5.13 – Taking a chance

ScreenshotSariel’s POV


And here I thought he’d forgotten about me. Here I hoped he’d went and tortured some other poor girl.

“Yeah. It’s me calling and giving you a chance to get back together.”

He said it so…so…casually. Like it was the most natural thing in the world. Like it was me who wronged him and not the other way around!


I found myself laughing insanely.

“Sariel? What the hell is wrong with you?” Charles angrily asked.

“You’re giving me a chance to get back together? Really? You honestly believe I would want, or even consider such a stupid offer?” I wasn’t angry, I was ridiculously enraged.


“Hey!” Charles snapped. “You know I actually thought you’d have a change of attitude once you’d given birth. I even gave you enough time to get over those post mortem hormone things.”

I scoffed. I can’t believe he’s calling me with such a high and mighty attitude. His voice became low and intimidating.

“You do realize I bought the house you’re living in? Everything around you, the furniture, the walls, the bed, the bathroom, is mine. Even the kid.”

Images of him trying to gain custody of Mincia flashed through my mind. I started to panic at the idea that I would lose everything if he decided to take it to court. Everything I had.


I looked behind me and spotted Rosa. Not everything. Of course, not everything.

But I couldn’t even consider losing Mincia.


“It didn’t survive the pregnancy.”


“There were some complications. The baby died.” It was hard to keep a steady voice. He couldn’t know I was lying.

“…You’re ridiculous. Can’t even take care of a baby. I’ll call you again some other time.” He said coldly before hanging up, leaving me to wonder if I’d done the right thing.


Yet he never called again.

Panicked I hadn’t hesitated to tell the story to Miriam, and surprisingly to Rex as well.

But I didn’t hear a peep from Charles, and the event was soon forgotten.


With the money from the lottery, and thanks to the generous raise I’d gotten from my grocery job, I set to work building a room for Mincia.

With how fast she was growing, it would be ridiculous to keep her in my room.

At first it was a random and fleeting idea that I passed on to Miriam and Rex.


But Miriam thought I was actually doing it, even though I have no idea what to do when it comes to building, and said she’d help.

Her idea of helping was more taking care of Mincia. Which I don’t mind much.


It’s when I told Rex that things really evolved!

He said he thought it would be a great idea! He said he’d built a house once with his dad and grandfather and it didn’t take long before we started putting up the walls for the rooms.


In the next few months of wood splinters and blisters, Rex started to open up a lot more. He certainly wasn’t as nervous around me anymore!

The more he opened up the more I liked him!

I discovered he worked at a business firm under his dad, which wasn’t his ideal choice of work, but he didn’t have any other idea.

His favorite color is black and he’s never done anything really drastic.

His grandma used to keep him cooped up in his house, filling his head with horror stories of her past.

I never thought I could learn so much about one person in a few months. He’s really become a great friend.


And then something unexpected happened.

One day, it wasn’t anything special, I’d taken a day off at the same time Rex had one off so we could move forward with the room as much as possible before it got too cold out.

Miriam had left early and Rex and I had ended up eating supper alone.

I’d thought he looked a little nervous, and I was afraid I’d done something wrong.


But then right before he left, he grabbed my hand and looked me in the eyes.

It’s unexplainable, my heart started pounding twice as fast and my cheeks grew warm at just the touch.

Then he asked me to go out with him.


But what really surprised me was my lack of hesitation to say yes.



I said I wouldn’t get into any sort of relationship again, but here I was agreeing to go out with Rex. And I was too nice to call Rex and tell him never mind.

Panicking I called Miriam.

“-and even you have to admit with all that evidence it would be dumb to get into a relationship and-”

“What the hell are you talking about? Dumb? Relationships are the best thing! Though I guess I can’t say much on the subject as my recent relationships last about two hours.”

“Sure. They might be the best thing at first, but the ending isn’t worth it.”

“Okay, okay. First off, not all relationships have to end badly. Secondly, just because your dad’s soul mate died and your first boyfriend turned out to be an obsessive freak means relationships are bad. And sure there are always rocks and holes, but it’s what makes you appreciate them even more.”


(oh wow, it looks like Mincia totally just beat the cr*p out of Rosa…)

“But-” I tried to protest.

“Saaarriieelll! Rex is a real nice guy. I’m sure you guys will make a great couple and have beautiful babies.”

“Babies? Miriam!”

“Uhuh, buh bye. I have some things I gotta…do.” And then Miriam hung up.

I guess I could give this a chance. But obviously this won’t turn into anything serious.



I was about to ask Peter and Mincia if they needed anything else before I left for work, but one look at the three watching t.v. was more than enough to reassure me.


It really made it easier to go work all day with this image in my head. I breathed in contently ready to go start another day.


However this wasn’t going to be my typical day.

Wow Charles, you really are self-centered.

Sorry for the short chapter, but it was more of a recap than anything else. And I’m so proud of Rex for asking Sariel out, cause Sariel would’ve never done so herself. (yeah I know I control them, but it doesn’t stop me from being proud. And honestly, I don’t control them as much as I’d like.) Those two fit really well together! Better than Irene and Cain (I’m surprised I just wrote that.) You’ll see why later on.

Mincia is incredibly photogenic. Its probably just me, but she’s perfect in every picture! Exactly like I want her to be!

Anywho, who can guess who that mystery person was in the last picture? (shouldn’t be too hard XD)

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8 Responses to 5.13 – Taking a chance

  1. LoveLegacies says:

    It’s Cain!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂


  2. LoveLegacies says:



  3. Ica says:

    Lolz… not such a perfect princess if she’s beating up innocent dogs!!! BAD Mincia! 😛

    :O Reunion?? A family reunion? Could it be? Will this generation be a happy one? (Ignoring the bad beginning):D


  4. brainofivane says:

    Whoa! What a lie! But hey… quick thinking… still, afraid of how that might bite her back someday.

    Okay good. Charles not calling again. Good. *relaxes*

    Love how happy Sariel looks in this shot: https://lightthewaytoheaven.files.wordpress.com/2014/01/screenshot-105.jpg?w=660 It’s a nice break from all the seriousness.

    Ooooh… Words of wisdom from Miriam!

    Wahaha… Mincia for the win!!!!

    I’m hoping it’s Cain, but I don’t want to expect…


  5. Livvielove says:

    Sorry. That was my brain the moment I read this chapter. I figured you’d love to know that enlightening little tid-bit. You have no idea what *joy* I felt seeing Cain again though. Oh I just want to hug him and squeeze him and pinch his cheeks… XD
    No, but I do love my wittle Cain. Sariel’s got her beautiful Mincia and now Cain can meet his grandbabies!

    Liked by 1 person

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