4.3 – In the moment

Screenshot8 months. 8 months that I’d been stuck here! Sure the people are fun, especially Irene, but I want to see my family. I can’t live knowing I’m someone’s doll and a prisoner.

“Prince opened the radio, satisfied that the mood was perfect.”

This was going to be an itchy chapter. They’d made me wear this formal type clothes that itched against my skin.


“And as planned, Princess arrived on the scene.”

“Prince turned around and was struck by her beauty.” And I was. The dress they’d chosen for Irene fit her perfectly.

“Princess awkwardly looked at her feet as the sweet music valsed through the air.”

They weren’t usually this poetic, it must be an important chapter.


“As if a magnet pulled them together,”

“Both found themselves standing on the middle of the dance floor.”

Irene gave me a small smile. I gave one back.


“Prince asked Princess to dance with him,”

“Would you like to dance?” I asked as my body did the movements.

“You’re actually playing the part? What about your, I hate this doll house?” Irene asked, a bit surprised by my question. I wasn’t sure myself.


“Accepting with the brightest smile Prince had ever see, Princess moved closer.”

“Prince placed a hand over her waist and the other grasped her gentle hand.”

“Might as well go with it.” I said, smiling like an idiot.


“Their feet moved to the rhythm of the music,”

“Their bodies moving in synch like a beautiful melody,”

“You’re actually enjoying this aren’t you?” Irene said noticing my smile.



The music was getting to me as I gently twirled her. Yes I did, but I was too focused on Irene to completely realize it.


She giggled as I brought her back.

“The stars twinkling in the distance,”

“They were the only ones alive that night,”


Maybe it was her eyes, or her smile.


Maybe it was our hands touching or the music in the back ground. Maybe even a combination of all of those things…


That drove me to it.


I backed up. I couldn’t believe I’d just done that! Caught up in the moment much? I searched her face for some kind of response, but she was as shocked as the narrators.



Okay so ignoring me wasn’t exactly the reaction I had hoped for. After two weeks of being ignored I decided to be smart and asked advice to Paul. I was friends with Irene for 8 months, best friends! But not once did I consider kissing her or that I might have feelings for her. I was too focused on the situation at hand. Ya know escaping from here.

“So yeah, and now she’s been ignoring me, and now I just wish everything was back to normal.” I finished saying to Paul. It felt unbelievably weird and I was asking myself why’d I ‘d decided to do this in the first place!


When we got back from the chapter she just started painting and completely ignored me. There are a few times or eyes locked and she blushed, and usually that’d be a good thing, but she’s still ignoring me and all I want now is my best friend back!


“I’m going to ask you a question, ok? Are you ready?” I nodded. “What did you expect?” A reaction? Maybe her not ignoring me? I hadn’t actually thought it through! But I let him talk. “That girl’s been living here since she was seven years old. Sure Rilena and I told her about love, and all that stuff, but she’s never actually experienced it. This is super new to her!” Love? Wasn’t that a bit too intense. Maybe like is better. “At this point either she steps forwards or you do, and if you do, you gotta do it right.”


I nodded along and commented as if I agreed, but I’d made my decision. Irene was a great friend, but I did like her, but my priority, right now, should be to get out of here. I have three more months, give or take, of planning ahead of me. I can focus on my love life once I get out of here.

Guess I’ll be hanging out with Mimi now.

Ooh what’s this, a kiss? Ah but Cain has his priorities in the right places! Let’s only hope his ‘love life’ won’t interfere with his thinking XD.

I love these two! Watching them dance was adorable and hilarious! (if they were dancing on their own I would’ve taken the few pictures of Cain stepping on her feet!)

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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5 Responses to 4.3 – In the moment

  1. brainofivane says:

    I’ve read this already, which is why I liked, but at that time, my browser was going cuckoo and for some reason, I couldn’t for the life of me comment on your posts… So here I go now…

    I loved this! First of all, Irene is gorgeous and I like how Cain is just going with the flow. (A side note, you know I’m getting into your story when I actually remember the names of your characters. I’m VERY forgetful with names. 🙂 )

    The fairies’ voices, in my head, sound like the “my precious” creature in LOTR (can’t remember the name… sorry.) They’re creepy.

    Ha! he kissed her! (re-reading as I write the comment) Sad that she began ignoring her though.. . umph! But yes, Cain… get your priorities in line and find a way out of there!


  2. livvielove says:

    Hey there, stranger!
    I’m right here now. Slowly making progress. It’s midterm time which means I’ve been… erm, doing *all* of my homework and definitely not reading this story instead.
    (Coughs), no one’s buying that, are they?
    >.> <.<
    Cain's story is my favorite so far! I really love his personality and the whole storyline is just… amazing! So, I'm only… what… 3 years behind now (almost to the day -gasps-)!
    I just wanted to say ❤ Irena and Cain, and I hope that Cain at least takes Irena with him when he busts out of here!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      what are you doing reading and not writing bout them reapers tho
      jk jk
      I’m in the middle of ending a chapter right now and this comment got me all excited and happy. (which is rather counter productive considering my characters are having a rather serious conversation right now)
      EITHER WAY, it’s wonderful that you’ve appeared here, and you’ve chosen well. Cain was also my favorite at that point. He’s in my top three now 😀
      This is pretty much where the roller coaster begins in my opinion. Hope you’re buckled up.
      ANYWHO I’ll leave you to it, it’s great to hear from you!


  3. Trip says:

    Call me seven years behind to the day. :’)

    The dance was very sweet! Not as a sucker for romance but as a sticker for enchanted gardens. Or cursed ones. Im leaning towards the latter here. 😛

    Liked by 1 person

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