5.3 – Missed Warnings

ScreenshotSariel’s POV

This isn’t really part of the story, but I felt like remembering it. That day, Max came out of prison. Dad was all about being careful, he just spent a night in prison, let’s not be too harsh on him, etc. I wasn’t really caring at that point. I was dreading the bullying that was going to happen soon.

Mary was only a few days from taking her visit to China. She had certainly earned it. She’d been a great help around the house and never once picked a fight with Max.

But I remember her telling me of when she’d be a martial arts expert and would kick Max’s butt so hard he’d cry, and then she’d let him be her brother.


Mimi had been the first to hear Max arrive. She’d barked excitedly making sure everyone knew her master was finally back.


Max had come in radiating a new feeling. It’s hard to describe, but he seemed different. He’d immediately said hi to Mimi while we stood there waiting for him to look at us.


Surprising us all he’d flashed a huge smile in all our directions (including dad and Mary) and said hi. Just like that. Mary had choked on the overwhelming happiness. Dad had coughed in slight surprise and Uncle Collin had kept silent. I’d just raised a disbelieving eyebrow. My brother wasn’t this friendly.


I’d gone straight up to him and asked if prison had been fun.

Surprisingly he’d laughed at my apparent joke! He’d said it was okay. I asked him if something happened and he just replied it was confidential.


At the word confidential my uncle had turned back to him saying that that sounded familiar. I remember feeling a little left out as my brother and my uncle shared a look.


(It’s horrible, see the picture in the background on the wall? There’s supposed to be Cain’s face on it but a bug made all the paintings go blank!)One look at my father made me remember that my uncle used to be a jerk. But then he went to prison, and when he finally came back from wherever he’d gone he was a much nicer person.

I’m still not sure what’s going on with that prison. But really this isn’t that important to the story. This event simply triggered my nightmare.


That night a horrible past invaded my dreams.


I had awoken with a muted scream, my heart beating crazily inside my chest.

I dreamed of my mother’s death. I’d seen Mary’s crazy mother laughing and stabbing my mother repeatedly in the chest. I’d seen her once again telling us not to come near, and when Max moved she scratched mom’s cheek. It was horrible.


It was impossible for me to fall back asleep with the images waiting beneath my eyelids. Luckily I hadn’t woken anyone, and I had decided to take a walk to clear my head.

Dad told me I inherited that from my grandpa, Balthier, one night when he caught me. I’d gotten better at sneaking out since.


I remember it’s after watching my twin sleep for a few seconds that those first thoughts got into my mind.

I was the only one still with a problem.

Dad had gotten over mom’s death, Mary had found a way to counter Max’s bullying, though it didn’t seem she needed it anymore (not that that would stop her from going to China), and Max was smiling in his sleep! He was friendly to Mary, he was happy with dad and he laughed with our uncle. He was a lot more social, yet he still wouldn’t tell us what happened in prison.

And then there was me. Having nightmares about my mom’s death. The nightmares weren’t every night. Every time something shocked me in my life (i.e. running someone over with dad’s car or seeing my brother being mega friendly) I’d get that nightmare again.

At first I accepted it, but that night for some reason, seeing Max being…himself just dragged me down.


Mary doesn’t usually talk in her sleep, but that night she did. She muttered the words ‘don’t go’. I didn’t turn back to look at her, I’d just grabbed a jacket and headed outside. I didn’t stop to wonder whether Mary was talking to me, and whether she’d had a premonition. She was a clairvoyant for god’s sakes! I should’ve acknowledged the warning!

I hate myself for missing so many obvious signs.


After confirming my father was too focused on talking on the phone (something about the house, the foundation, etc.) I’d headed out. Rosa, hearing me open the door, was quick to follow.


I miss Rosa. I remember she was very, very friendly! Actually, on that same night she sped out in front of me because she smelled another dog. By the time I got outside she was playing around with the dog, and its owner seemed distressed.


The guy was pretty timid. He left with his dog quickly and I grabbed a winter coat when the cold air had hit me.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Rosa was with me. She was always so affectionate, and she followed me around everywhere! She was a little too easily distracted so I always had to keep her on leash.

But that’s obviously not important to the story.


