4.6 – Even if it rains

ScreenshotThe beginning of spring and a door that’s about to be open. Today is going to be an amazing day. I can feel it, the weather is right, the mood is right, everything will go right.


“The day had finally come,”

I smiled at Irene and she smiled back. She’d grown up well. She kept saying she thought her hair was too long, but I didn’t really care about her hair. Not when she had such an amazing smile.


“Everyone was gathered for the event,”

Nothing could go wrong today. Even if it started raining, even if…nope. Nothing. My plan was good. I had one chance at this and I wasn’t going to let it go by. I had Mimi all ready. I’d acquired all the information I needed to get to that door.


“Prince and Princess were getting married.”

Right now, however, I had the luxury of being able to concentrate on my to-be wife. Funny it’s just a story, it’s almost like we’re just actors, but, to Irene and I, we’re actually getting married.

My bare feet are cold in this snow, but it’s so warm, the snow’s already started to melt.


The snow melted in no time and was soon replaced by rain. I keep my word, even if it starts raining today will be perfect!

“Will you look at that!” I stuck my tongue out to catch some raindrops.

“Cain! That’s dirty water.” Irene laughed.

(no really the snow randomly melted and it started to rain. I had nothing to do with this!)


Now completely soaked I slid the ring onto her finger.

“Irene…about my plan to escape…” I had avoided the subject for three months and now was the time to bring it back.

“I know. I was stuck in my bubble. And I get it, you have family out there you want to see, and I thought about it, and I want to escape too. I guess I just liked the idea of being protected here in this cage.” She said, interrupting me again.

“Well then it’s my turn to say sorry. I should have realized this place became your home. Especially after you painted it. You only remember this place, but I want to introduce you to my parents, and my brother and sisters.” My heart ached at the thought of them, but I suppressed the feeling. Soon, very soon I would get to see them again.


“Prince and Princess kissed, sealing their act of marriage.”


“And they lived happily ever after.”

“I love you,” I said.

“I love you too.”


They’d said the line, here it came.

“Are you ready for the honeymoon?” I asked Irene. She looked at me confused.


I looked at Mimi. “Mimi get ready!” She nodded and then that vital fraction of a second where we had all control over our bodies came.

What I’d taught Mimi was based on theories. Supernaturals have a magical aura, something I apparently can sense. I can sense those fairies and I can sense Mimi. I had Mimi test something out, I asked her to just release her magic in the air, and after a few tries she finally managed to do so. It’s just a release of her magical power in the air, it doesn’t do anything physical, but I felt the dizzying effects.  Since I could sense her and her magical power being released it just sent my sense left and right and I couldn’t figure out where the magical witch aura was coming from even though I knew Mimi was right in front of me. For those three months Mimi and I practiced focusing her magic in one definite direction for today. When we had control of our bodies for a second she would turn towards those fairies and shoot out what magical power she had in their direction. Since supernaturals can sense other supernaturals, this would hopefully make them as confused and dizzy as I had been.


I wasn’t going to waste any time, they’d be expecting me to do something reckless and the simple act of Mimi moving would hopefully surprise them long enough to let us get to that door.


I might be putting a lot of faith in this but…it will go well.

We headed for the door of the second building. There’s a wall surrounding the whole place and I’ve seen all there needs to be seen inside the building I slept in. But there was always a building in front. A building that holds the key to getting out of this place, and a building that is probably those fairies’ sleeping place.


Surprisingly enough the room was brown. It felt weird, I’d been surrounded by overly flashy colors for so long I hadn’t expected to see such dull browns. The room had one double bed and one stair.

“Cain what are we doing?”

“Solving a mystery.” A mystery that had been biting at my insides since I first came here.


I had all I needed from this room. I went for the stairs, with luck, at the top of these stairs, would be the last puzzle piece.


It was a tiny room with only two pictures on the wall.

“Two pictures? Cain there’s nothing here, this isn’t an escape!”

I stared at the pictures, the fairy and the man.

