5.16 – T-Rex

ScreenshotSariel’s POV

Rex and I’s relationship only evolved from there and thank god it did. Days after our first day, I got a call from one of my two jobs telling me I was fired. It blew a huge hole in my profits. Luckily we’d finished Mincia’s room by then.


If I didn’t have Rex I probably would’ve had an emotional breakdown. I saw him nearly every day, and every time he came it made me happy. As happy as I’d felt when I would come home exhausted and see Mincia’s little smile. Maybe even more.


Peter’s POV

Mincia sniffed the air.

This little thing had started acting a lot more like a werewolf. She was scratching up furniture and now she was hunting. Or more trying to.


She quickly bent down and started digging.

This werewolf thing was going to be a problem for Mincia and her mom didn’t even realise it. No, Sariel was always working and she had no idea how badly this town did NOT like supernaturals. Of course I’m completely neutral and so is Miriam and Rex too…I have to say, Mincia’s mom is really lucky to have the few people who don’t mind supernaturals as her friends.

If my mom knew I was babysitting a werewolf she’d go nuts and call the police.

I wonder if Mincia’ll go to school.


“Hey genius, if you’re done acting like a dog I bought a new mystery novel yesterday!” I said catching Mincia’s attention.


“Okay.” She said and walked over.

“Why do you read those to her?” Miriam asked from the bench.

I have no idea what is up with that woman. It’s like she has no life. She’s always here during the day, but the moment it starts getting dark she leaves. Almost sounds like the opposite of a vampire.


I pulled out the book.

“It’s a much better read than Billy Jean’s adventures.” I replied.

“For you maybe.”

“Either way she loves them, and she’s way too smart for baby books.” I was used to this sort of question. Just because she looks like a baby doesn’t necessarily mean she thinks like a baby.


Mincia grabbed the book and shook it.

“Read it!” She insisted. I chuckled.


If I could be granted a wish, I’d wish for Mincia to forever stay a toddler. This town’s not going to be nice to her.


Sariel’s POV

“Dad?” I knew he’d said he’d come visit, but I at least expected a phone call to warn me. Dad looked sad. “What’s wrong?”


“Your grandfather died.”


“I’m sorry, I didn’t want my second visit to be a bearer of bad news, but I thought it’d be best to tell you face to face.”


I couldn’t find my words. “How-…He is okay? I mean of course he isn’t…” Images of my grandfather invaded my mind.


“It’s okay.” My father smiled. “He died in his sleep without any pain at all.”

I heard Rex get up from the couch.


“Oh, um dad, this is Rex.” I said grabbing Rex’s arm and pulling him into the conversation.

My dad’s eyes lit up in recognition. I had already talked about Rex to him.


“Rex eh?” Dad said looking him up and down. I’m realizing this is pretty much the meet-the-parents thing. Except my dad does a much more thorough investigation.

I glanced at Rex. I was surprised to see he didn’t look nervous at all.

“Yes.” Rex replied. He did look a little bit tense though.


“Sounds like T-Rex.” Dad said before making T-Rex gestures with his hands. I tried my best not to laugh. Guess that means dad approves.


“Yeah, I’ve been teased about it.” Rex replied with a smile. Another great thing about Rex, he has a good sense of humour.

Those two proceeded to exchange some nice jokes after that.


Dad turned to me.

“See, you should’ve picked this one first.” He said referring to Charles. I rolled my eyes and smiled back.


“Now if you don’t mind I’d like to take my granddaughter to the park.” Dad said. I nodded a yes and he left with Mincia.

Rex turned and stared into my eyes.

“Are you okay? I heard about your grandfather.”


“Yeah I think so. It’s hard to believe, but grandpa always seemed out of it once grandma died.” I said as Rex pulled me into his arms.

I let myself relax and I breathed in his familiar apple smell.

Screenshot-21 Screenshot-22 Screenshot-23 Screenshot-24 Screenshot-25

Looovvveee is in the air….

