3.14 – Futures form


ScreenshotCollin’s POV

“Now remember Collin, the moment you get a premonition you tell me.” Mom said yet again. It’s almost as if everyday she reminded me.

“Don’t worry mom!” Apparently she was extremely excited at the idea of being able to teach me with my premonitions. And also apparently I come from a long line of amazing fortune tellers, but honestly I didn’t really care about all that stuff. I really just wanted to go to school. Even though Melody and Cain sort of made their mark on the first day of school I’m still acknowledged as the king, the best, everything. And Roxelle can be my queen. Queens are better in chess games anyway.


Anastasia’s POV

Growing up actually brought along pretty nice changes. I like to think I grew up pretty well, and my mood swings were nearing the count of one a month! I also grew up with glasses, apparently I got that from my mom’s side.

“A month Jenny! A whole month!”

“Um…Anastasia there’s something-”

“I am enjoying this as much as I can Jenny, who knows when the next one could be. Right now I feel like I could do anything!” I exclaimed, barely hearing Jenny speaking.


Of course Rina’s timing could not have been better. No really.

“EXCUSE ME.” She said in her snobby voice. “You’re in my way. I have something to throw in the garbage.”


I snapped around and Jenny tried to stop me.

“Ana wait-” But it was too late I was way too riled up by now.

“OH sorrryyy, I wouldn’t want to get between you and your sniffing! Yeah I know, b*tch, you’re a werewolf. And to think you kept calling me UGLY when all you had to do was look in the mirror!” I sneered. She backed up, completely taken aback! Victory! That’ll teach her. I felt pretty good now. I could take anything.


Except this.

Jenny without warning grabbed me and turned me around.

“STOP IT! Stop being so mean to her!” I couldn’t believe it, the one time I manage to stand up for myself, Jenny gets mad at me!

“What? Why?”

“This is what I was trying to tell you! I spent my summer vacation with Rina! She’s not the person you keep claiming she is! She’s actually mega nice and she has no friends! She actually had a crush on me and she was just jealous of you, that’s why she wasn’t the friendliest! But you’re just out of line!” She yelled.


….really? REALLY?

I could feel the rage building up inside me, I just couldn’t believe this!


My hands curled into fists. Nope, nope I am not taking anymore of this cr*p!


“Are you kidding me?? One summer with her beats ten years with me?? BULLSH*T! You’re being manipulated by this unbelievably snobby b*tch!”


“Don’t say that about my girlfriend!” They even started dating? I didn’t even know both were lesbians. “Hmph, she’s a million times better than you! At least SHE doesn’t talk about herself for hours on end, also SHE doesn’t always walk around like she should be pitied! Screw you Ana! I don’t want to be your friend anymore! Go die in a hole all alone for all I care!” Jenny spat.


Next thing I knew they were headed for the other side of the playground…


And I was left alone with an involuntary tear falling down my cheek.

(yay! I got the tear package, though its pretty sad for Anastasia. I wanna hug her right now, poor thing!)


Let’s continue the interruption because at this EXACT moment someone decided to become an elder!

Millie: I’m old…

Roland: *still looks nice and young* better avoid eye contact.


Millie: Not bad!

Roland: She took that rather well.

Yeah, growing up into an elder suits her… And I’m sorry, but now people will think she’s for younger men and that just cracks me up!



Collin’s POV

“Oh yeah! I’m going the highest!” I exclaimed as my swing went straight up.


“Yeah right, I’m way higher!” Roxelle shot back.


“No I’m pretty sure both of you are the same height.” Ben said.


“Haha! Abandoning already??” I taunted as Roxelle slowed down.

“No I actually have something to tell you guys.”



“…I’m moving away.” She said.


At that moment, when I had barely even registered the news some girl comes over all nervous looking.

“Um…hi Collin, I just…I really like you.” She said, but I couldn’t believe the audacity she had.


“Yeah, okay, bye, OBVIOUSLY we’re in the middle of something here. So like go away. Like now.” I replied trying to be as polite as I could.


She still ran away crying though.

“What a crybaby.” I muttered to myself.


“That wasn’t nice Collin.” Ben said.

“Yeah, you could have been nicer about it.” Roxelle said.

“There is something much more important going on here! You were saying something ridiculous about moving?” I said. We needed to put an end to this moving away business.

“Heh, he’ll never change.” Roxelle muttered.

Sadly, she really did move away, and I was doomed to never to see her again in Twinbrook city.



Melody’s POV

“Arg those fish have it easy Cain!” I grumbled as I watched the fish swim in the wall aquarium. “They don’t have to do homework.” I have to do homework, but I usually don’t and that just brings the teacher and dad and mom and grandma yelling at me! Grandpa is the only one who gives a little loose, but then again only when Grandma isn’t around.

“Doing homework isn’t that bad.” Says the kid who’s gotten a bunch of B’s so far.


“Wait a second…” My eyes widened, as I, for the first time, realized what was behind the glass. “Look all those instruments!” I exclaimed. Since I was young I adored making music, the idea of being able to play a real professional instrument that wasn’t a xylophone filled me with immense joy.


“Yeah it’s the bandroom.” Cain said as if he’d always known. “It says on the door that you have to be a teenager though.”


“I am seeing our future Cain! Rockstars! The best band anyone has ever seen!”

“I don’t know if I want to play music.” Cain said.

“Nonsense, we will be rich and famous, and most of all will be playing music!” My plan was flawless and fabulous!

Oh wow these kids and their ideal futures. XD They just don’t know what’s coming. I feel very sneaky now.

And dumdedum! Stuff happened and there are four chapters left!

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2 Responses to 3.14 – Futures form

  1. brainofivane says:

    Collin and Roxelle… so cute. 🙂 And Ben… always kind of just… there.

    THAT was Collin’s way of “trying to be polite”?! Hahaha… Poor girl was pouring her heart out to him… Awww… that girl just totally overshadowed Roxelle’s announcement that she was leaving…

    Awwww… Cain and Melody. So cute! And she’s appropriately named too! For some reason, I keep thinking she’s gonna become a mermaid… Must be the fish.


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