4.22 – Repairing the bonds or breaking them?

ScreenshotMax’s POV

I did my jumping jacks as best as I could. I’d asked grandpa today if I could use the exercise machine. I got really confused cause he was saying something about it belonging to my great grandfather, but since he was dead I could probably use it…all in all he said I could use when I’m older.

And then he touched my arm muscles and said, “God knows you need some more muscle,” and then he told me there’s a channel on tv that tells you how to exercise.

No need to say, I find grandpa pretty weird. But this is fun.


It’s been practically a month since dad came out of his…how do I say it…dumb shell. After Sariel went in and hugged him he started coming out a lot more and spending time with us, but that won’t change anything. He’s as much to blame as Mary. I’d always seen my dad as someone really tough and cool, but when he came to save us he really wasn’t.

He was talking to the evil woman! And because of that she got impatient and killed mom. Dad could’ve have at least jumped on her to stop her or something, but no he stayed right there till the police came. Then he went to see mom, but it’s like he’d totally forgotten about us.

What kind of father is that?


“Fiou, I’m tired.” I turned the tv off. I feel like taking a walk with Mimi now.


She’s probably on my bed. Yeah, even though grandpa bought two dog beds she prefers mine.


I came in to the outrageous sight of that dumb kid, Mary, trying to pet my dog!


“Hey leave my dog alone! He’s mine!” I yelled at her. Hearing my angry voice, Mimi started barking at Mary.


Mary really looked like she was going to cry and that made me happy.


“You’re mean Max! I didn’t do anything to you!” She screamed, tears already streaming down her face. What a baby.


“You’ve got to be kidding. You are evil Mary, just like your mom! So don’t think of touching MY pet again. You shouldn’t have in the first place!” I told her.


The door opened and my twin came in.

“Max!” She said in a disapproving tone.

Why was she always taking HER side? She was MY twin sister, my FULL twin sister.


“Come on Mimi.” I said as I headed out the room. My life was unfair.

Mimi playfully followed me.



After a good twenty minutes of walking (well more me carrying Mimi because the snow was too thick and carrying a pair of skates grandma had shoved in my arms before I’d left) we stumbled onto a treasure!

“Look Mimi! It’s a frozen lake…and on frozen lakes you skate!”


“Yeesh! This is harder than on t.v.!” Mimi yipped under the pile of snow.Screenshot-14

“I could definitely get used to this. I wonder if grandma knew we’d find this lake. Maybe she had a premonition.”


“Arg! When Sariel and I were the only siblings we had a bunch of fun, but now Mary is ruining my life!” I stomped my foot harshly on the ice.


“Woah!” I’d completely disbalanced myself. I was lucky not to have fallen so far. I must have a natural talent for this.


A girl’s laugh surprised me. I looked up and saw a white-haired girl looking at me. I quickly looked right back at my feet in case I fell.


Now slightly embarrassed and curious, I slowly skated towards shore. I was tired of skating anyway.


I climbed the hill.

“Aren’t you cold?” I asked as I saw she was only in a summer dress. Where are her parents?


“Nope.” She said in a small sweet soft voice.


“I don’t feel cold.”

There was something oddly familiar about her.



Sariel’s POV

“He doesn’t know what he’s saying.” I told Mary who’d wiped away her tears. I was once again trying to defend him while trying to comfort her. I really liked my siblings, I wish they’d stop opposing each other. Or more I wish Max could be nicer to her.


Mary didn’t look like she believed me.

“In the books I read, people always get better when they get older. So he’ll probably stop when he grows up!” I tried.

“Thanks, I’ll go read a book now.” I couldn’t tell if she was serious or sarcastic. I always had trouble reading her.


Mary climbed into her bed, muttering something about a nap.

Oh Max! Why can’t you be nicer?


I closed the light per her asking as I left the room.

Aunt Melody passed by.


“Auntie-d!” I called. That’s how we called her, it was too weird and too long say Auntie Melody.


“I’m feeling kind of down. Could you do a magic trick for me?” Auntie-d is really cool. She’s a witch and she plays music really well. She laughed and said sure.


“Ready? Alacazam!” She said.