T-Rex! T-Rex! T-Rex! Haha lol XD. Rex is so not a T-Rex…

Seems Balthier died. (Actually he’s been dead since chapter 5.8. I brought him and Cain along for the ride in the new town cause they were my old heirs and I couldn’t separate myself from them, but Balthier ended up dying of old age pretty early…)

I must say, the last few chapters have been a little too happy for my taste…

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♪They say it's what you make♪ I say it's up to fate ♪It's woven in my soul♪ I need to let you go♪ -- Demons by Imagine Dragons
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27 Responses to 5.16 – T-Rex

  1. LoveLegacies says:

    :l… of course…:T too bad


  2. brainofivane says:

    I love what you do with the toddlers in the story. I mostly just “talk” about that phase, because they seem not to be able to do anything! But your story has given so much more fun – and even depth – to the toddler stage. I love it so much.

    Oh wow… Peter looks great as a teen. And I love the way he is with Mincia too!

    There’s something about Miriam that makes me not trust her… I dunno… *shrugs*

    “If I could be granted a wish, I’d wish for Mincia to forever stay a toddler. This town’s not going to be nice to her.” – Awwww… 😦 I fear for little Mincia. (Love Peter…)

    LOL. So that’s why the title is T-Rex. *facepalm* Really, Cain? (Love you, Cain!)

    R.I.P. Balthier 😦

    Can’t imagine what it’d feel like when either Adam or Ava dies… 😥

    Oh dear… I actually like happy. Now I’m afraid something extremely not happy might happen… >.<


    • blamsart says:

      Ah well of course! The toddler and the child phase are ideal for sneaking in a whole ton of foreshadowing!

      I was incredibly sad when Milie passed away. She was the first sim I’d raised from babyhood and seen die.


  3. Livvielove says:

    I’m all with Steph with this one (that is you, isn’t it? brainofivane?), If not, I’m with them.
    I was definitely skeptical of Miriam. Peter does look fantastic, and I love little Mincia as a werewolf.

    (Wiggles eyebrows at Sariel and Rex) <— that's all I have to say about them.

    Liked by 1 person

    • blamsart says:

      Actually Steph is Magpie (though she’ll probably tell you this once she’s seen all these comments :P)
      She was the cutest wittle werewolf! Only times werewolves look cute in my opinion, is in toddler form XD


      • Livvielove says:

        I completely agree with you on the werewolf bit. Mpart and I (collaboration partner and I, I should say) have ultimately thrown out the werewolf forms in the Sims 3 in favor of *actual* dogs from pets. I loved little Mincia though… so cute! I wish they could stay like that forever…

        Liked by 1 person

        • blamsart says:

          *nods* good choice
          I made that same decision a little later in the story.
          Especially since, as the genes wore on, the werewolves somehow got uglier and less werewolfie? My game is weird sometimes


          • Livvielove says:

            I think everyone has weird games. It’s part of what makes the stories fun.
            One of these days I’ll get as good at GIMP as you are with your photo-editing. I’m still… I’m still working on mine (shamefully), and it’s not that great *yet.*
            But I just wouldn’t be able to take the werewolves seriously otherwise. Not that I don’t in your story at all, just for a personal preference from my own – talking about one of my favorite characters who becomes a werewolf turning into… *that EA monstrosity* is… a wee bit hard to watch. He had his mother’s face and his mother’s face did *not* look good with that extended jaw, let me tell you. XD


            • blamsart says:

              THAT’S SWEET THANKS. I don’t know how GIMP works, but Overlay and Multiply in paint tool sai have been my best friends.
              As the story progresses it just gets more and more impossible for me not to try and photo-edit. (I say this like I’m talking about important stuff like monsters and magic, but today I was faced with the dilemna of whether I should fix up a screenshot to add in food between a character’s teeth.)
              No, no, I understand, they look so WEIRD. And the fact that they all grow up with the same default werewolf eyes annoys me. It’s hard to work with that jaw when sim aesthetics is such a high need of mine.

