4.13 – Dear Mr.Whitelight



Roland’s POV

The fairy dust twirled nervously around my fingers.

It’s a habit most fairies have. It’s a way of practicing your control over magic.


The fairy dust left my hands and twinkled away into the air.


I restrained myself from lashing out.

Truth is, I am deathly worried.


Through that hospital door, Millie is sleeping in a bed. Angel, Balthier, Irene and Cain are all there watching over her, but I can’t bring myself to see her.

I feel too guilty.


If I wasn’t so self-absorbed in the life I have yet to live I would’ve been by her side. And she wouldn’t have been lying on the floor for three hours.


“Why don’t you come in?” Cain asked me.

“How is she?” I asked, ignoring his question.

“She’s hasn’t woken up yet, but so far she’s okay.” Cain sighed. I could tell he was reading my emotions when he said; “It’s not your fault. The doctor said it was going to happen eventually.” I ignored his words. He turned and headed back in.


“Jeremy…..assasinated…no way!” These words reached my ears and I stood up on impulse. Jeremy was my father’s name, but they couldn’t be talking about him. Nonetheless I looked around the corner to see two women talking. I focused on their voices.


“Yes way, apparently he was killed.” Said the left one.

“Killed? But wasn’t he the infamous black-winged fairy? Isn’t he a sort of high ranking politician for the supernaturals?” The right one asked.


“Yes he was. Guess those anti-supernaturals got to him. Come on, I have even more information,  but not here.” The left one said as she walked for the door of the hospital. The other one followed.


I looked quickly behind me before flying forwards. I need to know if they were talking about my dad! I can’t have my dad die as well…

No Millie’s not dead yet! Let’s confirm that my dad isn’t either.


I ended up following them into an alley, only then did my doubts begin to grow.


Putting my doubts aside I walked forwards.

“Hi, I’m sorry I overheard you talking. Did you say Jeremy Halter was killed?”

They both turned around. The dark-skinned one gave me a huge smile.

“No problem. Yes that is who we’re talking about.” It’d been confirmed. That meant my father was dead. I’m sad I’m only hearing about this now. Wait! That means Millie is blind! Her Aunt Anna had given her sight on the one condition that my father didn’t die. But now that he’s dead Millie can’t see anymore.


“I mean what other Jeremy would get killed? This Jeremy had his claws deep into the lower world of civilization. Or in other words, the Underworld.”


“He would be the ideal first target for the anti-supernatural human group.” Something was starting to feel wrong and that smile on her face was beginning to feel fake. I glanced at the other girl and something clicked in my mind.


“That group is fighting for humans so anyone standing against us would have to be struck down.” Hadn’t Cain said the armed woman had black hair, blue eyes and a scar on her left eye?


“And you are the grandfather of a man who has done just that.” The blue-eyed woman spoke. Her ice-cold voice froze me in place.

“And you just happen to be a supernatural too!” The dark-skinned girl exclaimed.


“Good bye scum.” The pale-skinned one said as she took a shiny object out of her pocket.


“Wait!” I managed to say before she lunged towards me. An insane giggle erupted from the dark-skinned girl.


Wait! Millie-


“Supernaturals may have super powers, but they can’t heal.”



Millie’s POV

I woke up in shock, my hands gripping the bedsheets. My eyes were open, but my vision was black. That’s right I’m blind again.

“She’s awake!” Cain’s voice reached my ears. I moved my head in his direction, forgetting I was blind.

“Mom!” Balthier exclaimed grabbing my hand. “How are you feeling?”

“Balthier?” I asked, my heart still beating hard. The familiar drain of power called me down.

“You were unconscious when we got back. You’re a great grandmother! Irene had twins, a boy, Max, and a girl, Sariel.” Cain said.

“What happened?” I asked. I was too weak to move.

“The doctor said your bones had rotted.” Balthier said and my heart went cold. “Apparently you were supposed to be dead a long time ago. This was just the final straw from your body. Your body is…shutting down.” He said in a sad voice. The room went silent. That’s right. I’d lived too long. I…

“Where’s Roland?” I asked avoiding the dreadful subject.

“I’ll go get him.” Cain said, and I heard him walk out of the room.

“Mom, what’s going on?” Balthier asked. I bit my lip.

“Roland’s not there!” Cain exclaimed as her ran back in.