And then she started to glow. I smiled. Grandpa AND dad won’t let Auntie-d cast any spells on me in case something goes wrong, which I find very unfair. I would like to glow!

“My favorite spell, I am now the sun.”

My smile faded a little.


“I find it really sad that some people don’t like supernaturals. I don’t understand why people wanted to kill supernaturals!” I said, remembering what I’d heard about grandpa and my grandpa’s aunt Clarice.


“I think people should live harmoniously together!” I said forcing the hard word out. I’d read it in a book recently.

“That would be nice.” Auntie-d agreed.


“If I were boss, people would be forced to get together!”

“Well then you should be boss.” Auntie-d said. I was a bit surprised. Yeah, I guess I would be the best candidate. Trusting someone else with such a big responsibility would be near impossible.


“You’re right. I should be the boss.” I said. Melody smiled, amused.


“Here you go.” Auntie-d said as she made an apple appear. “This’ll be useful to get to the top. It’ll knock people out in an instant.”

“But it looks like a normal apple…” I noticed. I knew it was a poisoned one and I knew naturals couldn’t see the subtle change in color.

“Poisoned apples never rot so you can use it whenever you want.” Auntie-d gave it to me.


“But I’m not going to use it to become boss! That’d be cheating!”

Auntie-d patted my head.

“You can use it for whatever you want, as long as it’s not on me.”



Mary’s POV

It’s not fair. I hate that my mom is in prison. I hate my mom. If she wasn’t my mom Max wouldn’t be so mean to me. I hate that I can’t stop crying when he yells at me. I hate that Sariel and Max have a dog and I don’t. I want a puppy too. I’m daddy’s child too. It’s not fair! I hate Max. I wish I had a different brother. No I wish I had real siblings, not just half. Sariel and Max have each other and I have no one! Even at school people ignore me. Because if people hang out with me Max gets all pissed and chases them away. He wants my life to be hell. I can’t just have my half-sister as my friend, that would be sad.


Sariel closed the light as she left the room.

I don’t like being cooped up in the house, but I don’t like going outside either. I feel trapped and it’s all Max’s fault.

I wonder what my life is going to end up in the future. Will I be forever stuck here Under Max’s tyranny?


(I highly encourage you ignore the z’s for this screenshot)

No sooner had the thought crossed my mind that an image flashed through my mind. It was dark and fuzzy, but I could barely discern what looked like a box, maybe a treasure chest…


A knock on door, the door opened and the light switched on.

“Hey Mary, how are you doing?” Dad asked.


“Okay.” I replied. Dad sat down in front of me.

I love my dad. I loved my dad even when he was in his room all the time and now that he’s come out I love him even more, because he spends a bunch of time with me.

I love my dad because I know he loves me. I know he loves me and he doesn’t blame for Sariel and Max’s mom’s death at all. He treats me like his daughter.

I like Sariel but it seems like we only ever hang out after she chases Max away. Dad comes to me whenever he wants to, and I come to see him whenever I want to. He helps me with my homework and he makes me laugh a lot.

“Oh dad! I think I just had a premonition!”


“Really? What’s it about?” He asked.

“Well I’m not too sure. I think I saw a box, but it was all fuzzy. Was it really a premonition?”

“I’m not too knowledged  in premonitions. You could ask your grandma.”

Another thing I like about my dad, he doesn’t seem to notice stuff around him very well (haha, guess who did not inherit the perceptive trait from her father?). Especially in moments like these.


“Yeah, grandma.” I muttered. I get this weird vibe from grandma. I think she’s a bit scary.


“Come on, we’ll ask her about it together.” Dad said as he got up. Now going to see grandma didn’t seem so bad!


“Last time I checked she was in her room.” Dad said. I find it a bit weird how ALL the rooms are connected. Well okay not all the rooms, but from mine and the twins rooms we can access the corridor, dad’s room and my grandparents room.

“Hey grandma!” Dad said as we saw Grandma Angel looking at a painting of a unicorn on the wall.


“Hi Cain.” Her smile brightened as she saw dad.  I was still a little bit scared and I hid behind dad.


“Mary had a premonition and she wanted some advice.” Dad explained.