              Liked by 1 person

              • Livvielove says:

                Those werewolf eyes *drove me nuts.*
                The Sim in question (with his mother’s face that looks weird as a werewolf) also had his grandfather’s gorgeous bright green eyes. You better believe I put those back on him when he turned into a werewolf. XD
                All your Whitelights have such beautiful genetics too. Those werewolf eyes can’t even compare.
                I’ve been using Gimp, and by “using” I mean “furiously googling everything and hoping to do what I hope to do.” The most “editing” I’ve done is the picture of Quinn on the Character’s page of SOTN – because he’s my puppeteer and I’ll need to get used to drawing in strings for his magic.
                You did those really awesome circles during Cain’s generation and I stared at those pictures for so long going “wow… that’s… so cool. I can’t even draw ‘puppeteer lines’ right and you’ve got this cool magic effect going on…”
                So, pray my google-fu gets better and I can learn how to do some cool stuff on my own with Gimp so I can get something at least 1/4 as cool as that. XD

                Liked by 1 person

                • blamsart says:

                  I keep liking your comments, so your notification box is probably unnecessarily full of these, but it’s a reflex of mine like a “okay I read this” kind of thing.
                  Can I let you in on a secret? Don’t tell anyone, but…
                  Rosahelminthe’s kids were UGLY when they were born. But like UGLY. Christopher was the only one who looked half-decent. Tarnowak’s genes did not do well. So I cheated and tweaked the quad’s faces.
                  I swear on Cain’s grave that that’s the only time I messed with genetics though. I *was* just starting out. So immature back then 😛
                  Google-fu, that’s such a glorious term. I have so many things to pray for now.
                  (note: it does help that I have a drawing tablet though. *cannot seem to take compliment*)


                  • Livvielove says:

                    My phone has given up trying to alert me. I don’t even mind though. I’m just sitting on here, reading a bit, commenting a bit, and responding a lot. XD
                    Oh please don’t feel bad. Have you *seen* Agnes and Tragic’s kids when I used the original Tragic Clown? I love that man, but holy crap did he need a face-lift.
                    Then… my generation 6. Let me tell you this – she’s a gift from the heavens. She’s *gorgeous.* Born in-game… and then when I was fiddling around with her parents in CAS, making babies I was like “HOW DID YOU TWO MANAGE TO HAVE SUCH A PRETTY CHILD. ALL YOUR CHILDREN ARE UGLY. I CANNOT FIND A SINGLE REDEEMABLE CHILD. WHERE DID EVELINE EVEN COME FROM?!” (Eveline being generation 6).
                    I never tweaked any of those children’s faces, but I actively tweaked their spouses because I only wanted to use townies or Sims not made by me… only EA decided to give them all lazy pudding faces and I was just… meh about it all. I wanted unique genetics… unique genetics I got.
                    Needless to say, I’m not doing that again in the rewrite. XD Started out right with Tragic *actually* being Adessa’s son (the gorgeous, horrifying woman) – granted he takes a lot after his father.
                    I will not have my pirate Edward stuck with a babyface this go around though! No sir!
                    Google-fu is my favorite term. I have a lot of favorite terms though, you’ll find. XD I swear my existence is one big meme.
                    (Hands you compliment) “TAKE IT. TAKE IT. TAAAAKE IT.”

                    Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      I’m sitting here replying, then switching to sims and asking my peeps why they gotta move to the other side of the house to engage in a conversation EVERY TIME. My children, pictures have already been taken in that place, you cannot suddenly teleport to the front door.