“Maybe he went outside.” Irene proposed.

“Right, I’ll go get him.” Cain ran back out.

“Mom.” Balthier said. I needed to tell him.

“Daughter.” Two voices whispered in my ears. Mom and dad. Rosahleminthe and Tarnowak.

“I’ve been casting a…spell on myself. One to keep me alive longer.” I revealed.

“But! That’s dangerous! Those are always dangerous! See your body rotted away anyway! Mom, you’re immobilized now. You won’t ever be able to move again.” Balthier exclaimed as I knew he would.

I felt two ghostly hands fall on my arms, as if the ghosts of my parents were telling me it was time to go.

“I won’t.” I told them. “Not until I see Roland.”



Cain’s POV

I found a nurse while searching in the hospital who was able to tell me he saw a black-winged fairy following two people outside. When I asked him what the two women looked like he’d only replied that they both had black hair.

Which led me to wondering what could possibly drive my grandfather to follow two girls when his wife was unconscious in a hospital bed.

I walked outside when I heard someone crying. I followed the sounds.




“Oh gods, oh grandpa, I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry, I should’ve…oh gods.” My sister sobbed. What happened?!


“Ana what happened?” I asked looking at my grandpa’s corpse.


She stood up quickly.

“I’ll fix this I swear! I should have forseen…I’ll figure out who did this!”


And then she did something I didn’t know she could do. I’d never seen someone teleport before.


I crouched, and with stinging eyes I checked his pulse. It was true. My grandfather was dead. But before I could break down I noticed a piece of paper in his jacket. I distinctly remember it not being there before he left the hospital.

I took it out and read it.

Dear Mr.Whitelight,

This is the side you have chosen. Only death awaits you here. We are willing to offer you to join us again. Wealth and protection for your mortal family can be promised. We’ll be waiting in the place you met your wife in a week at exactly 12pm.

You have intention to be there.

My grief turned into a violent rage. I know who did this.

And I am NOT going to let them get away with it.



Millie’s POV

I could not breathe. I could not think. Why was it Cain’s voice I was hearing? Why wasn’t Roland at my side? Why was Cain telling me he was dead?!

Sobs racked at my chest and I let out my cries. I was supposed to die first! Not you Roland, not you…I called out for him inbetween my sobs as my family stayed quiet, crying in their own way.

A ghostly hand strokes my face.

“I’m here.” A gentle whisper sounded in my ear.

“Roland.” I let out as my sobs were cut short.

“No mom, Roland is…” Balthier began, but he couldn’t go on.

“Come on.” Roland’s ghost said. My parents ghosts tugged at my arms again.


I’m ready.

I muttered the release to my spell.

“What is she saying?” Irene asked.

And all of a sudden a great burden was lifted from my shoulders.


Next thing I knew I was looking at something black. The grim reaper.

“You won’t have it easy in the afterlife after what you’ve pulled here,” His dark voice slithered into my ears.


I glanced at Roland. The ghost of him. I turned back to the grim reaper.


Nodding, I grabbed his bony hand and left this world.

Sorry for the bad blood quality XD……I’m still a newbie.

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9 Responses to 4.13 – Dear Mr.Whitelight

  1. This was a very emotional chapter. 😥


  2. brainofivane says:

    *jaw drops* Whoa. I did not want to see Roland go that way! Or even Millie. 😦 That was so sad… 😥 Why make us care for characters only to have them murdered, and… and… that was so so sad…

    (From a writer/storyteller perspective though, good job!)


  3. memi35 says:

    This was a very welldone emotional chapter. I think it nice how in those last moments, Millie was finally able to accept that it was her time to go, rather then be forced.

    Liked by 1 person



    AND MY HEART! Millieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee *wails* She wouldn’t go until she saw Roland and then she saw Roland, but not in the way anyone wanted and ahhhhhhhhhhhhhh *more wailing* I mean there’s a sweetness that they left this world together, but—gahhhhhhhhhh Roland was yanked from this world so violently! Cain indeed better get them, or I’ll eat my desk!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. *Mpart* says:

    Ronald died? What? Wow….poor Mellie. I hope she is happy with him in the afterlife. That was absolutely amazing!

    Liked by 1 person

  6. Skcaga6 says:

    You owe me a box of tissues.

    Liked by 1 person

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