I suddenly felt Grandma’s eyes drift towards me, I couldn’t bring myself to look at her. I averted my eyes.


Dad pushed me forwards anyways.

“Well um…I think I saw a treasure chest, but it was very fuzzy and I’m not-”


“You think?” She snapped. I flinched. She’d become really mean. “Clairvoyants know, you’re probably not a clairvoyant anyway. Don’t even try.”


“Oh well, we’ll find something else Mary.” Dad quickly interjected. I felt kind of sad and hurt. “Sorry, but I have to talk to your grandma, ok?” He said as he gently directed me to my room.


I know I’m not well-behaved, but I listened in on their conversation.

“Mom! What was that?” Dad asked.

“I don’t have any responsibilities to her.” Grandma coldly replied.

“She’s my daughter and your granddaughter.”

“She’s a murderer’s spawn.” Grandma snapped.

“Is that what this is about? Mary is an angel, she’s not anything like her mother!”

“It doesn’t matter now, but in the future she’ll become like her. Studies show that personalities can be transmitted genetically.”

“Of course she’ll end up like that if we treat her that way! Ignore the past and see Mary for the wonderful child she is now. Don’t act like a child.” Dad said, clearly hinting about Max. Grandma was silent.


I couldn’t help the smile that invaded my face. I have the bestest dad in the world.

Yay I got world adventures!

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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19 Responses to 4.22 – Repairing the bonds or breaking them?

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  2. brainofivane says:

    I really feel for Max. He has so much resentment and bitterness. No one should’ve been able to see what he went through at his age. I’m guessing the girl in the snow was the baby he found…

    I like Sariel’s role in that she is the peacemaker. As for Mary, I feel really really bad for her.


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  4. Livvielove says:

    Mary is one of my favorites – she’s such a little trooper. I was a little nervous the first time I read about her… I was worried she would grow up like her mother, yet she’s so sweet and it bothers me how Max treats her.
    I’m glad Cain stands up for her, but I’m ashamed for Angel too. She should know better and treat people better, but alas… Cain again, still #1 in my heart.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Heehee, she was a little treat that’s for sure! And an inspiration.
      I’ve been wanting to write about her recently, maybe in a little story or the like :). I don’t know how far you are in the story, but I was always a little sad I never got to write about her more.


      • Livvielove says:

        Yes, mentioned (we’re playing comment tag right now) that I’m on generation 7, which I loved the little throwback you did for Mary there (whoops, hopefully no one read that that hasn’t made it that far… YOU SAW NOTHING. I SWEAR IT. WE’RE NOT TALKING ABOUT MARY.)

        Honestly, I have a Mary myself who’s a bit like your Mary, so that’s why I’m so attached. High-five to the awesome Marys of our stories!

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          Haha XD
          Ooh curious to read about her now!


          • Livvielove says:

            I would say wait for the rewrite version of her, because I’m very ashamed of how quickly I sped through her on my original version… but that is going to be a wee bit off. She’s my generation 5 – she’s the one where *everything* changed. My little pirate gentleman… lady? Gentle-lady? XD Her name was also James for a period too, so I have one of those as well, I suppose.
            I actually saw we share a lot of names (accidentally of course, I only just found your story recently) but I find it funny. I have a Liam, a James, a Mary, and probably a few others.
            Anyways, ramble ramble. I intend to actually do her story real justice in my rewrite – that and I won’t need to worry about the anti-curse-word vibe of the forum toning down her… ahem… language choice.

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              Oh my she sounds like she’ll be a treat to read!
              OK I’ll stick to the rewrite! I don’t want to spoil anything for myself anyway.
              I already went to see a few chapters of Agnes’ original story, and wow that is the definition of a rewrite! There’s a LOT more going on now!


              • Livvielove says:

                Oh man, you have no idea. I loved my original in that it was goofy and fun and just me running around for shits and giggles. I had *never* (I repeat NEVER) completed a legacy before. I ALWAYS got bored. I honestly thought this would be the same way… but then I fell in love with the story. I could ramble on about it all day. Noten (generation 4) was where I finally tried a new storytelling technique and then it all fell downhill from there when Mary (generation 5) brought in the REAL story.
                But… with the real story came real problems on being on a “family friendly” forum… so that’s where I got stuck. My story went from a silly 10 generation legacy to (what I call it now) “the beast.” XD
                Sorry. Rambled enough. Told you I talk about my story way too much. XD :-X

                Liked by 1 person

                • blamsart says:

                  The beast lol!

