3.19 – Anastasia’s Part

ScreenshotAnastasia’s POV

“25? How did I end up with 77?” I asked my grandpa. He’d agreed to help me with a math problem. At the level I’m at now it would be useless to ask grandma, mom or dad. And it’s not like Collin is available too. He left last night and has yet to come back. And Cain’s been a no show since yesterday as well, and I’m not even going to try and look for Melody. As if she’d be smart enough to help me out!


“You should have squared the 135 not rooted it.” He replied handing over my homework. I rolled my eyes, of course it’s a dumb reading mistake.


The colors suddenly switched and I blinked a few times in shock, before I remembered what it meant.

“Now that I’m done helping you, you could help me! It’s my turn to make supper but I have absolutely no idea what to do!” Grandpa began.


The colors went back to normal but my sight started to blur.

“Millie keeps saying she wants salad and I should make salad, but I’m more edging towards pizza.”


I wanted to cry, it was happening again, I had a huge headache starting and my sight just kept blurring. Granpa’s words were beginning to sound like gibberish.

“Everybody wins with pizza right? Do you like piralaghap? Pahgdjkncd syou cl.”


What was going to happen now? What horrible thing would I commit this time? I couldn’t hear grandpa talk anymore.


And soon I couldn’t feel anything.



I groaned as I woke up.


My headache was gone but…where was I? I usually ended my mood swing in the middle of a conversation or on my way to something. Never have I come back from a mood swing unconscious on the ground.


How weird, I don’t remember anything from my mood swing. Usually it’s like I suddenly realize what I’m doing. Basically I remember everything. What happened?


Then again where am I? I saw lights and people a little bit to my left and decided to head for it. I could ask for directions there.


I made my way through the thick shrubbery and nearly jumped a whole meter when I saw a man just standing there.

“You truly do look alike.” He said.


A woman completely dressed in black came from my right.

“It really did work.” She said in a smooth voice.

“Hmph, I’m offended you thought it wouldn’t.” Said the man.


I found myself staring in her completely black eyes.

“Esmeralda is more talented than I first predicted.” She continued in that voice that made it sound like she was dreaming.


“What are you guys talking about? Who are you?” I asked.

The man laughed. “Just look behind me dear.” He said. The first thing I noticed were his white eyes. How can they be white? Aunt Clarice is the white-eyed. Then I noticed the girl behind him.


“Hello twin.” She said. I couldn’t tell if she was mad, happy, sad or confused. All I knew was that those were my dad’s eyes and that face was just like mine.

THE END…of this generation! Wooh! Sort of…actually, since we have just revealed that Anastasia has a twin named Esmeralda, it would only be fair to give her a chance as well. You’ll learn more about it in the heir vote. So go on and vote!

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4 Responses to 3.19 – Anastasia’s Part

  1. brainofivane says:

    Oh dear… O_O What? What?

    Your cliffhangers are so murderous… I should probably count all the times this story made my jaw drop and read the chapter all over again, and just go, “WHAT??!”


  2. memi35 says:

    You know, this is the second time one of the sims has had the same name as one of my cats. Serenity is the name of a cat who’s laying right next to me right now, and Esmeralda is a friend’s cat.

    Super awesome cliff hanger…I wanna know things! But since Cain is the heir and I don’t want to look at the what about the others page until I finished the next generation I’m going to have to wait for full answers. Oh well.

    Liked by 1 person

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  4. What!?! *confused beyond belief*

    *rushes madly to next part*

    Liked by 1 person

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