No, the important thing to know about this night is who I met on the beach.


Though at the time I didn’t know his name. He was in the middle of transforming into a human, and I’d just arrived.


Looking at him going through that transformation sort of dawned on me that I was trying to date a werewolf.

At that point, thoughts of my nightmare had already left my mind and I was left with the desire to touch his firm shoulders.

Rosa barked and jogged away.

Was that another warning? Very, very likely.


“Uh sorry, didn’t mean to intrude on your….transformation.” I’d awkwardly said as he’d noticed my presence.


“Oh sure! You enjoy sniffing in other people’s business? Just leave us alone!” He’d suddenly erupted. Of course at the time I didn’t stick on the ‘us’, more on the fact that I was trying to be nice and he wasn’t. It never occurred to me that he could have a mental problem.


“Look I’m just trying to be nice here! Is that so hard? It’s not like I followed you here anyway!” I’d countered. At that, his face seemed to soften a bit.

(Okay, this is completely unrelated, but that old person in the background is Rya. You know, Clarice’s daughter who was super mean to Serenity, Balthier’s witch big sis. She still breathes!)


I’m sure he did it on purpose, but his eyes started to look kind of sad and my heart melted at the sight. My eyes kept drifting to his lips. At this point I had been developing a huge crush.


Unable to resist, I’d pulled him towards me and kissed him.


Nervous, I had surveyed his reaction. If all went well this would have meant the start of our relationship!


He ended up running away without another word.


“Ah sh*t! What did I do?”

“I need your help.”

A strangely white girl had taken Charles’ place and had said that.


Turns out she was friends with my brother Max, but she wanted to be more than that. She had asked me for advice on how to approach him!


I had felt frustrated at Max’s suddenly very busy romantic life. He had a bunch of girls running after him. And I had to run after the one boy! I feel rather ashamed to admit I lashed out at the white girl, telling her to just let him go, he was a jerk anyway (putting aside how nice he acted the day before).


To this day I still don’t know who she is. But I remember what she said.

“I could’ve helped you in return.  God knows you’ll need it.”

I had paid no heed to her words.

Another missed warning?



I ended up spotting these two at the beach! It’s Nathan (you know Balthier’s fairy brother) and his son Ewen. He doesn’t look bad at all! He has his dad’s hair and the same green eyes as Balthier.

Aw man, I can’t get enough of Cain! I miss him already! I put him as many times as I could in this chapter. And I ended up stalking him and taking plenty of pictures of him just cause I could. He was really a great heir to work with XD.

But you know, so far Sariel hasn’t let me down…It’s everybody else who had. I wasted a bunch of precious time cause the full moon decided to come out and Charles transformed into werewolf and would NOT change back till the morning came.

About blamsart

♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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22 Responses to 5.3 – Missed Warnings

  1. brainofivane says:

    You have this gift for creating unique, flawed, but really intriguing characters. I feel drawn to them. And I care about each one.

    I also love how non-heirs’ descendants randomly appear in the story. I dunno… it adds so much of this nostalgic feeling to the story. Plus I liked seeing Nathan again! I agree… Ewen is quite the looker!

    Oh my dear, Sariel… Stricken by a werewolf – who just might be more than a bit mental.

    Also, sorry for not being able to read on and on. Apart from being occupied with work, my mind is still reeling from generation 4 and I don’t think I can handle another death anytime soon. >.< So I do apologize that the reading, and thus, the comments are coming in installments. Do know that I'm truly loving this story.


    • blamsart says:

      Thank you! As long as you don’t hate them too much for their flaws! I was very frustrated with Cain and the magic book episode. And Sariel and her descendants have some bad moments as well…

      It’s hard not to! I spent so much time nurturing the possible stories the heir’s children could have, not checking up on them is impossible for me!

      Yeeeaaahhh Charles is a ‘small’ problem…

      Oh no worries! It makes for nice surprises, and it gives me time to read and answer XD


  2. Livvielove says:

    Max is so different! I really wish we could’ve seen what *exactly* happened to him.
    Not that the changes he underwent are *bad* changes… but still. I do love how you had different stories ready for all of your characters long before they took hold, but when one didn’t win that doesn’t mean they didn’t go on with their stories.