“I got it.”


“Stop it! Stop moving!” Yelled a tiny voice behind us. Irene and I spun around and backed up when we saw the fairies climb up the stairs. The two kids glared at us. Before they could control us again I lifted up my hand.

“Wait don’t control us just yet!”


The girl hmphed.

“A doll shouldn’t talk unless told to.”

I saw Irene’s shoulders sag.

“Hey we are not dolls.” I shot back.


The boy laughed.

“Ha! Dolls don’t have wings. Clearly you are dolls and we are not.”

I noticed their brown hair and their brown eyes. Two things that oddly clashed with the interior of this building.


“Wait please!” Irene suddenly exclaimed before I could say anything. “We aren’t dolls, we’re like you, we just don’t have powers. Can’t you just let us go?”

It wasn’t how I had seen this conversation going, but I waited to see if it would work. I noticed the fairies’ eyes drifting off of Irene and onto the picture behind them before quickly looking back to Irene.


“NO! You don’t have the right to ask that doll!” The girl yelled.

“Sis, I don’t want to be here anymore.” The boy whispered, his voice shaking slightly.

“I’m sorry I made you wait brother, let’s bring them outside.”

Damn it. My turn.


“Okay listen here you brats!” I announced. Irene’s shoulders were quivering a bit and I could see she was suffering from feeling like the hope she had, had been squashed. She tried to smile to keep herself reassured.

The fairies’ brown eyes snapped to me in surprise and then in anger.


“I know you love bright colors and that you wished you had bright hair and eyes. I know you decided to make this house brown to remind you of your dull eyes and hair. I know you’re torturing yourselves to remind you of what you lost. I know your parents died-”  All information I was ready to bet on. I’d accumulated this story by using all the clues I’d seen so far. I didn’t have all the details, but hopefully they would be providing that.


“Don’t talk about our parents! And you don’t know anything!” The girl said tears appearing in her eyes.

“Sis they want to know. Maybe if we tell them, they’ll stop being undoll-like.”


The girl stayed in quiet.

“Our parents died even though we told them not to. Daddy didn’t have wings, the doll didn’t listen and they got killed.” The boy said, glaring at us.

“Since they couldn’t stay alive we have to keep each other alive. It takes us months of sleeping so we can stay together. That’s why you’re there, dolls. To keep us entertained and so we can forget about the bad things.” The girl snapped. I hated these kids, but at the same time, a little bit of my heart reached out to them.


“So don’t say you know us!” The boy said.

“You don’t know anything, doll.” The girl said.


I surged forwards and hugged the blue winged boy. His body stiffened in surprise.

“It’s okay. You’ve repented long enough. It isn’t your fault your parents died. There was nothing you could do.” I murmured in his ear.

“But they-” The boy began as he tried to push me away. The girl grabbed my arm.


“It’s okay, because you know what? You’ve lived long enough. You deserve to rest. You’ve made up for the guilt.” The boy broke down crying and held on to me. I’d been right. These poor kids were probably more than a hundred years past their death date.


The girl used her powers to control me and forced me back.

“What did you say to him?” She asked as her brother cried uncontrollably.

“I’m sorry sis!…I’m so sorry!” He hiccupped between sobs.


“What are you talking about? Don’t leave me. We said we’d always be together.” She said, tears threatening to flow. She put her head on her brother’s shoulder.

“We’ve already always been together.” He said, sniffling one last time.


And before our eyes the little boy faded away, no longer held by the never-ending spell they were continuously casting on each other.

“I’m gonna go see mom and dad.” Were his final words.


“No.” She muttered.


“Don’t go.” She cried.


“I want to see them too.”



And they were gone.


“Wow, how did you do that Cain? And are we actually free? What about the wall?” Irene exclaimed, overflowing with relief and a huge smile plastered on her face.

“I simply looked at their faces. And…”


Were those pictures fading? Oh no.


