4.11 – The mutterings begin

Screenshot“Irene!” I said as I came running in the house.


On a sudden impulse, I lifted her up. “I got my psychiatrist license! The studies are over and I can finally get myself a job!”


“I’m really happy for you, but be a little careful okay?” She said a bit nervously as I set her down. I smiled.


“That’s fine, I’m just feeling a bit tired.” More tired than usual.


We sat down, I certainly didn’t want to exhaust her and the baby. Not with the labor date coming up soon. Should be any time now actually!

“Here are my name ideas for the day! I’ve got, Roxy, Mike, Jane, and Kyle.” I said.


Irene laughed. “Are you kidding me? All four letter names? No, that’s not long enough!” She said, effectively rejecting them all.


“This is getting ridiculous! We can’t seem to agree on any name!” I said.


“Here’s my suggestion. How about you choose this name, and I’ll choose the next one.” I proposed.


“Next one?” Irene asked smiling.


On its own my sense thing lit up and two blue flutters floated around Irene. But I already knew what they meant already.


A few seconds later Irene shot up gripping her belly and flutters of yellow danced around her. She was having our baby!

(I had to speed things up so ignore the moonlit glow)


Balthier’s POV

My usual midnight walk was more troubled than usual. I was anxious to know how my son’s wife was fairing. I was going to be a grandpa! It all seemed  too weird for me. I’m not that old…am I?


“You…” A voice said. A weird man came out from under the trees. I should have brought my cell phone. “A witch…”


The man’s eyes lit up and he started to walk past me.

“Careful…those humans….we can sense it…”


“We gotta protect the white-eyes…at all costs…” He muttered.


“Talk about creepy. Might as well head on home.”


Alright, guess who that is.

Unbelievably enough its Felicia! Millie’s quad sister! (not dead yet I know)

About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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3 Responses to 4.11 – The mutterings begin

  1. brainofivane says:

    Wow! Cain’s strong to be able to lift her up like that!

    Ohh.. it’s only now that I got that the flutters were coming from Cain’s “sense thing”… (Geez, Ivane… slow much?)

    And of course, the importance of the white eyes goes on… Dundundun…

    Can’t wait to see the baby!


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