3.13 – King and Queen!



Balthier’s POV

“Daddy do I really need to?” Cain asked.

“What do you mean, do I really need to? Of course you do! Anastasia and Collin went so why shouldn’t you?” I asked.

“Cause you didn’t…”

“Who told you that?”

“….grandma…” Cain said avoiding my eyes.

“Did she now…”


“Come here can you keep a secret?” I motioned forwards. Cain looked at me with a confused expression. “It’s because I’m old. When I was young there was no school. But now it’s the law.”

“The law? What happens if I break it?” Cain asked.

“You go to jail!” Cain was silent for a few seconds.


“You’re kidding!” He exclaimed. I laughed.

“Yeah I am,” I bent down and hugged him. “But it doesn’t change the fact that you have to go to school.”

“Okay.” Cain reluctantly agreed.


“Melody, I-” Angel began, but Melody stopped her mother.

“Don’t worry mom, I can’t wait to go to school. I’ll take care of my brother and we will become the king and queen of our class.”

(look at that cat, Roki knows everything, he can see in your SOUL. No really, that cat always looks like he knows everything!)


“As I was going to say, I know you’ll be just fine. Just try to pay attention in class okay? You tend to get distracted.”

“Mooommm I’ll be fine.”


“Um, yeah ok, I’m not walking with you guys, gotta keep my reputation up! See ya!” Then Collin turned on his heels and ran towards school.

“Did he just say we weren’t good enough to hang out with?” Cain asked.


“Yeah…bad news. You know how very self-centered he is at home? Well he’s WAY worse at school.” Anastasia said.


“Come on guys, I’ll walk with you.”


“Aw man, watching them makes me feel so old. They’re growing up way too fast.” I said as I watched them go.

“Yeah, but the dishes aren’t going to do themselves, come on.” Angel said.


“I just had a great idea! Why don’t we make them do the dishes? That’s what parents do right?”

“Yeah, yeah, meanwhile get over here.”


Cain’s POV

We’d barely even sat down that Melody turned towards me with a sly look.

“Remember what I told mom?”

“Um…all of it?”


“No the part about us being king and queen of the class!” Oh oh, I was afraid of where this might go. “Well I was being serious, I even brought our costumes!”

Melody reached into her backpack and stuffed my costume onto my lap. “Now hurry up we only have a few seconds!”

“Okay.” I was a little bit nervous, but I didn’t usually regret what I did with my twin.


Melody was quicker than me and jumped onto her chair first.

“LISTEN PEASANTS.” She declared as I got up.



“HERE HERE!” I said lightly clapping my hands.


“WE ARE NOW THE MASTERS OF THIS CLASSROOM.” I said. The teacher held her head.

“Please not now, it’s a Friday for goodness sakes I don’t need this!”


Melody tossed me the master rod. “THIS CLASS IS OURS, WE SAY NO MORE HOMEWORK AND YOU WILL OBEY ALL OUR ORDERS.” By now kids were laughing at us and thanking us.

“HERE HERE!” Melody said.


“Stop doing that!” The teacher roared.


“Take off your costumes and sit back down!” She growled.


Giggling Melody and I sat back down without taking off our costumes.

“NO MORE SHENANIGANS FOR TODAY. Next one who does another dumb joke gets a timeout!” Guess the teacher really wasn’t having a good day.

Collin was giving us a look that said how-could-you-embarrass-me-so and that girl beside him was giving us a huge disapproving look that made me feel really bad!

In any case, for a first day, so far it’s a success!





Anastasia’s POV

“Oh wow! You’re so pretty Anastasia! I bet you’re going to try and ask that guy out right?” Jenny asked as I came out of the bathroom.


“Yeah, I’m not going to let that mood swing reputation stop me from talking to people.”

I’d spent a good few minutes prepping myself in the mirror. I wanted to increase my chances as much as possible!


“Here I go!” I said as I headed for the sandbox.


“Um hi,” I muttered nervously. My heartbeat was going superfast and I couldn’t bring myself to look at him. He’s just so cute, and I was getting more nervous the more milliseconds past.


“Oh still rinsing your hair in mud I see. And what is that? Are you in a circus now?” Came Rina’s whiney voice.

“Arg, what now?” I mumbled in her direction.


Hearing that the boy I was about to confess my feelings to got up and left. I was unbelievably angry now, and this time it wasn’t because of a mood swing. This was all me.


My anger left as quickly as it came and I forgot why I was standing here in the first place. I sighed and walked back to Jenny. I didn’t know why I was even trying anymore.



Collin’s POV

“Watch this!” I told Roxelle with a huge smile on my face. Oh this was going to be good.


I scared the hell out of Nerdy Ben who let out a girly scream.


“That wasn’t very nice Collin.” Roxelle said giving me one of those looks. I sighed. Roxelle and I, and I reluctantly add Nerdy Ben, have become pretty good friends, but everytime I try a bad prank Roxelle is always there saying I shouldn’t do it. It’s pretty annoying, but for some reason I’d rather not get on her bad side.


“Fine, I’m sorry Ben.” I apologized.

“It’s fine, I can’t be mad at you Collin!” Bleh….

“I’m off to play now!” I said heading straight for the playground. All this niceeness was getting to me.


We all climbed into our favorite playground toy. It was awesome! You can see the whole school from here! I don’t hate Ben…it’s just he’s so weak! He can barely even kick the soccer ball into the net with no goalie. I just can’t help myself but bully him. I’m better than him not only at soccer but at school too. My grades are epic and his are a little under epic. This is exactly why I’m super mega friends with Roxelle, her grades are better than mine! Like in the hundreds and she’s level 10 at soccer! She’s the only one better than me, but I’m still second best so all’s good!

Okay, good finished another chapter made huge because of all four children’s stories! So you can already start to see their personalities surface, we still have a few chapters to go before the heir vote however!

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3 Responses to 3.13 – King and Queen!

  1. Melody and Cain are my favorites so far. 😀


  2. brainofivane says:

    Melody and Cain are adorable!!! Hahaha… Love that they did that in class. Nice work on the school set too!

    Just noticed that the kids aren’t super redheads. This generation might be the end of the redhead legacy… tsk tsk… Oh wait. Collin’s a redhead… There’s hope yet.

    But the twins… the twins!


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