5.4 – Tangled in cupid’s web

Did you see that?? Two in one day! Well it is Christmas holidays after all. Free time means more chapters!

ScreenshotSariel’s POV

Even though I had been  sure I’d ruined my chances with Charles, he’d found me on Facebook and we had started chatting. Never once did we fight through the internet.


Over the next week I was either on the computer chatting with my new boyfriend, or out with my new boyfriend. When I did hang out with him, it was really just makeout sessions. Face to face conversations weren’t our forte at all. We preferred internet conversations.


It’s during that time period that Mary left for her China trip. I found Mary was being oddly helpful towards me during that time. Even though I really hadn’t needed it. What with having a boyfriend my social ranking had gone up a notch.

Mary had tried setting me up with a boy she was friends with at school. She kept telling me he had this huge crush on me and that he was moving soon so she really wanted me to meet him. I said yes once for the heck of it, but he never even showed up.

Even so she kept pressuring me while she was in China!


One day, due to my dad’s insisting really, I invited Charles to my house. Per usual, the ‘hi’s were in form of kisses.

At the time I was super happy. I had a great kisser for a boyfriend and I was sure my dad would adore him.


Unfortunately I was dead wrong.


Dad was horrible, or so I thought.

He’d barely glanced at Charles that he was on him. He wasn’t even asking about his background like a normal dad, he was downright telling him to leave me alone.

“Uhh, a little help here Sariel?” Charles hadn’t even confronted my father, he’d immediately turned to me.


Before I knew it, I’d turned on my own father.

Something I’ll never understand. I loved my father above all else, but I was strongly entangled in Charles’ charm. He was my first love and he satisfied several things I didn’t know needed to be satisfied.

I yelled at my father to leave him alone, that he hadn’t done anything wrong!

I never saw my father more shocked.


Even when he tried to explain I pushed him away, saying I’d talk to him when he was ready to accept Charles.


At that point Charles said he’d see me later and left.

“Look at what you’ve done dad!”


I’d attempted to storm off, but I’d bumped right into Max.

“You should trust dad’s judgement Sariel. He doesn’t look like a cool guy to me neither.” He’d said.


Angry and frustrated, and slightly confused, I’d run to my room.

I wish I could’ve snapped out of it then! It wasn’t too late.


Looking for someone to be on my side, I’d immediately pulled out my cellphone and speed dialed Mary.


Sounding extremely exhausted she’d answered me. I’d told her about what happened and she automatically switched to my father’s side. She used the phrase “well you know dad…”

In that moment I’d totally forgotten.

I’d forgotten what dad’s job was, what his special power was, and his amazing judge of character. I’d forgotten all that for a boy whom I only got along with via internet.


After I’d called Charles and told him I was feeling rebellious, he proceeded with telling me he had just the thing. He then told me to meet up at the gym.


Maybe it was a spell, maybe it was a werewolf thing, maybe it was some deep emotional trauma I needed to fill, or maybe it was simply just the hormones.


But either way, Charles had me completely wrapped around his finger.


A few days later dad had brought both Max and I to the dining table to talk.

Around that time, I remember the house feeling weirdly empty. After Mary left, uncle Collin decided to leave too and aunt Melody followed him. Only Max, dad, my grandparents and I were left. And to be honest it was almost as if Grandpa Balthier and Grandma Angel didn’t exist. They were always playing darts.


Things between dad and I had tensed a bit. I was still getting along fine with him, but whenever he would bring up Charles I would get angry. My dad was nice enough to wait till I came to talk to him, whilst being very strict when it came to my goings and comings.

So that evening didn’t end very well.

Dad had sprung on us that we needed to move. Apparently the house’s foundation was crumpling and the house wouldn’t last ten more years. That was fine, but instead of moving in a different house in twinbrook, dad wanted to move into a whole new town! Too many things had happened here and it would be good to breathe something new. That’s what dad said. But I barely even listened. I had thought that he was out to get me!


Max was supportive of the idea, but I hadn’t been at all. Convinced he was simply trying to get me away from Charles I’d tried to change his mind.


But dad had good reasons.


And I had ended up running out of the house, saying mean things to dad, telling him he was evil and that he didn’t care about me at all.

I feel bad for all of those now.


“Oh Rosa, they just don’t get it. They’re probably biased because he’s a werewolf and werewolves are prone to have little temper tantrums. They don’t understand that what Charles and I have is special. Maybe even…love.”


The front door had then swung open and Max had dared to come out.

“You okay Sariel?”

“I’m fine. I’ll just take a walk. I’ll be back soon.” I had replied. He didn’t seem satisfied because he proposed to come with me. “No, I need to think alone. I’ll make it up to you tomorrow though.” I’d told him. After all, the next day was our birthday.

He went back in after that.


To me moving out had seemed like the end of the world. And I had hated my father for making me move.

I wish dad wasn’t so nice. I wish he was a little more forceful, that way all of this could have been avoided. I’ll teach actual discipline to my children. They won’t have a social life.

Though, I’m not getting any more children. Ever.


Back to the story.

This part isn’t really important either I suppose, but while walking Rosa we passed the pool and I overheard a weird conversation.


Unable to resist eavesdropping I’d gotten close to the wall to overhear their conversation.

“-strike from the anti-supernatural really hit home.”

“You’re right, it’s only been a few years and already supernaturals are getting weaker. I actually saw a fairy’s wings fall off a few days ago!”

“I don’t think it’s because of anti-supernaturals.”

“Well you really can’t deny the coincidence! They killed a bunch of white-eyes and now supernaturals are losing their powers.”

“But it’s happening too fast don’t you think? I think there might be something else at play here.”

“What do you mean?”

“I don’t think the anti-supernatural group was the only one against supernaturals. You never know, something else could be causing the loss of powers.”

“So you’re saying the world is de-evolving?”

“I’m not saying anything!”

“Oh guys! That reminds me about the dumb argument I had with Frank this morning!”

After that it was dumb gossip. But it was enough to remind me of my goal to be on the top of the political career, to make sure supernaturals and naturals got along.

As if I’d get to do that now.

Okay, we’re getting close to the end of the story now!

Stuff’s gonna happen…

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1 Response to 5.4 – Tangled in cupid’s web

  1. brainofivane says:

    Ahhh… sometimes infatuation really doesn’t listen to any reason… even from those who mean well. Been there. Done that. Can’t help but sympathize with Sariel.

    Still kinda hoping Sariel succeeds with her political ambitions…


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