3.12 – Like…yeah…

ScreenshotCollin’s POV

“HI COLLIN!” Ben chirped the moment I sat down. Oh great! From my very first day of school this nerdy looking kid has been following me around! Apparently he thinks we’re friends! It really is hard to be so cool.

“Bye Ben.”


This school is like really small, so small that I’m in the same class as Ana, which is mega weird because she’s way older than me. You know she’s really cool at home (when she’s not having those like mood swings) but at school she’s really boring.

“Hello class, before we start I have a new student to introduce to you.”


I’m not surprised that she gets bullied by Rina. Not only does she hang out with fat Jenny, but she tends to like never talk or participate in class. Rina’s a real meanie, but she doesn’t have any friends. She’s as old as my sis.

“I finished the homework, did you finish the homework? We should compare notes!” I successfully tuned Ben out. It isn’t that hard really.


“Come on in Roxelle,” The teacher said and the class fell silent as the new student walked in.


“Ahhhh…” We all like, leaned in to see if she was going to say something super smart. New kids aren’t common in this school.


“ATCHOUM!” She sneezed! We all sort of looked the other way. Except for Nerdy Ben and the teacher who both said “bless you” at the same time which is pretty lame.


“Um thanks, I’m Roxelle.” She said with a nervous smile. Wait is she looking at me?


No she’s looking at Nerdy Ben. Eh whatever.



During recess…

“You have to be kidding! Of all the things she does she heads straight for MY soccer net!” I exclaimed to no one in particular.


“She’s pretty good too.” Nerdy Ben said.

“Oh shut up!”


“Hey you call that a kick??” I shouted. She looked at me with an eyebrow raised. “I could block that any day!” After all I had been playing soccer ever since I started school. I’m probably the best soccer kid ever. I’ll probably become this like super famous athlete and stuff. (oh if only this kid knew…)

“Oh yeah? Well come on then!” She yelled back.

“What are you doing??” Nerdy Ben asked. I ignored him. Time to win back my soccer net.


“Be careful! I’m a level five!” The max level is like ten, so I’m already half-way there! And I’m only a kid!


She kicks!


He fails!


“Guess what loser?! I’m level ten!”


“I got distracted! Again!” I shouted, unable to keep the smile off my face. This was going to be fun!


Nerdy Ben chuckled. NEVER MIND.



Anastasia’s POV

“I heard a rumor that it’s a crazy coyote that’s been spilling the garbage can.” I said to Jenny.

I hate school. Ever since my very first day of school where I had that HORRIBLE mood swing. I completely embarrassed myself in front of the whole class. I don’t get it! My mood swings are so weird! I’m a very energetic and happy person. I don’t get mad and I don’t get sad. But these mood swings bring out emotions that aren’t mine, make me start crying or get really pissed off for no reason at all! It drives me mad!


“Really? I heard it was a bear escaped from the zoo.” Jenny said.  The only thing good in this school is that I have a friend. Jenny.  She doesn’t mind my mood swings. And yes I did not include my brother Collin in this, because he is an embarrassment in itself. His ego practically takes up all the space in the classroom.


“Or maybe your stink simply attracts the garbage straight out.” Rina the b*tch snapped. Ah great here she is. Ever since my first day she’s made it her mission to hate me. For some reason she completely ignores Jenny in the process. I’d like to be ignored.


I got up. I don’t want to deal with this, and Angel always said to simply walk away from fights. Unfortunately Rina stepped forward to block my path. It would have been great if I could have said ‘get out of way snotface!’ but sadly I’m not that kind of person. That’s probably what Collin would say.

“Please let me go.” I said. She glared at me.


“Sorry, wouldn’t want to have you hit me.” She sneered.

Don’t remind me. Is what I wanted to say.

So we meet Anastasia and Collin! Melody and Cain are actually still toddlers at this point. Poor Anastasia, she’s actually a really happy person, but these weird mood swings are just pulling her down.

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