4.12 – Alone

ScreenshotI’m a father. I’ve been a father for five hours now. Irene was in labor for 27 hours! But now the babies are born and I’m a father. And I’m loving it!

Though, I’m feeling really queasy. I’ve only been gone from the room for a minute to go to the bathroom, but something feels wrong.

I quickened my pace.


It’s when I opened the door that I knew for sure something wasn’t right. Something didn’t feel right.


There was someone else here! And that person certainly did not strike me as a doctor or a nurse.

“Boy are you lucky. They’re mortals.” The woman said. My eyes drifted to the gun in her hand.


I checked to see if everybody was ok. The three were sleeping and Irene sleeps like a rock. I felt a little relief. Everybody is okay, for now. I have to be careful.


Nonetheless my body was tense.

She was looking straight at Max.

“You interest us Mr.Whitelight. We have an offer for  you.”


“It’d be nice if that offer came with an explanation and no gun.” I said.


She turned on her heel and bowed slightly, gun behind her.

“Terribly sorry Mr.Whitelight, but I need to make my position clear.” She said.


“Your non-supernatural abilities are of an amazing interest to us. We’d like for you to join us in our fight against the supernaturals.” She continued.


“You are aware tha-” In the middle of my sentence Sariel made a little gurgling sound. I put my hand over my mouth to restrain myself from running over to her. “That my family is mainly supernaturals?”


“Not this one. This room is filled with naturals. You’re more one of us than you can imagine. It’s supernaturals that kidnapped you. It’s supernaturals that cut you off from civilization because they had the power to do so.” She argued.


“Yeah, but without that I wouldn’t be here right now.”


“So take your offer elsewhere! Or else I’ll call the police.” I threatened. This armed woman had been here long enough.


“This is disappointing Mr.Whitelight. I don’t think you understand exactly what we have to offer.”


“Supernaturals might have magical powers, but we have political standing, we have people in the authorities and as you’ve seen, we’re armed.”


“You’re on the wrong side and I can guarantee you’ll regret it.”



Millie’s POV

“Hi daughter of mine.” The ghost of Rosahelminthe whispered into my ear.

It wasn’t uncommon to see my mother floating around the house, but for a ghost to talk…Angel had been a special case.

Maybe it had been my imagination.  That creepy whisper sent shivers down my spine, and it only reminded me of death.


I spun around, but I spun too fast. Much too fast. A loud crack erupted from my back just as the front door of the house opened.

“There’s no use fighting it.”


“It’ll catch you eventually.” The ghost of my mother whispered before my vision went black and my body crumpled to the floor.



Cain’s POV

“And this is grandpa and grandma.”  I said to Sariel as my parents joined us at the doorway. Irene was holding Max.

“Oh they’re both so cute!” Mom exclaimed.


I handed Sariel over to my mom and turned to my father.

“I have something important I need to talk about with you.” I said. I’d already told Irene. I still feel tense even though a good two hours have already gone by.


I told my father everything about the armed woman.

“Wow. Humans going against supernaturals? That reminds me,” And then my father told me of a weird meeting he had with a man on the street. Something about the humans and protecting white-eyes.


“White-eyes? I thought Clarice was the only one.” I said.

“Yeah so did I. I could have heard wrong.” Dad said.

“Wait, if there was more than one white-eye that could open up some new possibilities. Also, I’m pretty sure that woman was pregnant. I’ve been practicing my sensing and it felt like someone was inside of her. I also noticed she had a scar under her eye. Supernaturals probably-” I started to tell my father my thoughts before he interrupted me.


“Stop it. You’re a father now. Go enjoy your time with your children. Tomorrow you can stop at the police station to report this on your way to dropping your resumé. For now relax and enjoy. Your grandfather decided to cook supper.” Dad said not leaving me anywhere to add my thoughts. I sighed.

“Okay dad.”



Millie’s POV

I gained consciousness only to be showered with pain emanating from spine. It used to be a small constant pain, but now, now it’s so intense I can’t move.

I opened my eyes slowly.

But there was no light. I didn’t see the carpet I could feel with my fingers. There was only black. Pure black.

I was blind again.


I tried to move my leg. Pain shot up my back. I could feel my toes grazing the door. If only I could move my foot to hit the door, get someone’s attention. But the pain wouldn’t let me.


Emotional pain rose in my chest. I didn’t want to die. I wanted to stay with my family and watch them grow and evolve. I want to live to see my little Melody come back okay. I want to know that Collin is doing okay in his life.

Each breath I took hurt more and more.

It’d be a long time since I’d felt so alone.


I give you permission to hate me X_X

But be aware I felt very bad for the crappiness of the last few chapters and I tried to make this chapter better.

To your liking?


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3 Responses to 4.12 – Alone

  1. brainofivane says:

    Oh wow… Supernaturals vs. Non-supernaturals. So cool and so much room to play with.

    No hate here, and I didn’t even realize that the last chapters were crappy. I thought they were great, but what’s happening?!


  2. memi35 says:

    Scream woman! Your blind not mute!

    I wonder how all that happened. Did Jeremy die? Did the Supernatural haters have anything to do with it.

    Liked by 1 person

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