3.11 – Oh happy days


“Very first picture, that’s Angel with…” I began before being cut off.

“Hey that’s you Ana!” Collin exclaimed. I chuckled and Angel smiled.


“Yeah, of course! And guess who that is!” Ana said with a hint of sarcasm.

“Is that…” Collin began.

“You.” Angel finished.


“And that’s you too.”

“I look like a baby.” Collin said. I laughed.

“That’s cause you were son!” I replied gently tapping the top of his cap.

“Hey!” He said putting it back in place.


“Ah, this is when Angel was pregnant after you were born Collin.” I said.

“Dad you look ridiculous, what are you doing?” Collin said.

“Well I was trying to talk to the babies.” Collin proceeded to laugh at me.


“Ana!” Melody exclaimed pointing at the picture excitedly.

“Now you recognize her don’t you?” Angel said to Melody on her lap.

“This is when she began that I’m-not-photogenic-phase.” I said.

“I’m still in it!” Anastasia said.

“I know.”


“Hey! I didn’t know you’d taken that picture!” Anastasia said.

“But you were so adorable playing with your brother we couldn’t resist!” Angel replied.

“Come on, come on, flip the pages! I don’t want to be a baby anymore!” Collin said, trying to flip the pages before me.


“And guess who that is.” I said.

“Me?” Melody asked with the cutest little face.

“Yes honey.” Angel replied.


“And that’s Cain, your twin brother.” Angel said as I flipped the page. Melody giggled. Cain in question had fallen asleep on the couch.


“Oh there’s Melody playing with the xylophone.” Angel said.


“Oh there’s Cain eating the xylophone.” I joked.

11 12 13 14

“Hey wait stop! That’s me! That’s me now!” Collin said.


We observed the two pictures of him posing.

“And you still refuse to smile and look at the camera.” I commented.

“What? But I’m posing.” Collin said as he did the same pose.


17“Oh remember this, this was mommy and daddy’s marriage.” Angel asked Melody. She looked at the pictures in fascination.

18 19 21 22

“Ah stop the torture!” Collin complained.


“Haha, seems Grandma caught you crying.” I laughed.

“I wasn’t crying!! There was…sand in my eye!”

24“Hey who got a picture of grandma crying? She never cries!” Collin quickly changed subjects.

“It was Anastasia, see how crooked the picture is?” I said.


25 26“Eww! What are you doing mom?” Collin said.

“I was only tickling him! Goodness!” Angel exclaimed.

Man I really like how our family has grown. I closed the album and got up to have dinner with my family.

So yeah a little photo theme here I guess. (I GOT LATE NIGHT BY THE WAY, JUST SAYING. I’M SO HAPPY! Late night was actually essential for the kid’s story) Just treat this chapter as a transition I guess, for the next few chapters it’ll be all about the kids!

I realize now I’ve actually come to be really attached to those two, maybe even more to how attached I am with Millie and Roland…

one more…


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7 Responses to 3.11 – Oh happy days

  1. brainofivane says:

    This one was very nostalgic… Loved it. And yes… I am more attached to Balthier/Angel than I was to Millie/Roland. Maybe because these two actually love each other and wasn’t forced into it by Jeremy.


    • blamsart says:

      Yeah, same here. I was never sure with Roland and Millie. In the end they were always more friends than husband and wife, and well that works out well for them.


  2. This chapter was so nice! It’s such a great idea to narrate through the photoalbum when you need to fast forward the time. Really neat 🙂

    The kids are adorable! And Cain’s genetics look promising. I love his colors.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. liezemies says:

    This chapter was such a good idea to keep the reader updated and to keep the story going. I really like the way you tell your story.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Emily Anne says:

    This was so cute! The commentary was adorable, I pictured them all sitting around and chatting. Love!

    Liked by 1 person

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