    Random, just felt I need to comment on that. I love how Collin comes back and he still did his thing, and while we didn’t get to *see* what his thing was exactly and what he was thinking about… I don’t know, it just makes the world feel more fluid and I really love it. XD

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      *excitedly claps while reading comment*
      I feel the same! This is what I love about writing with a sims generational challenge, compared to just writing. All the children have their own stories to live out, and depending on what it is, there’s such a diverse cast out there that they always end up coming back around with some screen time as time goes by!
      I’m always a little sad when a heir is chosen because that means all their brothers and sisters ARENT chosen, and that’s a lot of potential I won’t be able to write out and develop. So I gotta find a way to give myself some closure lol. (even with that I still ended up making a page dedicated to the spares to give a quick summary of what their life turned out to be)


      • Livvielove says:

        That’s right! I did see that! I need to go through and read these spares, you’ve put so much time into their stories and I really want to spread the love and tell you how awesome it is. It’s why I’m doing a “Chronicles” of side-stories for all my side-characters that I *adore* but that I can’t give them the spotlight for too long in my actual legacy.
        For what it’s worth, I know it’s a big project, but if you write any other stories after this one – sign me up to read them. =) I’m a huge fan of people who focus more on the story aspect of Sims stories (not that there’s anything wrong with other types of stories – I LOVE them all, but I have special place for story stories using the Sims as props. XD).
        But we’re not going to talk about the end of the Whitelights. :-X Nope, no sir. I can’t even fathom the end of the Reapers (heck, I’m rewriting them to buy myself time). XD
        Anyways, long enough comment is long enough. XD Besides, I have more chapters to spam you with long, chatty comments on.

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          (Speaking of spares though I haven’t finished generation 5’s spares I think DX. I’m too into writing right now for that lol!)
          Yes I’m so psyched for your song of the nightingale and the like!
          HELL YES
          *coughs* i mean it’s not like i’ve been planning the next legacy since gen.7 *coughs*
          No actually i have and I’m psyched for it, even though i’m going to be building a world from scratch but that’s a big reason why I’m psyched, and I’m going to spot talking about it because I need to concentrate on Light the way to heaven! (I keep having to remind myself, even though, in all technicality, it’ll be sort of a sequel)
          (same, there’s just something even more fun to see the characters along with now what’s going on in their thoughts. Like an improved graphic novel)
          Indeed! For the journey matters more than the destination 😀


          • Livvielove says:

            Yay! (High-fives you) I’ll be looking out for hints as I read James then!
            I can’t tell you how excited Quinn and Ezzie are to have their story just… *told* already. They’ve literally not given me a moment’s peace since I started the SimNaWriMo (which I wasn’t ready to put SotN up for, unfortunately, too much to build, too many Sims to make). They’re my favorite couple because of how truly intricate and detailed they are. I love my other couples dearly, I really do, but Quinn and Ezzie? Well, they’ve always been my favorites.
            I’m currently building a world myself (for SotN, and it’s not like the typical worlds I get to build, like the one-lot worlds that I just love so much… this one actually requires… time and thought and it sucks because I’m ready to just write the story). I give you a thumbs up for doing your best staying focused on the Whitelights though. It’s hard not to get distracted with a new and shiny project.

            Liked by 1 person

            • blamsart says:

              They’re so cute! And their relationship so pure in a way? It seems like such a complicated couple when they’re apart, but together it all seems so simple and beautiful 🙂
              Oh wow kudos! Last time I built a world was at least 2 years ago and I remember hating on ROADS, I couldn’t figure out how they worked! So basically, lots of luck to you.

              Also, also, this question just struck my mind, do you have a tumblr?


              • Livvielove says:

                Oh see, that’s why I *never* use roads. XD I made little Windwaker Island, and one other island they’re on with Thanatos and the bunch. I love it. Little “realms” of the gods. The gods don’t need no stinking roads… am I right? (Heh… actually I could never figure them out).
                No, I’ve actually never broken down and got a tumblr.
                I make it seem like I’m some stuffy old person here who’s fighting the ways of technology – I’m not, I just never picked one up. I’m not entirely sure I’d even know what to do with it.