                  Ah man, don’t be, it’s fun to read, and it makes me feel less bad when *I* go on a tangent haha
                  (When i catch up on my fav tv series I always have *watch the behind the scenes* phase. this is kind of similar :D)


                  • Livvielove says:

                    I’m huge on “behind-the-scenes” stuff too. Mostly because I wonder how everyone “ticks.”
                    For me, my characters all have songs I use for inspiration, or videos. I see videos sometimes and go “Look! It’s _____!” XD
                    Anyways, tangents are my best friend. I would say – talk away, but I’ll probably hold off on that until I’m mostly caught up, so that way you’re not always checking yourself about what you should say versus shouldn’t.
                    Not that I mind spoilers (I take magpie’s approach on that, I never mind spoilers), but that I know it’s hard to talk about things with someone who isn’t 100% caught up with your characters.
                    I sometimes forget that most people don’t get know who my goofy Quinn is with the rewrite of my Reapers. At least he got a wee little bit of time, but if I’m honest that was him being super serious and not nearly as goofy or fun as he usually was.
                    Alas, that’s what Song of the Nightingale is for. XD
                    (See, tangent ahoy!)
                    This is why I write author’s notes. I swear I could do this ALL day, and when I have someone actually commenting back at me? Oh man. Days. I could go on for *days.* I’m on my way though! I’ll have your legacy done reading-wise in hopefully the week… we’ll see if the homework gods are kind to me. I work full time and go to school full time, so I try to balance, but your story literally pulled me through midterms, so… (hands you cookie) thank you for that.

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      I feel like you and I shall have many more really fun back and forth comments like this. (I wish i commented more on your story, but blogger doesn’t notify me when you reply for some reason? So i only see you’ve replied when I read the next chapter DX)
                      Even though I’m a big NO SPOILER, I do tend to have giving out teasers XD

                      I did think Quinn was more serious and bad boy at first, but gradually started to realize he’s a little more goofy than that haha

                      I shall pray to the homework gods for you. (what offerings do they like??)


                    • Livvielove says:

                      I get emails to mine, it was in the settings of blogger… though I’m not sure how that works for commenters.
                      I do like wordpress. I used to use it, however I had trouble with the formatting a lot (this was a while ago) so I gave up and switched to Blogger. I love how clean and neat blogger is for me to use and how much control I have with the CSS. I do know a lot of the Sims communities function on WordPress though.
                      Feel free to comment back whenever though – I’m always getting emails about it, and let me tell you that flashing notification on my phone is like the best thing that ever happened to me. XD
                      I’m totally cool on the no-spoilers stuff as well. I’m not particular on spoilers because to me… there’s a difference between saying “X dies” and then… *showing* it happening. Granted, I don’t openly post spoilers for people, but I don’t deny them for anyone who wants to hear them (which means Magpie and I are good buddies XD ❤ her).
                      Honestly Majnun says smashing pancakes into the carpet to the homework gods – but I've tried that and I still only got a B+ as my final grade in English 101 (still so bitter about it 89.9% B*tch couldn't round up!!! Ahem).
                      Quinn? Totally a bad boy. Definitely a rake (womanizer). He's just… a really hilarious womanizer/bad boy and Esmerelda has no trouble putting him in his place. Quinn was the hardest character to write on the forum because he curses literally every other word it seems – and he smirks at me while he does it too.
                      I look forward to all of our fun back and forth comments. It's fun talking with other writers because I feel like we generally have the same wavelength in our brains.
                      Like, my fiance doesn't always understand my passion for my characters (gasp – the horror), but mpart and I could talk for *days* to each other in just our character's voices/actions/thoughts and it's hilarious.
                      That's pretty much the height of our collaboration. That and we send memes back and forth to each other. Productivity at it's finest. XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      Maybe I should make an official blogger account to make commenting easier.
                      Yeah, for the longest while I was a WordPress only reader because it was simpler for me. But now that I’ve recently found out that I can add blogger blogs to my reading list on WordPress it expands my readingship!
                      I know the feeling. Whenever my tablet flashes red, doesn’t matter who I’m with, I usually exclaim “look look I’m popular!” (usually turns out to be an air canada email or something but whatever haha)

                      Lmao! Wow, someone REALLY didn’t want to give you a 90%!

