life.” I sighed internally. He does realize that she’ll die before he’s half-way through being an adult.


“Ah boys. I have something I’d like to discuss with you.” Dad said as he came in the room as well. This house is much too small, we really need to expand.

“Come on in.”


“My sons, I was thinking you should meet my father.”

“Um, dad are you really sure–” I began before Nathan interrupted me. I’ve heard dad and mom argue on the subject. He was just going to make things worse.

“Your father?”


And then mom came in. Great timing.

“Thank you Roland, for showing just how low you would get.” She started.  Dad was busted.


“Don’t you remember how much your father wanted a black-winged heir? And Nathan is just that! Can you imagine the things he would make him do?” Mom started to growl.


“I am a grown man now!” Nathan cut in before it came to shouting. “I should be able to make my own decisions now! And I will! I think I’m going to get my own place now!” He declared.


My twin then fled the scene to his room. Mom then turned towards me almost as if she was daring me to say the same thing.


“Don’t worry, I’m staying.” I said as I followed Nathan.


“Nathan are you actually leaving?”

“Yeah.” He replied.


“I’ve actually been planning this for quite some time. I need to move or else I won’t progress in my search.” Of course it’s all about that girl. “I found this great little apartment, it’ll officially be mine in two days. I just didn’t know how to tell you guys the news. Think mom’s going to be okay?”

“Yeah she’ll be fine.”


“I’m going to miss you.” I said as I hugged my brother.

“Yeah me too.”



“Did I hear well? Nathan is moving?” Angel asked. Anastasia giggled as the cat (whom we had decided to name Roki) sniffed her. Those two were inseparable. Roki never had a collar, but always insisted on following us, so we could say Roki is ours now.


“Yeah, pretty surprising news. Guess I’ll be the only sibling left.”


“Speaking of news.” Angel began.


“I’m pregnant!” My face widened with joy. We’d been trying for a good few months now!


I grabbed her in my arms, overcome with joy.

“Do you want to marry me?” I asked in the heat of the moment.

“Yes!” She replied without hesitation.

For those who wanted to know, Laura’s parents claimed her body so Angel and Balthier weren’t able to attend the funeral, if there was one.

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7 Responses to 3.9 – Adults

  1. brainofivane says:

    Feel bad for Little Anastasia… 😦

    Awww… Love Nathan still! I’m also really happy for Balthier and Angel. 🙂


    • blamsart says:

      Ah! I remember how happy I was too see everyone grow up!
      Yeah I miss Nathan, and I think he might still be a live somewhere in my game…what with how old fairies get and all…


  2. They’re all grown up now! Yay! It’s always so sad to see the spares move out of the legacy home, but hey, new baby is on the way. I bet it will look super cute considered the genetics of its parents. Balthier and Angel are such a nice match 😉

    I’m still sorry for Laura… Hopefully her lovely daughter will grow up well, healthy and all. It would be really heartbreaking if she had inherited her mom’s illness.

    I’m curious to see what happens when the twins meet their grandfather. I hope nothing bad happens to Nathan… Great chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Anastasia….I do hope they figure out what’s going on with her! I hope they find a way to cure it too because it looks like it ultimately cost Laura her life.

    Wondering what effects meeting Roland’s father will have…Nathan is on quite the mission–it wouldn’t do to be dissuaded by a man who might try to kidnap him like he did to his mother, Millie! But idk, Roland seems to trust him. Hmm.

    Angel and Balthier are sweet =) Another little baby along the way!

    AND THE CAT IS STILL HERE. HOORAY. Haha. Even if it does seem to be normal, hehehe.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Yes, especially since Nathan is exactly what Jeremy even wanted in the first place by kidnapping Millie! Mixture of her special white-eyed inheritance, and of their long family line of black-winged fairies.

      HAHA oh that Roki. The creepiest know-it-all pet I’ve ever had in the game.

      Liked by 1 person

  4. So just commenting that I’m finally getting around to catching up. I’ve got a long way to go, and the way I keep track of my progress is by liking the chapters. I mean, I like the story anyway, but I just wanted to warn you that you may end up getting a million like emails as I try to get to generation 9. 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

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