                      Haha wow! Eveline huh?
                      Oh yeah, I was wondering about that. Are you going to fix your genetics to try and get the children looking the same in the rewrite or are you going to let the game decide? (more specifically hair and eye color?)
                      Of course! I mean spouse tweaking is obviously necessary.
                      Townies actually don’t look as bad now that I’ve downloaded CC skin 😛

                      Pirate Edward! My gods these people all sound so interesting!
                      (I almost named a character Edward, but i couldn’t get Twilight out of my head so I went with Edmund. God I wouldn’t have been able to take him seriously because he was a bit of a drama queen)
                      ohmegodokok *fumbles with compliment* *drops it by accident*
                      *some stupid ass character named Devon snorts at me in the background*
                      Oh well of course I forgot him. He’s not really part of Light the way to heaven. He’s a character from an old collab, but geesus he’s the one who hates me the most. The only reason he comes around from time to time is for omelettes. (I say he’s not important in my story but he still snuck in as really unimportant background)
                      The only collab I’ve ever done really. I consider him a retired character, but he always seems to be there ready to laugh at me when I fail.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      Oh those sims, I swear. I once had one of my Sims switch outfits in the middle of a conversation and I almost didn’t notice until too late. I *raged* on them. XD
                      Eveline! Yes! She’s gorgeous and I have *no idea* how. Eveline is going to remain the same in the rewrite (I’ve kept her in the Simbin), as her children with her husband are absolutely the most gorgeous creatures I’ve ever seen. It almost makes me sad that I’ll have to wait so long to show them to the world. Alas, it makes it all the sweeter.
                      Eveline is generation 6, however, and I plan I changing every one of the previous generations to match up with the new Tragic. You see, Tragic, as endearing as he was, had a *huge* baby face, which is fine… but it’s not fine on an evil sim who I want to take seriously… and its *not* fine on my pirate Edward. Not to mention, my generation 2 seemed to do the do with a fugly guy and that nose was stuck in my legacy for *far* too long. I *hated* that nose. I couldn’t save her. XD I was determined to not change her but… oh boy that nose killed me.
                      You see, Edward is not named for Twilight (I know, I know, don’t believe me but it’s true!). I *always* intended Mary and Edward (brother and sister) to be pirates, so they were named after Mary Read and Edward Thatch/Teach (I then gave Mary the pseudonym “James” as in “James Kidd” and Blackbeard, respectively).
                      Honestly, they sound a lot cooler than they were because they weren’t allowed to do anything in my story. Family friendly means no cursing, bloody killing, plundering or… well… *pirating.* XD So unfortunately their entire storyline got totally thrown through a loop because of that.
                      Oh Devon, he sounds like a wonderful being. I swear Majnun will be around for all of eternity in my head.
                      I’m completely ok with this.
                      Every. Single. Time. I start a story or a short project he’s RIGHT THERE. He always finds a way in. I’ve given up trying to keep him out. He has his nose in everything.
                      He’ll tell me things I never knew about stories I’ve been writing for ages. “Wait, how do you know about this? Wait… nevermind, I’m not even going to bother asking. You know everything. You’re always right. Let’s just move on from this.”
                      And he just laughs.
                      PS. CC skin is life. It took me ages to find one that works for me, and it’s long since been discontinued, but I clutch to it for dear life.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      I had a glitch once where sims couldn’t take two steps outside without changing into an outfit. ANY OUTFIT. It didn’t matter they just really desperately needed to change.
                      Well at least this time you’ll be able to give them an epic piratey story line! And I love pirates so that’s something i really look forwards to. (I sometimes regret not making my world more sea friendly. I’ve always wanted pirates!)
                      Oh Devon. He’s such an asshole. The first time I wrote him he literally stayed in his corner with his headphones like a social reject even though he was supposed to SOCIALIZE.
                      Okay maybe not really an asshole, but he’s just really bold and truthful about everything, and it’s annoying how he can kick ass with his magic card tricks and cool badass vibe. It wouldn’t be as difficult to like him if he wasn’t so rude to me all the time. It’s not my fault he finds me annoying and loud D:<

