4.24 – Fools all around

ScreenshotLet’s start off with a picture of Irene for old times’ sake!


That’s not Irene. That’s Sariel. She’s a frickin clone! *facepalm*

But no worries I worked on her and she doesn’t look as much as a clone anymore.


Sariel’s POV

My eyes scanned the novel. The cold froze my bright blue lipstick. Lipstick I don’t really feel like wearing, but Caroline forced me too.


Caroline is my best friend. She stopped me in the school courtyard once and said we had to become friends. She forced me into a whole new makeover. Made me wear lipstick that matched my eyes and hair, and she made me wear these short skirts. Okay MADE is a bit strong. She told me I was guaranteed to get a boyfriend if I followed her advice.  Not that that changed my dating status in any way.


I’m jealous of Caroline. She has freckles that guys keep calling cute and green eyes that capture people easily.


And we have sizeable breast difference. Might be why she gets all the boyfriends and I don’t.

Or it could be my lack of socializing.


Rosa dug into the snow as Mary made snow angels. Why am I outside reading a book? Probably because I felt like it.

To be honest, I’m not even sure why Caroline is friends with me. Were just not the types of people who get along. We’re not even talking right now.


The door swung open and Mimi happily trotted outside.


Quickly followed by my brother, Max.

Caroline let out a gasp at the sight of him.

Ah right I remember why she hangs with me now.


Caroline jumped up as he walked towards us. I sighed and closed my book.

Out of the two of us, Max had grown up the best. He was pretty scrawny as a kid (something grandpa kept telling him), but his hours of exercises had actually paid off. (I actually had a peek at Max adult when he was a kid and was traumatized by his thinness! It didn’t go well with him at all, so I had him do some jumping jacks, like all the time and he grew up like this 😀 Totally naturally.)

“Oh god he’s hotter than usual today.” Caroline whispered to me. I rolled my eyes. I didn’t want to talk about my brother’s ‘hotness’.


Seeing as how Caroline was not sitting down, Max took her place. She just stood there, speechless at being so close to him. I hope never to be so hung up over a guy like that.

“Hey Sariel, did you get yesterday’s notes?”


“Oh you mean when you skipped?” I said. That was mostly why I didn’t have much patience for Max today. He could do as many stupid things as he wanted as long as he didn’t skip school. Dad had made it clear that education was important and to never listen to grandpa when it came to school. And Max had done just that. For the first time in his life he skipped school. I was beyond annoyed.

Max made a face as if he was going to argue, but then decided better. “So do you have them?”


“Of course I do.” I said smiling. He smiled back. “Doesn’t mean I’m going to lend them to you.” I continued smiling. His smile faded.

“I have the notes!” Caroline blurted.


Ah great. Max looked up at her.

“You do?” I could almost see her shine at the fact he’d talked to her. I looked at Rosa and rolled my eyes. She copied the movement with her head.


“I’ll just go home and get them!” She squeaked and ran off. Does he even know the power he has over my friend?


I pulled out my book.

“You could just go out with her instead of playing with her.” I said.

“I’m not interested in her that way.” He replied shrugging. There were always moments like these where I felt like he was hiding something.


“At least tell her that.” I said. Mimi came over and barked. She wanted to take her walk. Max ignored me and got up.


“Oh wow, nice snowman  Mary, it looks exactly like the one grandpa did.” Max said in a condescending tone.

Oh no, not today.


Max jumped on the snowman and Mary did her best not to react.


“Oops.” Max said.

Max was a good guy. He was a good guy when dad wasn’t around and Mary wasn’t around and romance wasn’t broached. So he isn’t a good guy most of the time. I wish he’d get over this stupid anger of his.

“Come on Mimi.” Max called.


And then they went off for a walk.

I walked over to Mary.


“No! I’ve got enough of this!”


“I’m tired of him being so mean! I’m tired of not having any friends! I’m tired of being scared and not being able to do anything!” Mary said. I watched in silence.


“Yeah…I’m going to learn martial arts!” Mary decided. That wasn’t what I had expected.


“Mary,” I walked over. “Martial arts is only taught in china.”

“Well then…I’ll go to China and learn martial arts!” She replied.


“So you’ll leave your home to go miles away to learn martials only so that Max can stop bullying you?” I asked. She shook her head.

“No I’ll go learn martial arts to defend myself and others from abuse.”

“Max doesn’t hit you though.” I replied. Max was really more of an emotional bully.

“Well when he knows I can do martial arts he’ll leave me alone.” Mary replied. She was making her mind up.


“Mary grandpa wants to see you!” Dad called.


Mary waved and ran inside the house. Well I’m happy for Mary. She can be a martial arts master, I can be a world leader and Max can be the garbage man.


