For the curious ones

Since Sariel’s story separates me from Max and Mary I decided to grow Mary up, just to see what she would’ve looked like in China. 🙂


I also had some pretty neat plans for Max, and I did reveal he was going to be a father. So I had him have his two kids and I grew them up quickly. Both turned out to be boys and both had his red hair!

This is Benjamin.


His mom is Jophia. You know the white girl? There’s a big story to how they got to making this boy.


He has her really pale skin, and surprisingly enough he has Jophia’s mother’s eyes. You might not have realised this, but Jophia’s mother is the woman with blue eyes and a scar. She’s the one that killed Roland.

Screenshot-10 Screenshot-11

Next is Emesto!


He got his dad’s hair and his dad’s eyes. HIs mom isn’t Jophia though. You remember that police teen that came to arrest Max? Well way later in the story she ends up being Emesto’s mother.


I kind of imagined him being pretty big on parties.


Anywho! On with Sariel’s story 🙂

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3 Responses to For the curious ones

  1. Ica says:

    hehe Benjamin looks like a reverse Santa 😀 Maybe it is just too close to Christmas though?

    Emesto is a cutee! Seeing this two kids makes me wish that my heir choice was chosen! 😦 Ahh well! I’ll give Sariel a chance! Her story seems interesting – but not happy! At least no one is dead… yet 😛

    Mary turned into quite the looker as well! Moving on!


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