4.16 – Where’s the silver lining?

ScreenshotNobody’s POV

Sariel giggled and looked up at her mother with the same eyes.


Equally blue-green eyes observed Irene. Max liked watching his mother tell a story, but he wasn’t like his twin sister, amused by her every clap of hands.


Max loved his sister and his mother, but he had been feeling weird lately. Like something had been missing.


Mommy was looking really sad lately too. And the more mommy felt sad the more Max felt sad too.

Where was daddy?


And then Max realized what he had to do. He needed to find daddy to make mommy happy!


“Mommy, come! See!” Sariel exclaimed standing up. Irene laughed and followed her. Max decided to go on his search for daddy.


So Max searched…


And searched…


Until he had decided he had searched long enough. Daddy was hiding really well.


Max would’ve gone right back to mommy and Sariel if he hadn’t heard the baby cooing. Max didn’t realize that the baby had not been there two seconds earlier.


The baby had only cooed once and it was completely silent once Max was right over it.

“Daddy?” Max asked. Maybe the baby knew where his daddy was.


Not two seconds later Max was in a whole other room! Surprised he looked around.


And then he saw daddy!

He didn’t see daddy when he was tied up and dirty looking. He only saw daddy five seconds after, when his clothes had been repaired, and his hands untied.


“Daddy! Wake up!” Max chanted in his usual way when he found his father sleeping.

Cain emitted a groan.


A second later they were right back where Max had found the baby. Except this time his daddy was with him and the baby was gone.

“Max?” Daddy groaned as he woke up.

“I find daddy!” Max chimed.


A huge smile appeared on Irene’s face and she ran forward, tackling Cain to the ground.

Max triumphantly pointed his finger. He made mommy happy!




“Yes well…” Muttered the darked-skin woman.

“He escaped?? How?”


“Honestly it’s not that bad. After all we were going to let him go in a few hours.”

“It doesn’t matter! How did he get out? Does he know the location he was kept in? He was tied up from christ’s sakes!” Yelled the new mother.


“Geesh, calm down. The door was locked the whole time, they confirmed it. It was probably some supernatural family member of his that got him out.”

“Impossible. His dad is still in a coma and his mom has a barely existing foresight ability.” The mother said.


“Yeah and his uncle is a fairy, his aunt is a witch, he has two sister witches, another sister who’s got a teleportation magic going on. Seriously just calm the f**k down.” The dark-skinned girl growled.

“But the plan-”

“Is going along just fine. We got what we needed from him. And the package was sent. Not much wrong can go wrong here. Luck is on our side.”


“Fine.  You’re right.” The scarred woman reluctantly said.



Cain’s POV

“Wow I was gone for so long…I wasn’t awake for very long most of time, and I barely remember the times I was. I’m pretty sure I was drugged.” I said once Irene told me what had happened during my absence.


“I’ll get it.” Angel said as she got up to get the door.

“We’ve missed you,” Irene said again.

“I’m happy to be back. And I’m happy my dad’s okay. I was pretty worried.”


“What was it mom?” I asked as Angel past behind me.

“A package for Clarice. Probably ingredients for her potions. I’ll go bring it down for her.”


I sat up from my position, making head spin a bit.

“Is something wrong?” Irene asked.

“Something feels wrong…” I muttered. Something just didn’t sound right with what mom had said.


“Oh no.” No longer had the words and the realization hit me that I was off the sofa…


And running down the stairs.

“Cain?” Mom asked concerned as she saw me run by her.

I hoped my hunch wasn’t right. I really did.


But…Aunt Clarice never receives her ingredients through mail. She’ll find them in the old bookcases in here and she’ll go search for them outside, but to the outside world Clarice doesn’t exist anymore. She died just like grandma did.


I didn’t do anything, I didn’t concentrate, I didn’t even think about it! My senses simply activated on their own and I saw an immense mass of yellow radiating from behind the book shelves.


I entered the radiating yellow fog and nearly regretted it.

A heavy emotion of pain fell onto me.

The emotion was blinding! I felt like every sense I had, eyesight, hearing and smell were assaulted by this yellow light!

I managed to spot Clarice on the ground.


“Clarice!” I said her name, barely hearing myself, once I’d reached her. There was no response.

At this point I wasn’t sure if the crackling, sizzling, scratching noise was cause by yellow fog or by Clarice herself.

I reached out to touch her shoulder.


Clarice violently shoved me away, pushing a book into my chest before the yellow fog suddenly disappeared.

I blinked a few times before realizing what had happened.

Clarice was dead.


I looked at the book she had shoved in my hands.

It was her diary.

Should I comment? Should I not?

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8 Responses to 4.16 – Where’s the silver lining?

  1. Wow, everyone seems to be passing away. 😥


  2. brainofivane says:

    Sariel looks so cute! Love her already…

    *then sees Max’s screenshot*

    He’s so cute! Now I’m really torn… >.<

    I love Max's intuitiveness… Gosh he's adorable.

    Oh wow! What?! A teleporting baby?! Loving this!

    I love Max! Is he going to win the heir poll? But Sariel deserves a fair shot too! But how can you not love Max after finding Cain like that? Sheesh… Love your imagination. Can't even… gah!

    *jaw drops* So does that mean all supernaturals just dropped dead? What?!

    Or maybe the baby Max found was actually a white-eyed… but she's now in the grips of the murderers!

    How could you do this to me?! (All this commenting is a good thing in case you're wondering…) Next!




    Wondering now if it was Max who had the powers and brought his father back, or the mysterious baby. I’m leaning toward the baby since it seemed to be the one that brought them both there and back. And I’m assuming still that the baby has white eyes, otherwise Clarice’s death would have spelled the end of all supernaturals, and I doubt you were THAT angry 😉 Haha. I’m using humor to cope. I’m despairing. Help.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      HAHA Noooo, maybe a little angsty?
      (It doesn’t get better >_>)

      There’s another explanation for why everyone hasn’t dropped dead or anything yet. And you’ll read it when Cain reads her diary…

      Liked by 1 person

  4. *Mpart* says:

    You’re killing so many amazing characters and the deaths are all spectacular…as a writer I love it but as a reader you are messing with my emotions. I’m just going to go cry now. Don’t mind me. At least Irene is going to be okay! She’s not a supernatural! =D

    Liked by 1 person

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