“Hey Sariel, how’s it going?” Dad asked as he walked over. I’m envious of my father. I heard about everything he went through and I wish I was as strong as him.

“Better than this snowman.” I replied.

“Do you know where Max went?” Dad asked.

“In the same direction the murderer of this snowman did.” I said. Dad sighed.


“Dad why don’t you just put him back in place? You’re a psychologist! I’ve heard great things from some of the students getting over their problems. Just fix his damn problem and we can have a nice Max.” I said. It was a long overdue issue.


“It’s not that easy Sariel. I can’t ‘fix’ him if I’m part of the problem. He has to make the first step or else things could become unfixable.” Dad explained. He was probably right, but it still made me frustrated. At least it’s not like dad did nothing at all. When he saw Max do stupid stuff he called him out on it.


Dad patted me on the shoulder and headed back inside. And then Caroline came running back.

“I have the notes! Where’s Max?” She asked as she ran over completely out of breath.


“He walked his dog, you could follow him.” I sarcastically said. I was in a sour mood.

“Okay. Did he go left or right?” Caroline said completely serious.


“I was kidding. Don’t do that.”

Oh god, I feel surrounded by fools right now.



Mary’s POV

“You wanted to see me grandpa?” I asked.

“Yes here, take these.” Grandpa Balthier shoved a packet of lottery tickets in my hands.



“Now are you getting anything. Like a premonition?” Grandpa asked.

“I can’t do it on command grandpa.” I told him.

“Ridiculous, your grandma just concentrates.” Grandpa said, showing how to concentrate.


Just as I had begun to close my eyes grandma came over and snatched the tickets from my hands.

“Balthier! You should be ashamed!”


“At least I tried. “ He muttered, grabbing the tickets back and heading away.

I mumbled a sorry as grandma stood before me. It’s not like I did anything wrong, but I always feel like I do with grandma around.


She looked down at me for a long while. I gulped.


I dared to look up only to see her smiling.

“Fine, I’ll teach you the art of premonitions.” She said.

My heart jumped. I was going to learn how to get premonitions!



Max’s POV

I love this new snowboard park! The town decided to replace the spot that had been claimed by the anti-supernatural by a board park. Not a lot of kids come here though, which is all good for me.

The snow completely melted yesterday so did the pond. Jophia and I were just starting to get better too. But at least the town has this thing installed. I love winter, there’s just something about it.


It could have something to do with Jophia.


That girl I met when Mimi and I found that frozen lake turned out to be an angel. Or more an ice queen. After that meeting we sort of hung out a lot and I sort of didn’t tell anyone. But she asked me not to!


She has a wonderfully sweet voice and calm eyes. She always wears a white dress and lot of white makeup. She’s never cold, never warm and never angry. I did notice her white eyes, but I decided to wait till she talked about it.

We only ever see each other from 14-16pm. I know it’s pretty strict.


Apparently it’s the only times she can get away from wherever she is. I don’t have a lot of info on her background.

But I don’t mind. She always insists on watching me play the sports instead of participating. I’d just managed to convince her to ice skate too! Oh well, next year.


I do think I have a natural ability with sports. Anything I try I end up mastering within a few days time. I’ve already mastered ice skating, soccer, marathon running, football and snowboarding. I’m starting to want to try out swimming.


I slid off the rack.

“I really liked the last jump.” Jophia said.

“Yeah I did too, wanna try it?” I proposed.


“Maybe some other time Max.” She said. Her voice made my heart miss a beat. I think I’d do anything for Jophia. I can’t explain it, she’s just…

“Oh come on, it’s really easy.”


Her face crinkled in worry.

“Wait…” She muttered.



“Someone’s here…”


I blinked and she was gone.

She really needed to tell me how she did that.


A man suddenly came out of the bushes.

“I’m lost…damn I should’ve listened to Roxelle!” The man said. I tried to see who it was.


He stopped once he noticed me. Hey he has the same hair color. He narrowed his eyes.


“Um personal bubble?” I tentatively said as the man got closer.

“Red hair, handsome…” He muttered.


A smile suddenly appeared on his face. I was two seconds away from getting the hell out of here.


“NO DOUBT. We’re related.” He concluded.

Yes but no Collin no, stop being creepy. XD

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3 Responses to 4.24 – Fools all around

  1. brainofivane says:

    “She can be a martial arts master, I can be a world leader and Max can be the garbage man.” – Hahaha… Max doesn’t have plenty of fans, heh?

    Balthier… Really?! *facepalm*

    Very intrigued by Jophia and her connection to Max. Well, hello, Collin.


  2. Skcaga6 says:

    I was going to ask where Collin disappeared to. Glad to see him back.

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