4.2 – It’s pretty unfair, don’t you think?

ScreenshotUnfortunately those 3 and a half months didn’t go as I planned.  I jingled the door as much as I could, I threw myself against it and I tried to pick the lock, but it didn’t matter. That door was magically closed. So I resigned myself to wait, carefully plotting a plan for when the next chapter would take place.

Of course that plan took an hour to create and for the rest of that time, I got to know everyone else. Irene in particular.

She wasn’t as annoying as I had predicted her to be. She was always all over the place, constantly distracted, but always showing her teeth. The only time she wasn’t overly cheery was (apart from when she sleeps) when she was painting. There is an easel in our small room (of course there’s a bathroom linked to this room) and she paints on it every day. She started a painting when I arrived and has yet to finish it. She’s pays a lot of attention to detail and she has this small smile while she paints. Painting is really her thing.


I’m more than happy to consider Irene my friend. She makes me laugh, and she’s entertaining to listen to. There’s only one downside. I tried to talk to her about a way to escape, hoping to gather any information she might have that I could use, but she suddenly put on a sad face and completely rejected my idea of escaping. She was full-heartedly against it. After her first reaction, I didn’t talk about it with her again, but I suppose it might be because she lived most of her life here.

Either way, I want to get home.


The weirdest thing about those three and a half months was my hair. I didn’t like it short at all, and I was really happy when they grew past my ears. But then the next morning, when I woke up to go to the bathroom, my hair was cut back to the way it was, and I had hair strands on my clothes.

I came to the creepy conclusion that those fairies Irene had talked about, might have controlled me while I was sleeping so I could cut my own hair. And that only made me want to leave more. Not having any control on my body at any point in time was downright freaky. That is the main reason while I’ll probably never drink or smoke.



“Prince had made his choice.”

“He would search out Princess, he would meet her.”

The second chapter of this ridiculous fairytale. I was angsty from being cooped up for so long. I was eager to escape, but so far those fairies’ magic had a strong hold on me. I could only move my eyes and my mouth.


“But as Prince was nearing the place he’d seen Princess earlier…”

“Princess’ father appeared and blocked his way!”

First part of my plan was achieved. As they controlled Paul to come and block my way, I managed to locate the sound of the voices, for there was more than one, and slightly turn my head towards it.

“Stick to script kiddo.” Paul muttered. He was also a bit touchy about escaping. He’d love to, for his mother in particular, but he hated taking risks.


My head snapped back in place.

“Prince was unfazed by the man’s harsh glare or his poorly kept clothes.”

“Prince attempted to convince Princess’ father to let him see her.”

A small smile tugged at my lips. One that reminded me of my twin. That simple thought made my heart ache a little. I missed my family. Which is why that smile appeared on my face.

The very fact that they had felt the need to move my head proved I had looked in the right direction. First part of my plan was accomplished!


“Princess’ father exploded in anger. He wouldn’t let Prince ANYWHERE near her.”

“Prince was shocked and taken aback by the man’s reaction!”

While our bodies play the part, I was very aware of the fairies position now. I’d seen a glimpse of a balcony at my five. I was ready to bet a whole lot that they were on that balcony watching and narrating.


“Prince realized he would have to find another way to meet Princess.”

I was getting excited. I couldn’t wait for the scene to end. I couldn’t wait for that fraction of a second where I could do anything I wanted. Paul must have seen the excited glimmer in my eyes. He narrowed his as if trying to see what I was going to do.


“Prince quickly wrote on a piece of paper the message he wanted to give Princess once her father had left.”

“Prince called one of his servants and told her to find a way to give it to Princess.”

Mimi, the little witch, came running over and my body faked giving her a letter. My heart was beating twice as fast. I had heard it, the slight finality in the fairies’ tone. Next thing they said would be the last for this chapter.


“With hope Princess would receive the letter,”

“And accept to meet him under a starlit sky.”

Mimi smiled evily, the first emotion I’d seen on her face, as if she knew what I was about to do and was laughing at me like a maniac.

I ignored her small face and prepared myself. Anytime now.


THERE! I had control of my body as the fairies’ ended their stories and I took off running.


I’d already seen what was in front of me. It was a huge cliff, unclimbable. It certainly didn’t hold the exit. So I had sped off the other direction.


Only to be stopped by a wall. A wall that spanned the whole perimeter of our dollhouse. There was no hole. There was no foothold. There was no gate. There was no escape.


And before they got over from the shock and took over my body, I turned around to take a good luck at these kidnappers, but all I managed to get was a glimpse of their wings.


This was going to be harder and more painful then I’d hope. Here goes another four months.



“I’m pretty sure there’s a reason why most of us aren’t supernaturals. We’d be able to fight their control over us.” I said to Irene.

“Ahhh supernaturals. This world is seriously unfair.” She muttered.


“Werewolves can transform into this alter self that is nearly unbeatable. Witches can cast pretty much anything. Fairies as well, and they have a direct link with plants and they can fly and they live longer than most! Vampires have these amazing abilities and also live forever. And there’s a bunch of subseries type supernaturals. Like truth seers, clairvoyants-” Irene ranted on before I interrupted her.

“Clairvoyant? Hey what a coincidence, my mom and my brother are clairvoyants. It’s funny, my dad’s a witch, my mom’s a clairvoyant, yet I’m a totally normal human. And how do you know about all these supernaturals? Weren’t you here for a good nine years?”


“Yeah, but Paul told me all about it. That must be why you sensed Mimi was a witch.” Irene said shifting positions.

“Sensed? Well yeah I guess you could say I sensed she had an aura like my dad and my twin.”

Screenshot-19“Ya know, supernaturals sense other supernaturals. Maybe your exposure to supernaturals, made you, I dunno, sense others as well.” Irene concluded.

“It almost sounds like I have my own supernatural powers!”


She got up and I followed suit.

“Oh god, I’m starving! Let’s go see if the food has arrived yet!” Irene said rubbing her stomach. I stretched from side to side, the old springs on the beds we had weren’t doing good on back.

“Good idea, I’m hungry too.”

Hey look at that another chapter! Cain has caught a glimpse of the fairies and he’s learned he is completely trapped here. He’s going to have to find another way to leave, and not to worry he’s got a whole other four months to think about it XD. I’m surprised he’s still sane. Then again, this is probably the first time he’s doing things for himself. He probably doesn’t realize it, but this is a great relief for his brain!

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4 Responses to 4.2 – It’s pretty unfair, don’t you think?

  1. brainofivane says:

    “Not having any control on my body at any point in time was downright freaky.” – Tell me about it! Ugh!

    “That is the main reason while I’ll probably never drink or smoke.” – Good to know.

    Gawrsh. I’m so happy Cain won the heir vote. It would’ve been such a loss on your readers’ part to miss this story arc.

    Really great work on Cain ‘s back story – with him being used to Melody ordering him around. It helps make sense of him really wanting to get out of this situation, but at the same time, it also enabled him to survive this. Almost like Melody trained him for this.


  2. memi35 says:

    Your “Dollhouse” idea is amazingly dark and I love it. Can’t wait to see where it goes.

    It’s funny how in way, his twin prepared him for this. He’s been controlled all his life. Not quite this intensely of course, but he was still somewhat controlled. Sad how as soon as he manages to gain freedom from his twin, he loses it again.

    Liked by 1 person

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