                      Ahh yeess. Not two seconds ago someone walked in and I just flubbered around saying “this person, this person i am back and forthing with, our minds are so similar its wonderful”

                      That’s glorious! And I find it awesome that you two are doing collab.
                      I wouldn’t be able to do a long term collab. My mind and ideas are too erratic – oh and I’m a control freak too 😛

                      (hey! I mean memes came bring ideas…so that’s productive right? lol)


                    • Livvielove says:

                      It might be worthwhile! (I had this wordpress account still from my first attempt at a blog on here, so it already had my username setup and ready to go).
                      I am glad you found a way to link into blogger though! My wittle story is still small, but I love hearing what people think. Plus I live in my own little world so I don’t know if my chapters actually make sense anymore. I’m like “Did I talk about this already? No? Yes? We’re going to talk about it again, because I can’t remember.”
                      In the original I had already established the magic lore and the gods… and now I’m over here like “I have to reintroduce all of this correctly. No pressure.”
                      Thank the gods Agnes was a noob.
                      Meanwhile, I’m over here seeing my phone light up when it’s slow at work and I’m like “YES. YES. I HAVE FRIENDS. I HAVE A LIFE. LOOK.”

                      Just kidding…
                      But really, I get *way* too excited when people comment on my story (which is why I’m going through and trying to comment on yours, because I know that excitement).
                      Mpart and I are basically the same person (at least, that’s what we’ve come to agree on. XD Different enough that our stories are different and we bring different things to the table (like Thanatos and Phil are her characters). It can be challenging at times (when things don’t line up like how we’d hoped) but there’s something extremely satisfying as seeing our worlds meld together and our characters interact.
                      Not to mention, it’s hilarious and so fun to sit around and send back and forths to each other with our characters.
                      For instance, we discuss potential plot ideas and have our characters discuss it amongst themselves. Usually involves a lot of meme-sending, hissing and hilarious one-liners all around.
                      I think that makes it fun for us. We never know how the each other’s characters are going to react. We can take guesses, but until it actually happens? It adds a level of chaos that Majnun just adores.
                      I’m not sure if this is necessarily my information to disclose, but mpart is currently rewriting her story on a blogger as well, though she’s taking her time and prewriting a lot first before even getting it up – which I don’t blame her. Her story starts a bit after mine anyways, so it works out for us (shrugs).
                      I don’t know how to properly imbed images in wordpress (let alone in comments), but this is my life right now: http://i.imgur.com/c4jt321.png
                      It’s my favorite meme of all time, only second to the one gif where a guy comes in with boxes of pizza and the room is on fire and everything is destroyed and people are doing stupid crap all over the room – because those are my Reapers and the person with the pizza is me. XD
                      Ode to memes.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      I’m always so awkward commenting on other stories. I can’t seem to do anything more than to express my instant emotions lol, but ILL MAKE AN EXTRA effort I swear. I do know how fantastic it is to know your work is appreciated.
                      I used to do collab with my BFF from time to time (the Devon I mentioned earlier in an alternate comment), but it was in a script format because we started this through texting! Solutions to long distance relationships.
                      Thanatos ❤
                      I admire you guys so much, to be able to rewrite your stories like that!
                      Even if I wanted to I wouldn't be able to. I like being able to see my progress too much! Maybe one day I'll be able to go back and touch things up.
                      YES I KNOW THOSE MEMES. I know them all too well haha!
                      My life currently was fine, reading, simming, watching netflix. Till I remembered about ten minutes ago, that, hey? don't I have a big assignement due this week?
                      Not that it changes anything for me right now. It's way too late to be doing serious things XD


  5. *Mpart* says:

    Wow Angel…that was low of her. Poor Mary, I hope she gets a happy ending.

    Liked by 1 person

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