4.5 – I have people to get back to

ScreenshotI’ve been here for so long. Over a year now. I almost feel like this is my second home. I’ve come to enjoy everybody’s company. Mimi is silent but sly. Paul is not subtle at all, but he’s kind hearted. Rilena is withdrawn, but gentle. And Irene was beautiful, funny, energised and simply amazing.

If I wasn’t a prisoner. If I wasn’t hating those fairies more and more everyday, every time I laughed with them I probably wouldn’t feel so mad or helpless.

I’ve been looking out the only window we have (in the door) and I’ve found myself wondering how those huge trees aren’t see by others. I wondered where we were exactly, and how I was ever going to get out of here.

I asked Mimi to do a scan spell, and she managed to discover (took a week) that there was a sort of magical shield around the house. Probably a cloaking shield.

I did have hope that with Mimi we would be able to escape, but Mimi hasn’t participated in any other chapters, and the fairies must’ve noticed the constant magical activity, because her wand (the one that appears for all witch teenagers once they’ve reached their magical age) disappeared over night. We should’ve been more careful!

But even though I feel helpless, lost and defeated, I can’t give up. I just can’t resign myself to be stuck here! The frustration and anger overpowers the defeated emotions and all I wish for is one chapter where they lose their powers and I can give these fairies a piece of my mind. I might not be a supernatural , but I like to think I’m good at a bunch of other things. Thinking for one, is something I probably excel at.



“Having gained Princess’ father’s approval, there was only one thing left for Prince to do.”

I know this is just a story. I know that I should be more focused on my freezing feet. But when I was with Irene, all those itty bitty thoughts sort of floated away. And right now I felt like doing something special, that might make her laugh and might make her smile.


“Prince got down on one knee,”

“Princess was still oblivious to what he was going to do,”

“Irene, you are the most beautiful and entertaining girl I’ve ever met.” I started. She raised an eyebrow, an amused smile tugging at her lips.


“And even though, we are stuck in this fairytale prison, with people who can’t seem to give us any sort of privacy whatsoever.”

My body twisted on its own and I was forced to interrupt my speech.


“Prince revealed a shining ring,”

“Princess was ecstatic with joy,”

I don’t know where they got the ring, but I’ll just go with it.

“And even though we are technically not adults yet, will you marry me Irene?”  I asked. It wasn’t the most romantic of proposals, but I was completely serious about this. Irene was incredible and I wanted to marry her. It is impossible for anyone else to be as magnificent as she is.

The fairies forced her hands onto her face, as if to show extreme surprise and joy, but I knew she was grinning like crazy underneath.


“Princess let out a yes and Prince slid the ring onto her finger.”

“And even though this is just a fake story, this looks like a pretty real ring to me.” Irene said.


“I would love to marry you, Cain. You’re sweet and ridiculous.” She said. I smiled. My body got up on its own and there was that slight second of me having full control. And I used it by expanding my arms and asking Irene if she wanted to hug.


It’s while we were hugging that my mind clicked.

The fairies were shocked by my reaction. They hadn’t expected me to do so. But they liked it so much for the story they let me be. Right now I had complete control over my body.

“Cain…” Irene’s surprised voice whispered in my ears. It was the same for her. I could do something with this right now.


I spun around and stared straight them.

“YOU’VE PLAYED ENOUGH LET US-” My words were interrupted. If they hadn’t done so, I would’ve done it myself from the surprise. It’s one thing to hear about them being children, it’s another to actually see it. So those were the gifted children who had control over me.



“Guys I have a plan. We’re gonna get out of here.” I announced once Irene and I had gone back in. Paul smiled.

“So you found something?” He asked.

“You could say that.”


“I’m gonna need your help in particular Mimi.” I said.


“I know they took your wand, but there’s a technique I know that doesn’t require a wand.”


“No, stop this Cain. No more magic, no more escaping, no more of that!” Irene said.


“NO! I don’t want to escape! Were fed here! Were clothed here! We don’t need to worry about anything! Why can’t you be happy here?” Why? Was that really a question??


“Stop running after something that can’t be gained! I’ve been here since I was seven, I know what I’m talking about!” I’m just getting more frustrated by the second. Why couldn’t she see this was a prison?


“It’s because I have a family waiting for me out there.” I snapped.


She turned around and started to walk for one of the beds.

“Well I don’t.” She said in a strained voice. Was she trying to stop me from seeing her tears?

Um…I’m not too sure about the outcome of this chapter. Some pictures were harder to take than others, and sorry if you think it lacks quality. I’ve noticed that I’ve unconsciously taken less pictures but written more. Interesting…

Anywho things are heating up, and finally Cain’s got himself and getaway plan! (took him…what a year or so?…just saying…)

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4 Responses to 4.5 – I have people to get back to

  1. brainofivane says:

    “Irene was beautiful, funny, energised and simply amazing.” – He is so in love. Haha…

    “Thinking for one, is something I probably excel at.” – found this line really amusing!

    “I don’t know where they got the ring, but I’ll just go with it.” – This. The things in sims’ pockets, heh?

    “You’re sweet and ridiculous.” – What a wonderful reason to want to marry someone! Haha… Love them.

    My goodness… those fairy children are terrifying!

    Awww… Really intrigued by this and am wondering about Irene’s past now… *sighs*


  2. Emily Anne says:

    Hey! Still here, finally got a chance to sit down and try and finish catching up (been trying to get a head start on my own story, chapter one is posted if you’re interest XD). That proposal was so sweet!! I love them together, poor Irene… Cain can be her family!!!!!! Those fairy kids need to get smacked (although they are kind of cute lol). I can’t wait to see where this goes!!

    Liked by 1 person

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