4.25 – Relation confirmed

ScreenshotCain’s POV

I looked over the emails of my new students. There was a particular one that caught my eye. A new foreign exchange named Charles. Apparently he’s a reputed trouble maker and the parents heard of my success. They want me to ‘fix’ him.

It always bothers me when they see a child as a problem to fix. It’s not fixable, it’s treatable. The kid isn’t a machine for goodness sakes.


“Dad! I just got a premonition!” Mary’s voice and her thumping feet sounded behind me. I closed the computer.


The living room front door snapped open. “Hey dad, someone followed me home.”

I leaned over to look pass the corner. Collin?


Right before I could answer the door opened again. Sariel and Caroline came in.


“Dad. He’s your problem. I think he might be a stalker.” Max said without much emotion. I grinned at the sight of my brother. I’m glad he’s not in prison.

“Hey move off! I was talking to him first.” Mary snapped. Max looked at her surprised, so did I.


“Look kid, he’s my brother so I get to talk to him first.” Collin said. Max backed out of the conversation.

Caroline swooned at the sight of Max.

“Dat ass…” She whispered to Sariel.

“Shut up.” Sariel shot back.


“Hey wait you have grey eyes, just like me.” Mary said.

Caroline fainted for real in the background.

“Wait, another premonition comarade?” Collin asked. Both smiled at each other.

“What is up with her?” Max asked. Sariel rolled her eyes.


“Kiddo, we’re related!” Collin gave a thumbs up and Mary smiled.

I tried to contain my laugh.

I wish Irene was here to see it with me. But that was all, no negative feelings accompanied that wish.


“I compliment you on your breeding Cain.” Collin said turning right back to me.


“Thanks.” He’d certainly changed from the bad mouthing trouble maker he was before. Wonder what happened, apart from going to jail that is.


“Hi, I’m one of Cain’s daughters too.” Sariel said. Obviously she’d been feeling a little jealous.

Collin look her up and down. Now that I thought about it Sariel looked like her mother a lot. I’d always seen Sariel as Sariel, but I could see a lot of Irene in her features.


“Nah we’re not related.” Collin said. I frowned. “You look like a Cain.” I laughed.


Mary pushed Collin out of the way.

“Dad, dad! I had a premonition about the treasure chest again! It opened, but it was still too fuzzy to see inside.”

“Who is teaching you to get premonitions?” Collin asked as if her education was extremely faulty.


“COLLIN!” Melody came running over and gave Collin a huge hug.


“Good to see your back.” He replied. Both Melody and I frowned at the comment.

“How did you know I left? You were arrested by then.” She said.

“Classified info sis, classified.” He said insisting on the s’s.


“What’s going on here?” Dad asked as he waddled in.

“Dad!” Collin went over and hugged his father. I’m surprised he didn’t react to mom, mom doesn’t seem surprised either. “Congratulations on surviving the bullet!” Collin added.

“How did you know…?” Dad asked.

“Classified information.” Sariel said.


I really have a lot of family left.


Collin ended up deciding to stay for a while. He said his boss needed him elsewhere but he could wait a few months. My brother announced the main reason he was staying was to help Mary in her premonitions, something about mother not having enough experience. Well then, I’d seen all my missing siblings. It feels pretty good.

Okay, I could go one for chapters and chapters and chapters (and I nearly did), BUT at some point this generation must end. No matter how hard it can be to let go of a character like Cain who has such pretty faces….BUT yes *cough* next chapter is the LAST chapter before the heir vote. Start making your mind up!

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9 Responses to 4.25 – Relation confirmed

  1. Ica Paige says:

    I already think I know who I’m choosing.. But I shall wait and see what stories you will do first!

    And I will only accept that Cain’s story is over if you promise not to kill him and let him live the rest of his life in PEACE! XD lol. Great job with the story so far! So jealous right now XD *Crosses fingers that by the time I post this comment the next chapter will be up*


    • blamsart says:

      Oh! I’m curious to see who will win!
      I myself can’t choose. In all the générations I’ve always had a favorite, but now all three stories are AMAZING (to me anywho) and I want them all…
      I’m working on it! Since it’s the last chapter I needed to skip ahead some to get Mary into a teen.


  2. I know who I’m going to pick!!!


  3. brainofivane says:

    What Ica Paige said!


  4. Livvielove says:

    Oh Collin! You’re back! You’re handsome! AND mysterious!
    Mary, I love her rambunctiousness. If I could’ve voted, it probably would’ve been for her. I’m happy with who ended up winning though (of course, I’m really just along for the ride).
    Wee! (puts hands in the air) This is better than a roller coaster!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Skcaga6 says:

    I refuse to look ahead to see how became heir, but I will tell you who I would have picked. MARY! I would have loved to have seen her become the heir and stick it to Max. lol My second choice would be Sariel. She’s so pretty and sweet.

    Liked by 1 person

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