                Also, I loved how you described Quinn and Esmerelda, that really is how they are. Well, how they were when you met them. XD They’re hilarious and adorable and sad in how life has yanked them apart and put them back together, yet they’re just stubborn people.
                Now the question for you – is it *worthwhile* to get a tumblr? XD

                Liked by 1 person

                • blamsart says:

                  Well I’ve only had a tumblr for a few months now (maybe a year IM NOT SURE), and well when you follow the right people, for someone like me who doesn’t watch the news, it tends to keep you up to the date on the important stuff lol.
                  That and the odd animal gif brightens my day with some laughter haha
                  But I was mostly asking to know if you were going to post updates of this world you’re creating! So I can get early peeks…


                  • Livvielove says:

                    It’s honestly nothing special, the world will just be Siren’s Cove – the place where Calypso (Goddess of the Sea) lives. Clearly that’ll be important for Esmerelda’s portion of the story, and when I went to go write my chapters I thought I would have time before I would need to build it, but *no* Esmerelda had to go and start of with a flashback so… there we have it. XD Now I’m grumbling, looking at her with narrowed eyes like “really? I *could’ve* had this story up and running by now if you hadn’t decided you needed to have a flashback right of the bat.
                    Ahem, anyways, it’s not *that* huge, but it’s more than one little house on an island which is making me stare at it and go “BUT I DON’T HAZ THE SKILLZ FER DIS!” (Yes, I revert to a child-like/meme rage when confronted with things I’m not prepared to undertake. No, I’m not ashamed.)
                    No, it’s more like 10 houses and a castle and… (sigh). Building is fun and all, but I’m so much of a perfectionist that it takes me *ages* to do.

                    As for the tumblr portion – I will definitely look into it. I honestly just never really knew what it was for (I feel so out of the technology loop here – what is the internet? How does eat food?).

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      *flails* That means we get to see Calypso…well that should’ve obvious from the start, but still 😀 (I’m really curious about her)

                      A castle? Oh wow oh wow

                      What I don’t comprehend is Instagram
                      And Pinterest annoys me. i will fight it till I give up.

                      Speaking of skillz, do you know anyone who has any talent what so ever in CC making? More specifically in the modifying of the mesh of an accessory from only the package file? *hopeful puppy eyes* (there’s just this thing that annoys me and I can’t contact the creator of the CC and I just really need to fix this CC for logic’s sake and i’ve already spent so many hours of my life hitting deadends on this *slowly melts*)

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      Yes! Calypso is a *huge* part of SOTN, as is Carule (the God of Love), and, of course, Majnun (it seems it wouldn’t be a Livvielove story without that crazy god).
                      CC? I was actually just going to ask you if you knew anyone who made CC by request. I need cards – specifically blank cards for the Divination thing Mania will be doing often. I’m ashamed to say I’ve used Laundry dryer sheets from ambitions for it.. XD
                      I wish I had someone who could. Mpart was debating learning, but blender is a tricky tool enough as it is. I’m still learning how to (awkwardly) pose. If I do find someone willing to do that then I’ll absolutely let you know!
                      I’m good at finding CC, not making it or requesting it, it seems. XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      Majnun? Oh this just keeps getting better and better

                      Laundry dryer sheets, lol, that works.
                      Off the bat (even though you’ve probably scoured the internet) i found these:
                      In the end, actually, I might be of help with this. If you do find the kind of cards you want, I could probably modify them to make them blank.
                      I wanted a name bracelet for one of my characters, and I found one, with obviously the wrong name. With some researching I managed to change the name on the CC by changing the IMG file. I’m sure it’d be the same process! If not simpler since it’s blank.

