4.17 – Clarice’s diary

The dates are simply there so you can locate yourself in the overall story.

DATE: Generation 2-> When Millie came back home for good

I’ve decided to make a record of my findings in the event something were to happen to me.

Yesterday, while I was searching for ingredients, I met a white-eyed. Or more I saw. I was supposed to be the only white-eyed, the books had said so, but before me stood a young girl with bright white eyes. She ran away once I’d seen her.

I, of course, doubled-check to make sure I was still a white-eyed before beginning my research.

I searched in every book on every bookcase, but every single one of them concluded that there could only be one white-eyed in the world.

I’ve decided to make an unveiling potion.

DATE: Generation 3 -> Tarnowak’s death

Today I felt a strong sense of power! I didn’t develop any powers, but a stronger sense of being inhabited my body.

The potions I continuously prepared were useless.

I’ve decided to ask the book for help.

I haven’t touched that book since Rya and Ryan moved out of the house.

I never could shake the feeling off that I was being manipulated most of the time. I’ll have to risk a chance to solve this mystery.

DATE: Generation 3 -> A few weeks after the last entry

I’ve finally acquired an answer! It took weeks of flattery and coaxing, but the magic book revealed its opinions.

There have always been one white-eyed, but every being has also known to evolve. The book believes a danger might be causing this sudden evolution, most likely something that resembles an apocalypse for supernaturals.

From what she has suggested, I can pull the idea that an increase in the number of white-eyes is incredibly effective. You would have to kill all of them to defeat supernaturals.

This evolution is for the best.

DATE: Generation 4 -> After Cain’s kidnapping

Someone is killing off white-eyeds! More and more often I will feel a sudden drain of energy and pain in my heart and I can only assume that means white-eyeds are dying. I’m worried for myself and I’ve permanently locked myself in the basement.

I don’t know who the killer or killers are, but this can’t mean anything good. In the books that surround me, it clearly states that a general balance between supernaturals and naturals is essential.

DATE: Generation 4 -> Months later

Thoughts and theories have been filling my mind. I’ve realized the negative side of this evolution.

Before, it was believed a white-eyed could only relinquish his or her role by conceiving a child with white-eyes. However I have read stories in the books, of white-eyed dying of strange diseases, or mistakes made in their everyday life. Yet soon after a new white-eyed was born. It is to believe white-eyes were a never diminishing force.

However, this new evolution has spread thin the idea of the white-eyed. Every time a white-eyed dies I feel weaker, and I can only assume the supernaturals are slowly losing their magical powers as well. The feeling stays constantly and only worsens.

This only brings me to conclude, that this evolution favors the naturals.

For each white-eye that dies, no new one is born. Once we are all gone, so will be the supernaturals. An era for the naturals will begin. And I believe whoever is killing us off knows this.

DATE: Generation 4 -> Cain’s return

I am not one to believe in messing with time. But Serenity proved that the time machine worked. It may seem cowardly of me, but I will go through the machine to another time, where my life is not at risk.



The machine has failed me! It has broken! It would not activate! It wants me to die. I am not worth it. I know I am safe here, but the weakness that fills my body every day exhausts me and makes me depressive.

DATE: Generation 4 -> Cain’s visit

My nephew’s son came to visit me today. It was an odd thing to receive a visit.

I had been in the middle of an intense research. True I had been foolish and took to the book as my company. The book revealed to me she was actually a witch trapped inside. An immortal witch mind you. She had thirsted for the death of all supernaturals due to a continuous line of hard break-ups. And the rumor of her and the Reaper was absolutely ridiculous.

In her lifetime she had searched for a way to kill a white-eyed. When she’d finally found one my own mother trapped her in this book. Withering away in the old crinkled pages of a wordless book left her to think and forget her anger.

Apparently she still has a minimum amount of power. Power she uses to speak with me and listen to the sounds of outside. In her conversation she revealed something quite troubling.

White-eyes were continously appearing because of me.

Somehow she was telling me that all of this was my fault! That I was to blame for this unfortunate evolution! She told me she believed that had something to do with the white-eyed soul.

It was the first time I’d ever heard the term and I’d been furiously searching for some clue as to what it was when Cain came to visit.

He was much too nosy and I managed to drive him away. Cain is not a supernatural. Whatever happens to me has nothing to do with him.

DATE: Generation 4 -> Millie and Roland’s death

My sister died of old age today.  I finally got up the courage to leave the basement to get more food when I learned the news.

I do not like being immortal.

I wish I could’ve built a family, seen them grow and then die of old age. But fate decided I would lead this path of dread and paranoia.

DATE: Generation 4 ->A few weeks later

I hear babies crying upstairs constantly. Life goes by so quickly. My nephew’s grandchildren. It feels like forever since I’ve had a conversation with Balthier. We have never really formed a relationship however.

I miss my Aunt Anna. I wonder what she does now? She used to visit me constantly.

There are so few of us left. I’ve spoken with the book. She says something bad will happen soon. She feels the disruptive aura.  I’ve created a potion to enhance her powers and she’s managed to feel in the future. Very vague things however. She tells me my end comes soon.

Date: Generation 4 -> Cain’s second kidnapping

I asked the book why there was so much discord between supernaturals and naturals. She simply replied it was a problem of pride. Supernaturals are aware of the higher power and are mad of having to live under naturals. Naturals fear the power of the supernaturals, they know they could easily be wiped out. A mutual fear of each other. Not many mixed families can live in harmony. The Whitelights are a special bunch in a way.

I had asked her why the supernaturals hadn’t fought back yet. Did they not realise the impact the death of white-eyes was having?

She simply replied, the white-eyes were a secret not well-known.

She confused me farther. She declared that this evolution might not be bad. She does not believe the supernaturals will die. She sees in a far future a light, one that will put all humans on an equal level, and then the god of this world would reveal itself.

A god? I wish I could share her optimism. This is the last time I’ve spoken to her. My death approaches and I am too exhausted to care anymore. I’ve hidden her where I found her the first time. She will sleep and so will I.

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5 Responses to 4.17 – Clarice’s diary

  1. brainofivane says:

    Well, that explains a lot… Whew… Still… This generation leaves me on the edge of my seat the whole time. I can see why you love this particular generation.


  2. Wow. This was incredibly informative. I worry though about the source of the information. Can Grim’s wife really be trusted? However, at this point, it’s the only information we’ve got.

    I suppose if supernaturals are getting weaker due to the deaths of the now numerous white eyes, that WOULD mean an eventual balance of power and the Grim’s wife’s prediction would come true: “She sees in a far future a light, one that will put all humans on an equal level, and then the god of this world would reveal itself.”

    Then again, it says the light will bring it, and it specifies humans, so I guess it’s a balancing from both sides. This evolution is protective, but it’s making the supernaturals weaker; meanwhile, this light in the far future will elevate humans to an equal level. A true balancing? And then the revelation of this god?

    I am beyond intrigued o_____o I have been successfully distracted from my despair. MUST. KNOW. MORE.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Trip says:

    Oh to have spoken too soon about the dead! Along with Anna, Clarice was a good stabilizing force for the household. And now what?


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