                      P.S. Yes. Yes. Yes. I'm doing a slow transition cause some of my sims actually look good without CC skin! (for now). And then its odd because others look really weird with CC skin on…

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      I’ve never had that glitch happen – thankfully, that sounds annoying. The worst glitch I ever encountered was I had a town that *ate* people.
                      I started a brand new Barnacle Bay file (for my piratey generation, no less) and low and behold, the town kept eating one of my character’s future spouse! I was so angry. I kept restarting because I was so close to the beginning of the generation that I thought I just accidentally corrupted the save, but nope! Even when I moved in said spouse immediately… the Town went on to eat EDWARD! *MY* EDWARD. I had a fit and went back to the glitchy Isla Paradiso and never touched it again. XD
                      Devon sounds like a cool dude overall, even if he is a bit rude. Thankfully most of my characters jive with my personality… though that doesn’t mean they don’t sass me around the block. I swear Majnun has a comment about everything, followed by Quinn and Ezzie. I’m always walking around grinning or laughing and I’m pretty sure half the world thinks I’m insane.
                      I’m walking around Walmart, imagining Quinn and Esmerelda grocery shopping or some ridiculous thing.
                      Esmerelda: “You think I look capable of going out to dinner after this? Hell no. Besides, have you seen yourself? You’re not even wearing any pants!”
                      Quinn: “You say that like it’s a bad thing!”
                      Yeah, really random, but that’s my life. I both love and hate when characters don’t do what I want them to do. The worst was I had a specific offender who was married who decided to flirt with his daughter’s best friend… in front of his wife.
                      Majnun beat the crap out of him. That madman’s good for a lot of things, let me tell you.
                      For what it’s worth, I don’t find you loud or annoying, but then again, I don’t think I could ever find you loud unless you turned into my Poli Sci teacher and had the caps lock stuck on all the time… XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      My gods sim eating towns? Never had that! Thank god. Though I have had the “I just gave birth, but let’s walk to the center of the earth with my newborn glitch”
                      Yeah well, at heart he kinda is. He was a wonderful character to emotionally torture because he was so emotionally reserved.
                      That might be part of why he doesn’t like me.
                      Haha that’s hilarious! Oh Quinn XD

                      In the end the characters always seem to know best. It happens way too often that my plans suddenly deviate because my characters decided it would be so. And I can never argue because it *is* better that way…
                      Goodness…yeah Majnun beat him up!

                      Haha well, Devon likes his silence so anyone who speaks, really, is loud and annoying to him. Well anyone who’s not his beloved Eliott that is. (he won’t admit to that in his absence of course. see he’s already rolling his eyes at me in the background)


                    • Livvielove says:

                      Oh I’ve had that god-forsaken glitch. I’ve also had one where my Sims run *everywhere.* I don’t mean run as in run everywhere you tell them to go (though I’ve had that too) but I mean that, if they’re going to the Library WAY across town in the middle of winter they’re like “I’m going to walk.”
                      And I’m like “YOU HAVE A CAR.”
                      “I’m going to walk.”
                      “YOU HAVE A BIKE.”
                      “I’m going to walk.”
                      I give in and teleport them, which is probably what they secretly want. Lazy sims. XD
                      Awww! Devon and Eliott! ❤ Sounds like a perfect duo.
                      I swear to all that is holy, "Oh Quinn" is my go-to phrase.
                      (He does something)
                      All I can manage: "Oh Quinn…"
                      I feel like Devon and Sheogorath would get along great. Devon and Mania? Not so much. XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      I’ve had the “everything is on fire we must run everywhere” thing, but never the “we don’t know how to use transports” glitch! I honestly don’t know how survived without Teleport all those generations ago. I LIVE on teleport.

