4.1 – Welcome to the dollhouse, Prince

ScreenshotCain’s POV

I woke up with the sun shining through my eyelids.


I felt like laying for a few minutes, just to wait for this abominable headache to pass, but my right leg moved on its own.


I’m not kidding, I didn’t do anything! My arms and legs pulled me up into a sitting position of their own accord! I forced my eyes open.


“Prince finally awoke from his afternoon nap.” Chills went down my back. That tiny voice! It was the voice I’d heard before someone knocked me out!


“Prince observed his surroundings until all his attention was taken by a beautiful girl.” Again! But there was something slightly different. Like it was a different voice. The headache was still there and I brought my hand up to touch the bump on my head.


An invisible force brought my hand straight back down to my side, nearly causing me to have a heart attack. This smelled an awful lot like supernaturalism! My feet began to move on their own.

“Prince began to walk forwards, he wanted to meet the girl.”


“Tired of her peasant life, Princess liked to look into the pool.”

“Mesmerized by her beauty, Prince was unable to come any closer.”

What is this? A fairytale? And who is she? Where the hell am I? Is this some kind of weird dream? This feels way too real though.


“And thus began our love story.”

And for a second, I felt I had control of my body! Apparently she did too. She shifted positions to look at me and said;

“Welcome to the doll house prince.



Right after our bodies led themselves into the colorful brick house only to enter an even more colorful room. It’s only when the door had closed and locked itself behind the girl and I (I checked) did we finally get control of our bodies back. And we weren’t the only ones in the house. I’m not one for bringing up subjects, but for something like this, I’m sure I can make an exception.

“Can any of you tell me what’s going?” I asked.


I got closer to the three sitting on the couch, while the girl sort of stayed near the wall.


The child looked at me with these spectacular eyes! Very unusual color, and her hair as well!


I glanced at the other two to confirm my suspicions. The two had the exact same intense pink eyes, and he had flashy green hair.

I see a pattern. We all have bright colors in our genetics.  I noted that fact in the back of my mind.

This reminds me of the murder/detective type books I used to read for fun. Though this time I’m the one in trouble. I’m pretty sure I was kidnapped. Why someone would want to do that, is still a mystery.


The blue-haired girl turned me around.

“Not to worry! I’ll explain!” She exclaimed, a complete change of attitude compared to how she was outside. “Um…um…a play…dolls…um…puppets….um…Paul! Help me out here!” She pleaded as she looked straight at the green-haired man.

Paul = green haired-guy. Mental note added.


“Well, I’m Paul. I’ve been here since I was 15 years old. This beside me, is my mom, Rilena. Long story short, after she got kidnapped,” That means all of us were kidnapped. Where’s the culprit? “I went looking for her and got taken in as well.”


“That little girl is Mimi. She’s fairly new. Just a year or so. The child’s never talked once.” My attention was brought to the child, something weird radiated off her. Like an aura…like a witch’s aura.

“Is she a witch?” I spontaneously asked.


“Haha! A witch? That’s a ridiculous idea! Why would she be a supernatural?” I’m not too sure what to make of this girl.

“Well then can you guys at least explain why I’m dressed so flashy colored? And does anyone know where my hat is?” I only recently noticed the absence of my beautiful hat! Also now I’m starting to notice that my hair might have gotten shorter. I’m surprised I haven’t completely freaked out yet, then again with a twin like Melody…


“It’s a very funny story!” The girl began.

“And that is Irene, who’s been here since she was seven.” Paul finished. My mind auto calculated her stay to have been around 9 years, assuming she was around 16 years old. That’s crazy! But I haven’t seen the whole of this place yet.

“Twin children fairies, who are apparently immortal, really like bright colors and playing with dolls. So they had the selfish idea to use humans, ya know non-supernaturals, as dolls. Since the humans can’t fight they can use them as puppets as much as they want. That’s what you saw like five seconds ago! They already had the first chapter planned out!” She exclaimed with that overly chipper voice of hers. I was starting to get a headache.


