4.14 – A small detail


Little Max’s cries pierced through Irene and mine’s sleep.


“I’ve got it.” Irene muttered as she got up. It wasn’t unusual for Max to wake us up in the middle of the night. He got lonely easily.


And of course, Max’s cries woke Sariel up.


“I got Sariel.” I said as I got up.


“Don’t do it Cain.” Irene spontaneously said. That’s right, I’d told her my decision before we went to bed.


“I have to Irene. I need to make it clear that I don’t want anything to do with them.” I explained.


“We went to the police Cain. Let them take care of it.” Irene tried.

“No. For all we know they could have someone in the police. No, I can’t let them get away with killing my grandfather.”


“Daddy shouldn’t go right Max?”

“Daddy’ll have his own daddy with him so he’ll be fine, right Sariel?”

Irene sighed.


We put the twins to bed and climbed back into our own.

“As long as you’re not alone and you come back safely.” Irene whispered in my ear.



“So this is the place that took you away from us.” Dad said as his eyes lay upon the now bare land.

Yeah, I’m back here.

I know what that woman with the scar wanted to do by bringing me here. This doesn’t hurt or torture me in any way. This place is only a shadow of what it once was.


Rage built up inside me just as the sight of her. She threatened my family, killed my grandpa and decided to make herself at home where I met Irene. This woman had no boundaries.


Her bright blue eyes looked in our direction. When she saw my father she looked terribly disappointed. I noticed the gun in her hands yet again.

However, this time I have a witch with me.


“How disappointing. Why did you bring your father?”


“I can never be too careful. Especially since I’ve come here to make it clear that I’m rejecting your offer. Apparently I wasn’t clear enough last time.” I replied. Barely containing my anger as I saw the vision of my slit-throated dead grandfather.


“You were right, she is pregnant.” Dad whispered behind me. Pregnant or not it doesn’t stop her from being able to shoot a gun.

“Heh, apparently you haven’t entirely grasped-” She began.


“SHUT UP!” I yelled interrupting her. “You killed my grandfather because I rejected your offer?! Can you even call yourselves humans?”

I heard my dad make a warning sound behind me. I was damn tired of her bulls**t.

“It’s true. We don’t usually pick after supernaturals one by one. We tend to kill white-eyes. After all once they’re all gone so is your family, and with each white-eye that dies your dad gets weaker. But you’re a special case Mr.Whitelight.” The words slithered out of her mouth. The anger was making my mind hazy.

“I don’t care! You’re not getting our white-eyed or any of my family for that matter!” I shouted.


She inhaled sharply and stood up.

“You have a white-eyed?” She asked her eyes suddenly sparkling with interest.

The weight of the mistake I’d just made pressed heavily on my shoulders.


Seeing my speechless expression a small cackle erupted from her lips. Blood, from frustration and guilt, flooded into my cheeks.

“I’ll give you one last chance, Mr.Whitelight. Accept our offer or you’ll be at our mercy.”


“Go to hell.” I told her.

“That’s it.” My dad said as he pulled out his wand.


“Like a rock against a summer breeze,”


“Fine.” She said lifting up her hand.

My heart stopped, it was her gun hand!

“Wait! Da-”


“Immobile my target will-”

The sound of a gun being shot rang through the air.


My dad let out a surprised scream before slumping to the ground, his wand rolling away.

“Dad!” I exclaimed turning around.


I felt a prick on my neck and my eyes started to become unfocused. Groggily I brought my hand up to my head, brushing something…a dart?


The ground met my face as I fell down, quickly losing counsciousness.

…I missed something…

Nooo Cain! Why did you say that? You fell right into her trap…you should be good at reading people by now…

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3 Responses to 4.14 – A small detail

  1. brainofivane says:

    I don’t know why… but I really really loved that Cain and Irene had that conversation while taking care of the twins. It was so… I don’t know… it was such a family moment and I really loved it even though what the couple was talking about was some really tough stuff.

    Uh-oh… Cain slipped pretty badly there. *holds breath*

    Oh nooooo!!!! *panics* Don’t know what to say… Next!


  2. memi35 says:

    No! Bad Cain! Bad!

    Sadly his rage blinded him and allowed him to fall into her trap. It also prevented him from finding out more about this organization and why they hate supernaturals.

    Liked by 1 person


    Liked by 1 person

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