3.15 – Off the road

ScreenshotOk that cat gave me a heartattack. IT LOOKS DEAD. But it isn’t.


Angel’s POV

I’d noticed Anastasia had been feeling down a lot lately. She wasn’t her usual self at home, and I had a feeling it wasn’t because of mood swings. So I came up with the brilliant idea of teaching her how to drive, something Balthier’s father had taught me, as an excuse to ask what was wrong.

“Turn over here?” She asked glumly.

“Yes, gently.”


She was actually really good at driving, I was impressed. “Hey Ana, did something happen at school?” I dared. She shot me a quick glance before making the turn. I couldn’t believe how much she looked like her mother, but at the same time you could see a lot of Balthier in her eyes, not just her eye color.


“No nothing.” She said through grinded teeth. I’d hit a nerve.

“Well you’ve been so…absent lately. Are you sure nothing happened? You can talk to me you know.”

“Will you stop it!?” Anastasia shouted as she stopped the car on the side of the road.


She climbed out of the car and I followed, surprised by her reaction.

“Anastasia wait-” She twirled around angrily.

“You’re not even my mom! Stop trying to put your nose in my business! Just let me be!” She yelled.


Without even giving me the chance the reply and she spun on her heels and ran off.


Anastasia’s POV

I feel so powerless, like everything is falling apart. My school life is worse than before now that my best friend and my enemy are on the same side. I tend to go in an emotionless state at school, helps me get through the day. But it’s not only that.


I’m dreadfully worried for my brother, Collin. I don’t know what happened, but it must have been something big because a few months ago he just completely derailed off from whatever road he was on. He never goes to school anymore, mostly he spends his days egging people’s houses, or playing mean pranks on really anybody around.


And when I say everybody, I really do mean everyone. He used to be more composed at home, but now he’s taken up to pranking the whole house, and dad gets hit with the most of it.


I’ve seen him before, right at the moment we’d hear the poor victim’s surprised shout, I’d see him standing there. I might not be as worried if he at least smiled. But he never seemed to enjoy the pranks.


Even Ben, Collin’s friend, came to me. He was worried too. He told me something about a really good friend of Collin’s moved away, but he suspected that that wasn’t all. The day after Roxelle moved away, something weird happened. His eyes glowed, and after that he just wasn’t the same.


I haven’t yet dared to ask if he’d had a premonition, and I don’t think I will. I’ll let Collin decide what’s best for him. Hopefully he’ll figure that one out soon, because I’m not the only one worried.


Melody’s POV

“Why is Collin acting so weird grandma? Did we do something bad?” He wasn’t funny anymore.


“No darling not at all. It’s probably something he has to deal with. And he better deal with it soon cause I’m two inches away from telling your father to send him to a boarding school.”


“What are you doing on the computer Cain?” Cain didn’t answer. Good he should be very focused right now.

“He’s just correcting my homework.” I replied for him. For real he was doing the whole thing, but if I said that to grandma she’d get pissed.

“Uhuh.” She said looking at me with really-now? type of look.

“Yeah right…” Cain mumbled in the background.

Oh man that one picture with Collin egging the house really broke my heart. I feel so bad for him!!

Sigh, anyway. Three more chapters left! Next chapter is Melody and Cain’s part!

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7 Responses to 3.15 – Off the road

  1. I was looking at the family tree and noticed that Anastasia had a twin sister, Esmerelda. What happened to her?


  2. Oh, never mind 🙂


  3. brainofivane says:

    Ouch. That must’ve stung on Angel’s part, hearing Anastasia say that she’s not her mom.

    Whoa… Collin… I fear for him.

    Melody… so bossy… hahaha… The two kind of remind me of Devon and Calysta too… Though Devon’s more the silent mastermind between the twins. Calysta’s more the spokesperson. LOL.


    • blamsart says:

      Yeah I like that about Devon and Calysta! They make a great pair!

      I have a preference for Devon, but that’s probably cause one of my top characters I ever invented was named that. I remember when you revealed the twins names I was so happy! Well my first reaction was: Oh so I didn’t invent the name out of thin air? It actually exists?


      • brainofivane says:

        Yeah… Devon seems to be the more popular choice. I’m trying not to play favorites, but I’m leaning more towards Calysta. I’m excited to play out both characters’ story lines though. So we’ll see…

        Ahaha… I’ve liked the name Devon ever since I watched Now and Then as a kid… Had a childhood crush on the actor, Devon Sawa. So yeah. The name exists. LOL.


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