                      Oh yes I’m quite familiar with blender! I make a lot of my own poses, and well, my research for my empty katana sheaths (to be overly specific) always dead-ended there because blender didn’t have geom plugins, and I was never ready to pay money for milkshape. This pet peeve of mine is just not worth spending money over. (my worst case scenario is just editing every single picture, but ugh that’s a lot of pictures)


                    • Livvielove says:

                      I’ve seen some of your fantastic poses! I actually was inspired to try it myself and I did one derpy pose that I immediately posed in my author’s notes because I was so darn proud of it. XD
                      Thank you for finding those! I think my problem is the cards are supposed to be completely blank (white, basically) as Mania uses her magic to illustrate images *onto* the pictures. That’s just divination in general, Mania just so happens to be the best at it (shrugs). Let me see if I can find a very sad image of her with all them dryer sheets… (this was before her makeover, so don’t mind that she’s Esmerelda’s clone… this was before I figured out how important of a character she was XD and I just really liked Esmerelda’s face and didn’t expect her to be in my story either but… you know… you make plans and then your characters burn them while laughing hysterically and screaming at the lamps… or perhaps that just me).
                      Found it: http://i.imgur.com/II8KHY5.jpg
                      Such wow. Much elegance. Very dryer.
                      It makes me cringe to see it, but it was really all I had, and I thought I was *so* creative at the time.
                      For what it’s worth, I’m not sure who you’ve tried out with your CC, but this tumblr: http://vkg-simblr.tumblr.com/
                      Is still active, from what I understand, and I think they’re taking requests. You could always try with them. I know mpart recently sent them a question about potentially doing some shattered glass work, but she hasn’t heard back yet (this was like, yesterday). Sorry I can’t offer more help. I’d eventually like to learn, but I figure I should get used to making poses first…
                      Hilariously I’m the opposite of you, I’m so in love with my story that I’d pay to do it, but I just don’t know if I have the skills to even learn it, and then I can’t justify buying something that I may never know how to use… XD
                      Your offer is so incredibly kind. I may just take you up on it too. I have yet to find cards that work for the kind of setup that I’m looking for. I don’t mind necessarily how they’re laid out on the table, but I would like to have a single card as well as a set of many (so I can do things like showing Mania flipping her deck around in her hand, as she often does). If I scour the internet more and find something, I may take you up on it, and hopefully I’ll find suitable payment for such work.
                      Oh! You also mentioned Calypso – I can help you out with that one, if you’re curious.
                      That’s our glossary (super unfinished right now XD), which is meant to be for people curious about the lore/other gods. There’s no spoilers (unless you go to the place where it says there are), so you can avoid being spoiled, see a picture, put two and two together with wurds and stuff and carry on from there. The only page that I have to warn you has ALL spoilers on is Majnun, simply because of what a huge character he is for me, but the page has the warning written on it in bold, so that’s a reader’s discretion, I suppose. XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      There were apparently too many links in this. WordPress tentatively gave me this comment like “I know you’ve been back and forthing with this person for the last hour and more but SUDDENLY we think this is spam so you should approve or reject this”

                      What are you talking about the dryer sheet thing looks genius! Apart from the stacked ones but *coughs*

                      THANKS FOR THE SIMBLR, I’ll message them!

                      Ironically I’ve already PAID for this story because I’ve run out of Media space on WordPress ‘-_-. It seems simpler to just pay 20$ each time for more space than make a whole new blog.

                      I like doing favours for nice people so its all good. (the fact that I decided to take a thousand and one pose requests with my already busy life is testament to that)

                      Calypso is so pretty!
                      Oh noes *is tempted to go see Majnun, because well Majnun, but at the same time afraid of spoilers*

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      XD Sorry to put that one on you, but if you do read it feel free to let me know, it’s mostly his history (which you can read about in Risen from the Ashes, which is a complete story I squeaked by on the forums without anyone noticing that I ruthlessly killed two characters gruesomely — well gruesomely for the forum. It’s 4 parts long and an epilogue, so not an overly long read, really). The page talks about his wives, some wars, and some involvements. There was just no way to talk about those pieces of his life without giving away parts of my story because he’s such a huge part of it.
                      Hopefully that Simblr can help you. I just love the stuff they have on there (I use a lot of their stuff, actually XD), and I noticed they recently updated last month, so it gives me a good feeling that they’re still listening in/reading their emails and stuff.
                      I use Imgur for my images. Unlimited space and I can hook it into my main story through the URL. The only troubling part is I have to manually edit each URL to have the ‘s’ in ‘https,’ but it’s honestly no big deal, I just pop an ‘s’ in and it works just as well.
                      Image hosting online is just so hard, I feel. I went through Photobucket to Mediafire to like 3 other different hosting sites before finding Imgur.