“And those fairies probably made this whole place! The building is starting to fade!” I exclaimed bringing Irene to the stairs. As she descended I marveled as the walls truly did disappear before my eyes.


We hurried outside and met up with everyone else.


We watched as the buildings disappeared.


And then the walls.


We were free.


No longer had I said the words “we are free,” Rilane began crying with relief, and I remembered she’d been here longer than anyone else here.


After she’d cried all she could, a strange orange glow began to emanate from her body.


She turned towards me and said “thank you Cain,”.


And with that, Rilane passed away.


Leaving us,


with bitter feelings.


Once the reaper had come and gone, Paul and Mimi left, saying their final goodbyes. And Irene and I…


“Come on, I have some people I want you to meet.”

Holy macaroni! Longest chapter ever. I almost split in two and then I decided not to, so be showered with feels! It’s finally over, Cain is finally free to return to his family!

Oh and you see the farthest house in the last pic? That’s Cain’s house, no really! He was super close! But the place was cloaked magically so no one knew where to look.

I put a lot of effort into this chapter so I hope you enjoyed, and if you have any questions, just ask me!

(no this is not the end of Cain’s story. I decided to make this generation much much bigger than the other ones.)

Oh yeah one more thing, the rain was purely coincidental. I’d already written the part “even if it rains” before the game decided to make it rain. Same for Rilane’s death. The rain wasn’t planned, but it makes for a great theme for this chapter.

(I feel pretty dumb because the lagging in my game was due to not updating my mods XD. Halfway through the chapter I figured it out. Sorry!)

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11 Responses to 4.6 – Even if it rains

  1. Beautiful chapter! I really enjoyed it, and I felt so sad for the faeries in the end. Very bittersweet.


  2. brainofivane says:

    I don’t think I’ve said this yet, but over the course of this story, your screenshots have gotten better and better. The screenshots in this chapter are incredible.

    Oh my goodness! I was holding my breath the whole time I was reading about the escape and when the child fairies showed up, I was honestly at the edge of my seat. They’re really creepy then you gave them a back story and a soul and just… this is really awesome.

    “I hated this kids, but at the same time, a little bit of my heart reached out to them.” – My thoughts exactly.

    Whoa! That was… wow. Just wow. I’m teary-eyed… Awesome, awesome chapter. Loved every bit of it.


    • blamsart says:

      Wow thanks! That’s great that I improved 😀

      I’m happy! This was the main goal of Cain’s story. It’s all about not using violence, and Cain finds the good in most people.


  3. yimiki says:

    Wow, this was so sad =(
    Your screenshots and storytelling have both really improved! I found myself really drawn into Cain’s captive story. Well done! The ending was really sad, too. Those kids were definitely in the wrong, but I actually started feeling sorry for them. This explains how there were such long periods in between their “plays”. They needed all that time to sleep and recharge. Poor things.
    Cain really surprised me, too. He’s very intuitive. That’s a great personality trait to have.

    Wonderful chapter Blamsart! I’m looking forward to more. =)

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Oh, wow, what an epic finale to that! Obviously I don’t approve of what the twins decided to do in order to cope with their loss, but my heart goes out to them and I’m really glad that Cain was able to free not only themselves, but those poor kids as well!

    Loveeeeeeeee the effect of everyone and everything fading by the way. How did you accomplish that? Photoshop? So awesome! And it’s only 6 chapters into the generation o___o I’m on the edge of my seat wondering what comes next!

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Photoshop is too fancy for me XD
      Well if you really wanna know my editing secret: I took two pictures, one with everything in it, one with the things fading gone. Then with any editing software that can have layers, I put them one over the other and started to faintly erase the one with everything in it. And voila! Fade out!

      Liked by 1 person

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  6. Trip says:

    Man you got my feelings going for the fairy kids, even if just to mutter “nah you can’t do that” when they joined the aether.

    I can only hope that Rilane had some good memories flash before her eyes. We’re not at any death and destruction yet so I’m not used to it here!

    Liked by 1 person

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