5.9 – Coming together (Part 2)

ScreenshotSariel’s POV

“Remember, I’ll be back at around 11pm so you can watch t.v. quietly, and feel free to take any snacks from the fridge.” I repeated.

“I’ve got this m’am, don’t worry. I take care of my brother every day. Compared to him, Mincia is as quiet as a lamb!” Peter reassured me.


I sighed in relief and left.

It felt weird to leave my little girl, but I trusted Peter. I met his mom and she only had good things to say about him.

Though that is expected from a mother.

Either way Mincia is sleeping, and she’ll probably be sleeping when I get back.

It’s great that I have Peter on weekends, but tomorrow is Monday and he has school. His mother won’t let him work on school days. I’m going to need to find something for tomorrow.



I got off my shift, trying to keep my eyes wide open.

I swear if I didn’t have Mincia, I would have a nervous breakdown.

I’m not the buff type and my arms, legs and back hurt like I’ve been beaten half to death.


You do find some weird people at night. I thought as I noticed a woman sitting down and looking up at the sky.

I’m so tired I can’t focus on anything. I have to hurry home so Peter can go back to his.


I started to walk home, thinking of Mincia’s smile.

Footsteps followed mine.


I think I’m being followed.

I’ve been walking for a good few minutes and the same footsteps have been following me.


My heart started beating quickly.

I haven’t had any trouble coming back from work lately, I really hope no one’s following me.


Okay keep calm. I’m just going to turn around and ask if they’re following me. Worst case scenario, they call me a weirdo and tell me they weren’t following me.

No that really isn’t the worst case scenario.


“Stop following me!” I snarled as I turned around. Okay, I might have been a little too on edge.



“Sorry, I didn’t mean to freak you out! We just don’t see lots of blue-haired people walking around.”

“You were following me because I have blue hair?” I asked.


“We don’t get a lot of activity in this town. Weird stuff doesn’t come along very often.”


I sighed and continued walking. I shouldn’t keep Peter waiting too long.

Surprisingly enough she decided to follow me! She walked with me, chatting about the lack of tourist activity; she followed me into the metro, talking about the lack of supernaturals.  She talked so much it almost felt like she hadn’t talk to anyone in years!


“You oddly smell of supernaturals, yet obviously you aren’t!  Supernaturals used to be pretty present in town, but then that thing happened and the mayor basically banned all supernatural activity. That might actually sound pretty mean, but so far it’s worked out great! Not as many people get into accidents and such. Though if you really wanted to you could find yourself a supernatural or two, to hang out with. They just tend to lay low.”

And here I thought Peter talked a lot.


She stuck like glue! She ended up following me all the way home! I didn’t say a thing, she just talked all the way home.


“I’ll just check on Mincia and I’ll be right with you Peter.” I said as Peter closed the t.v.

“Pretty small house.” The girl said as she entered as well.

I made a face. She even came in my house.


“Hey girl, mommy’s home.” I said. Mincia was wide awake and she flashed me a wonderful smile.


“Mommy is exhausted, but once she’s kicked the strange woman out and paid Peter she can finally get some sleep.” Mincia giggled.


My room door opened and closed.

“Oh wow, that Peter kid is a hoot!” She laughed.

Has she no sense of privacy?


I came over to tell her to get the hell out of my house when she suddenly tickled Mincia’s tummy. Mincia giggled a little bit before the woman exclaimed in a sudden realization.

“That’s why you smell like a supernatural! You have one right here!”


“Wait, Mincia is a supernatural?” If she’s a supernatural…and I’m not a supernatural…probably means she’s a werewolf like Charles.

“Mincia is it? Pretty original name. But yeah. Don’t know which type though. I’m not that good. Supernaturals smell kind of weird, or more abnormal. Heck anything that doesn’t smell like everyday life is probably supernatural related. Oh hey, I just realized you don’t know my name.”


“I’m Miriam, but I insist you call me Mimi.” She said. A suddenly strange thought appeared in my head.


“Well, um…Mimi. My name’s Sariel and do you think you could…babysit Mincia tomorrow?”

I know it’s not the best of ideas, but I’m kind of running out of options here.


“If you can’t it’s fine!” It really isn’t, but it’s better to be polite.

“Are you kidding?”


“I have absolutely nothing better to do everyday. I’d love to care for little Mincia.”

Ah sweet relief!


I gave her my work hours for tomorrow, we arranged a convenient pay and she finally left.

After that I went to thank Peter and pay him. I asked him if he wanted to do this every weekend and he was very happy to oblige! Of course, on the one condition he could bring his mom’s extra dvd player and some movies because my t.v. didn’t have access to interesting stuff.

Mincia ended up falling asleep in my arms.


Everything is perfect now! I have babysitters for everyday of the week to care for Mincia. I’m working two jobs that pay minimum salary, and even though I’m paying both Miriam and Peter, and paying for all living necessities, I’m actually making a few cents in profit!

Now all I need to do is work every day as hard as I can. The moment I get a promotion or a raise in one I can start thinking about giving one of them up.

It sounds so easy, yet my body isn’t liking it one bit.

For those who like behind the scènes type of stuff, I’ve got a great one for you!

Miriam is actually the red head girl in this picture from chapter 5.2, playing chess. One of Sariel, Max and Mary’s classmates.

And if we go way back, this was Miriam’s first form. This is from chapter 3.13 on Melody and Cain’s first day of school. You know, when they declared themselves king and queen of the school and thoroughly pissed the teacher off.

I’m not kidding it’s the exact same sim. Only difference is hair color, eye color, and her second life (XD) is her as a teen.

And while I’m at it, she’s a pre-made sim.

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2 Responses to 5.9 – Coming together (Part 2)

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  2. Trip says:

    Worst thing about me: was familiar with a slightly older Mincia through Where the Willow Walks. Saw Charles the red-haired werewolf and figured it was coming. DID NOT ACTUALLY NOTICE MINCIA’S NAME UNTIL THIS CHAPTER DEAR LOOOOORD.

    Oh how I wish I could say there are great things for her! But I guess it’s just arranged marriage or implied kidnapping because Mimi is too friendly and has been around far too long if your notes are anything to go by.

    Liked by 1 person

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