Heir downloads

The sims 3 website won’t let me put up Sariel and Balthier! So from now on I’ll be uploading the heirs via the dropbox. All you need to do is drop the file into your saved sims folder and voila!

That’s all, carry on.

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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4 Responses to Heir downloads

  1. brainofivane says:

    Oh wow… Tempted to grab one of your characters now that they’re out of the exchange. Sorry… I have a thing against the exchange. Let’s just say the exchange annoys me. >.<

    Anyway, the idea of getting one of your characters is so tempting, but you write them so well, I'm afraid I won't do them any justice. *sighs*


    • blamsart says:

      Oooh! I would be so honored if you could use one of them in your story!
      It’s okay, if you don’t do them complete justice, I’m sure you’ll do a good job nonetheless.
      I would be so excited to see one of my heirs in someone else’s story for whatever reason, be it audience material or a more important role! Since I keep moving from heir to heir, it’s always nice to see my old heirs now and then 🙂
      Ahhh, if you could add one of them, I don’t know, make Cain a pizza guy XD, that would be amazing!


      • brainofivane says:

        Cain as a pizza guy! No way! Haha… unless he’s in disguise or something… If I’m gonna add one of your characters – especially someone as iconic as Cain – then they’d have to have an important role. ^_^

        I’d definitely love to incorporate one of your characters in the story – if I have your permission of course. Thought it might be a little later into the legacy, because the Clarkes – especially the kids – have no inkling about the supernatural just yet. They’re still living in a lot of human normalcy. But I think the story will get a lot more supernatural as the legacy goes on.


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