“Oh yeah, and obviously, we’re the two main characters in this story. I’m going to be the princess and you the prince, so there’s probably going to be a kiss scene. Just saying. Get mentally ready.” I’ll probably have found a way out by then. Boy she’s got no inhibitions! None of the girls at school would’ve said something like that in her place. “This is going to be my fourth story.” Fourth? Over a span of nine years? I voiced my question.

Screenshot-19“Well yeah, there are like months between chapters. You’ll see it’ll probably take a good three or four months before they take control of us for another chapter! But that’s okay, we’ll get to know each other during those months, it’ll be a bunch of fun Prince!”

“Cain. My name is Cain.”

“Well then, you’re cute Cain and I’m sure we’ll have a blast! Finally someone my age!”


Four months?? Four months stuck in an overly colored room with overly colored people, and an overly cheerful girl, with a locked door!? I might just go insane!

I HAVE to find a way out before that happens. Four months here, means four months away from my family, and I didn’t leave things too well with my twin.

This was harder to write than expected XD. But don’t they all say introductions are harder?

I found a couple of great male hairstyles and I had to give one to Cain (took me hours before deciding I wanted this one). I’ve been kind of swamped lately so this chapter didn’t come out as fast as I wanted it too. My computer time was limited, but I’ve already planned out chapter 12 XD, so I’m really into Cain’s story. His story is going to be humongus! I’d say more, but I’ll let you guys see for yourself!

Since this chapter feels like it could be a bit confusing for some people, feel free to comment and I’ll answer as best as I can!

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10 Responses to 4.1 – Welcome to the dollhouse, Prince

  1. This is awesome! Such a fantastic idea. Definitely my favourite chapter so far.


  2. brainofivane says:

    I wrote a really long, nice comment for this chapter, which mainly included a lot of “What?!” and stuff about Cain having his very own narrator, but WordPress became stupid and kept telling me “This method is not allowed” whenever I tried to post the comment. Pfft.

    Anyway, this was so unexpected! How do you come up with these story arcs? Sheesh… Very imaginative and I’m really interested to find out where this leads to…


  3. memi35 says:

    Wow…That is awesome. Almost reflective of how we play sims. Forcing people to do what we want to tell stories. Very interesting stuff. Now…Next chapter!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. yimiki says:

    Well this was unexpected. I like it! Very original again. Makes me wonder just how long poor Cain will be trapped there, though xD

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Wow. It feels like there’s a whole new story beginning here, and when I say “whole new story” I mean because it literally seems to take place outside of everything else that’s happened so far. No premonitions, no mentions of white eyes, no cursed book with the Grim’s wife trapped inside–just an entirely new story. Although, the fact that the little girl might be a witch and the mention that twin fairies like to play with colorful dolls does tie it back in a bit. Twin fairies, huh? Wondering what pair of fairies has their clutches on Cain and the others introduced here.

    It’s super interesting 🙂 Reminds me a little of Sabrina in Pokemon and when she captured the trio in her doll house. That was a creepy episode…sounds like Cain’s generation might be a little creepy too! I’m excited to see where this goes =)

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      You’ve arrived to my one of my best gens!
      Yes well, I can’t keep rehashing old stuff. Deepening the plot is always a lot more fun 🙂
      It really did feel like a new story too when I started gen.4.

      Liked by 1 person

  6. *Mpart* says:

    Wow!! Cain is already my favorite so far! This looks like it is going to be an amazing storyline to read! I’m so excited!

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Trip says:

    If this is a new beginning then I finally get to comment, no more 2013 growing pains OR reading newer chapters for inspiration with no real context or investment (or I forgot everything instead? Guess that’s why I’m here!)

    Thought it was gonna be an imaginary friend house but that itself would be just a dollhouse with extra steps.

    Liked by 1 person

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