3.10 – Screw tradition!


A good few months later…

“Angel! Angel!” Anastasia chirped. “What a talent tour?”

“A talent tour?”

“Yesh, there was news on the radio!”

“Of course a talent tour….let’s ask your dad!”


“Hello Kitty!” Anastasia said as Angel turned towards me.

“Hello daddy, what’s a talent tour?” Angel asked me.

“You know as much as I do on that matter.” I’d never even heard of a talent tour before.


“A talent tour?” Dad asked.

“Oh we know what that is.” Aunt Anna said. Us five had decided to spend some time outside on the first day of winter. Mom would’ve come but she’s still with her dad, and he’s still as sick as before.


“Do tell!” Angel twirled around. Being pregnant made her cheerier than usual.

“Well,” Aunt Anna began. “A talent tour, is a group of people that visit towns gathering people with special talents, such as supernaturalism, and they perform shows. Talent tours rarely stay very long in towns like ours though.”

“Why?” Anastasia asked. Apparently she was listening very closely.


“Our town is very neutral about supernaturalism. We don’t discourage it, but we don’t encourage it either. A troupe like this talent tour represents supernaturalism and odd things, and in a way encourages it, which sets off the balance in our town. If they stay too long an anti-supernatural group will be socially forced to erupt and who knows the damage that could cause. So it’s in their best interest to not stay here for more than three days.”

“Yeah, my dad always said to never get associated with one, it might give the wrong impression.” Dad chirped in. I was going to propose we go, but I guess not.


“Roland! Anna!” Mom came running out of the house in a panic.


“It’s Tarnowak….he’s dead….” (I bet you all saw that coming)



And thus we had a sim funeral.


The family surrounded the ghost that had parted with its vessel and we mourned it until the grim reaper came to show it away. It was heart breaking for some (mom), and cold to be outside for others (me).


Cold, cold! It’s not that I didn’t like the guy, I just didn’t really know him.


I blew on my hands to keep them warm. Apparently Tarnowak didn’t want to die. At the end it was just too much to take in. I glanced at Angel, seeing a ghost pray to the grim reaper to have his life back was making it very hard for her not to say something.


“He doesn’t want to die! Aunt Anna can’t you do something?” Mom pleaded. Aunt Anna shook her head. I feel really bad for wanting to laugh now, I know this is supposed to be really sad, but the guy’s lived for over 300 years! It was about time for him to die.


Goodbye Tarnowak, you’ve finally reached the end. (oh goodness sakes, I don’t know what’s wrong with me, I was cramped the whole way through XD)



“Millie, can I talk to you?” Aunt Anna pulled mom aside.

“What is it?” She asked after drying the last few tears.

“I know it isn’t the right time, but please don’t get mad…”


“I’m finally moving out. I’ve found someone I love, and someone I want to live with for a good part of my life. You’ve done fine on your own and starting tomorrow I’m passing on all the rights of the house to you.” Mom froze at the news.

“Who’s this other person?”


“Jeremy.” Jeremy as in dad’s dad?

“Jeremy?” Mom mumbled. Dad coughed in surprise.


“JEREMY?!” Mom suddenly yelled.




“You know what!? I don’t care! Go live with him! Do whatever!” Mom said speaking to both dad and Aunt Anna at the same time.


“What? I never said I wanted to leave!” Roland said.

“Shut up, I’ll take care of you later.”



Later inside the house…

“Ah there you are, there was something I wanted to talk to you about.” Angel said. I had been looking at the painting of me that Tarnowak had randomnly drawn. To this day, I still don’t know whether to be flattered or scared.

“Oh yeah, apparently Aunt Anna is leaving tomorrow.”

“Um, nice. I’m happy for her, but it’s not what I wanted to talk about. The subject I wanted to discuss was school.” Angel cautiously said.


“School?” Anastasia asked. She asked for me, children truly are useful.

“About sending the kids to school.”


“How about no? We’re going to homeschool them. I was homeschooled, mom was homeschooled. And technically you were sort of homeschooled too. It’s tradition.” I replied.


“Do you see where our education got us? We’re lucky to have a mom like yours! We’re stuck with low wage jobs! Don’t you want your kids to know what a quadratic function is? Don’t you want them to be able to become a scientist if they wanted to?” Angel argued, her voice rising with every sentence.

“Our family has managed fine without! School is out of the question!” I shot back.

“Please no shout…” Anastasia whispered, but I didn’t hear her.


Angel suddenly bent down in pain. “The baby!”

“Ahh! I’m sorry! We’ll send ‘em to school! Screw tradition!”

(I would’ve caught a picture of his shocked face but I was too late XD)

Okay! So there we go, let’s end it like this, it’s just the best idea I’ve like ever had. A warning next chapter will be taking place 10 SIM YEARS FROM NOW. That means it might take a while before I post another chapter, as in I need to play this family for a good little while. But as I play and babies are born, you can check the family tree to be kept up to date until the next chapter. Unless of course you want the surprise…

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4 Responses to 3.10 – Screw tradition!

  1. Ooh, 10 years ahead? This keeps getting better and better~


  2. brainofivane says:

    Now Tarnowak’s death… had to see that coming. Lol…

    Hahahaha… Yay for Anna and Jeremy!!! I love that! Wahahaha… It also looks like Roland is having the time of his life laughing behind MIllie while she’s freaking out on Anna.

    “please no shout” – awwww… love Anastacia already.

    “Ahh! I’m sorry! We’ll send ‘em to school! Screw tradition!” – Wahahaha… love the sudden change of heart. 🙂

    Really enjoyed this chapter! 🙂


  3. *Mpart* says:

    “Ahh! I’m sorry! We’ll send ‘em to school! Screw tradition!” I was laughing so hard at this part. I adored it! Loving the story so far! =D

    Liked by 1 person

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