4.10 – Day to day

ScreenshotNobody’s POV

Angel had barely stepped foot on her property that a flash suddenly blinded her.


“Hmm, let’s do that one again.” The woman behind the flash said.


“What is this? Since when can people take pictures? Here?” Angel asked to no one in particular. To tell the truth the paparazzi had been coming more and more often. Irene had begun selling her paintings and was receiving a lot of attention.


Speaking of Irene, she’d finished Cain’s fancy portrait, and it was added to the collection.


While everyone was doing their own thing, Millie had restarted practicing her magic. Nobody was quite reassured when she practiced fire spells in the house.


Our heir?

“I’ve got this.” Cain muttered.

“Of course you do, just like last time,” Irene snickered.


Our brave hero threw the dart, feeling certain about his mark.



“Ah damn it!”

“Haha! Guess the first one really was just a lucky shot!” Irene laughed behind.

Yes well, let’s just say he’s leading a very productive life.


During Irene’s pregnancy, she got to meet Cain’s ancestor, Rosahelminthe, waking Cain’s parents in the process. Needless to say, Cain’s parents found Irene to be a bit…hyperactive and not understanding of the word ‘privacy’. Knowing his wife would never change, he fed his parents the excuse that it was simply “pregnancy hormones”.


Roland was…well let’s just say Roland was getting a bit bored. He loved his family he did, but…In his family’s world he was supposed to be an old grandpa, reminiscing about the old days with Millie. But Roland was still in the prime of his age! His son was about to be a grandpa, and he was about to be a great grandpa, but he didn’t see his life ending anytime soon. Millie wasn’t giving the impression of dying soon either, she seemed in tip top shape, practicing magic and things of the sort.


And let’s face it, he felt positively useless. Millie was ignoring him more and more as she got older, and he barely felt part of the family. He remembered how Aunt Anna had left. He was starting to understand how she’d felt.


But let’s face it;

“Look at this magic trick!” Roland exclaimed, twirling fairy dust.

“Ha, I’ve seen that one too many times. You should see the ones I’ve done recently!” Millie scoffed.

He wasn’t going to leave Millie anytime soon.


Irene was painting her newest idea. She’d managed to expand her paintings to odd things she’d seen for the first time.


Cain appeared at her side.

“Time to sleep, it’s past midnight.” He told her, more for himself than her. He’d been studying for much too long.

“One last touch. The baby’s enjoying this.” She replied.


Caveman: What was this ridiculous non-linear gabble?

I was about to answer that! It’s just a small, random chapter! I’ve done these before (for another legacy). It’s primordial. Don’t ask me why!

But showing day to day stuff is kinda important.

Caveman: I did not ask why! I was expecting a REAL chapter.

Well then too bad, cause that one needs tweaks! So yeah.

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  1. *Mpart* says:

    Irene and Cain are so adorable! Awwwww, I can’t wait to see their baby! I know they will be amazing parents!

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