                      Also, you hating on my stacked dryer sheets that so don’t *obvs* have gigantic spaces between them? (It’s so hard working with OMSP on top of each other XD).
                      Pfft. I’m clearly spamming you. Clearly.
                      “This person has sent you insanely long comments to the point where it’s single words down your comment page. What do you want to do about this?”

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      I like surprises too much, I think I’ll wait. (and then cave a month later but shhh)
                      *crosses fingers* I hope they answer. I don’t need the CC for another few months still, at least.

                      I considered using an outside hoster, but it feels like it would be a lot of trouble with WordPress. I tell myself it’s my way of thanking WordPress for letting me host mah story.

                      I’m sorry my bad, them stacked dryer sheets are perfect really, I mean static keeps them apart right?

                      Just loading OMSP in build mode is a pain for me. I have way too much stuff in my miscellaneous decorations goodness.

                      Words? Lol I think we’re down to letters in another comment line haha XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      Oh man you’re probably right on that. I wonder how small we can get the comments? We’ll probably find out.
                      You’re so kind to WordPress. I’m over here pinching my pennies like “but… but I’m a broke college student. I’m gracing you with my story so you get more traffic to your blogs…” XD
                      One of these days…
                      My fiance has offered to get me my own domain (le-gasp, my very own domain!) but then I realized what a pain it would be to change all of the links… XD
                      I do hope they get back to you. I can’t say I know much about any other particularly active CC forums (save for TSR, but I don’t talk about that place if I can help it XD – still bitter about all the ads. No I won’t pay for your silly ad-removing services).
                      I have so much CC in my game right now that my game cries whenever I load it. Like, I’m pretty sure I can hear it sobbing. “Why… why 1000 package files? Why?”
                      “BECAUSE I NEED *ALL* THE THINGS!”

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      We’ll just have to find out!
                      Lolz, my laziness just won this war. I’m overall a very cheap person XD
                      (to be honest I don’t understand the appeal of your own domain, and every time someone got their own domain my WordPress would go all crazy “WHAT IS THIS NEW WEBSITE, i do not recognize it to be WordPress you are not allowed to log in and comment” when clearly everyone else has no trouble.)

                      (Oh god tsr used to be bearable, but now jesus christ, cannot access that site without AdBlock or my browser just plain dies)
                      Okay so you’ve beat me I only have like exactly…
                      Holy damn 989 files??? When did this happen??? Ehhhh no wonder my game crashed three times this morning woah


                    • Livvielove says:

                      I’m so glad I’m not the only one with TSR issues. Maker have mercy that site is *so* bad. Not to mention I’m not a fan of TS3Packs either, so I have to convert them all and it’s just… yeah I try to avoid that site if possible, but so many cute things are there!
                      The other thing that bothers me is the lack of pictures (or *good* pictures of CC). “Oh that dress looks nice.”
                      (Goes into game)
                      “Oh, so it’s actually just a super-shiny stretched painted skin. Weird. No thanks.”
                      And after how long it takes to wait and even download the files it almost just doesn’t feel worth it.
                      I only have so much CC in my Reapers files because of all the Gods and their “need for individual skins, hair, and markings.”
                      Then I get into things like specialized tattoos and things like that for each character *under* the gods…
                      I’m such a stickler for having unique looking Sims for each generation and then when looking at the gods? They have to be unique AND powerful looking. XD
                      So much CC. Though your files are pretty darn close to mine.
                      I believe between mpart and I, we call it “falling down the CC rabbit hole” then we send memes like this:

                      (her face just makes it).

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      ahhh TS3 packs, god I hate. There’s no way to organize that! How am I supposed to know what’s what?

                      I get that. Especially since sims aren’t that easy to distinguish most of the time, so we gotta layer them with all sorts of CC to let their personality shine through.
                      (MAJNUN HAS MY FAV DESIGN SO FAR. so colorful. so beautiful.)

                      Haha! My gods, this is making me think of darn rabbit holes who think they have the right to swallow up my sims because of stupid things like school or work. 😡


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