                      There are cute together :), and it’s even cuter since my BFF and I started this collab with a strict rule “BROMANCE ONLY” because we always have a tendency to pull out the gay in our stories. It lasted for a very long while, but when they did get together we were squealing and giggling the whole way through.
                      Funny you should mention it, i do remember thinking of Devon when I read that part.
                      “Silent. Serious. Black hair. My gods it’s another Devon.” (to which he gestured at the screen in exasperation and slapped me behind the head.)
                      No, but Sheogorath seems to have more emotion T_T. And yeah Mania would get on Devon’s last nerve. He’d probably hate her more than me! Haha

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      Mania is cool with being hated for it. She’ll just do as she always does and threaten to blow them up after locking them in a temple to the Mad God (because what screams your loyalties to the Mad God of Magic other than blowing up one of his temples with a racist locked inside? Majnun seems to like it…
                      Sheogorath underwent a *lot* of abuse as a child, something I will eventually go into. I had to dumb it down for Carl’s forum and it utterly destroyed me. It was my last push to really get me onto my blog 100%. Sheogorath is one of my favorite characters and not doing him justice was the worst thing I could’ve ever done.
                      Thankfully, Sheogorath doesn’t need to talk much, his wife talks enough for 10 people, and she bosses Majnun around which I think is just hilarious. It’s a rule that if you work under Majnun you have to sass him at *least* once.
                      Either way, I can see a lot of my characters being friends with yours.
                      Though if I’m honest, Esmerelda wanted to whap Rosahelminthe for not giving her husband a what-for. It was all out of love though. Mania was behind Esmerelda’s want 100%.
                      “Whaaaat? She’s so pretty and young! She needs to smack him! Right Gondir?”
                      Sheogorath looks surprised that she was talking to him and shrugs.
                      Also, for what it’s worth, anytime I put a male Reaper and a female Labelle (mpart’s characters) in a room together they end up making out. It’s like a magical pull.
                      We have to set big goals for ourselves sometimes like “Ok, we need to wait a whole chapter before these two can makeout.”
                      “THEY REALLY WANT TO.”
                      BRING ON THE GAY.
                      That’s my one sadness is that none of my characters have turned out gay (thus far) in my Reapers story. I’ve had a few minor characters, and I don’t want to force it either. I want it to be natural. Alas, I need to pull the gay more out of my characters. XD Tell me your secrets!

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      She sometimes ticks me off a bit, like if I were in the same room as her I’d hide in a corner, but in general Mania amuses me.
                      BUT sad pasts are the best >_>
                      Wow coming onto blogger REALLY did your story good!

                      Rosahelminthe was too understanding and too independent. 😦

                      Haha, same with us. It’s inevitable! Every single time, our characters fall for each other. The one time they didn’t, it’s because we made them siblings. But then we ended up making more characters for them to fall in love with.

                      WELL, only one of my heirs turned gay and well you’re not there yet but when you will be IT WAS BEAUTIFUL. I died so many times writing that generation. The gay was overwhelming.
                      But I don’t know my own secrets! It really just kind of happened! Like boom you’re gay and then he was gay and that was that.
                      And well a certain *coughs* Rehal *coughs* was gay too, but I didn’t see that coming till he himself revealed it to Zyla and really it all made sense in the end.
                      The gay will come I’m sure. Maybe there needs to be some bi first.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      Oh I’m not surprised. Mania is *super* obnoxious, but I know her full story so I tend to find her more endearing that way, whereas I totally get why people find her over-the-top and rather dramatic.
                      She’s quite frankly my spirit-animal though because she’s this tiny, petite little lady who can take on someone ten-times her size and have the audacity to sass them the whole time.
                      I downloaded a height slider just for that little lady. Posing is hard now, but it’s so worth it for me.
                      Coming of Carl’s was basically the freeing piece of my story to let me do what I wanted. For a while I was of the mindset that people wouldn’t like my dark storylines for it, but mpart is solely to thank for this, as she’s introduced me to all kinds of tragedy and I’m having way too much fun to stop now.
                      I mean… tragedy is awful and my poor characters… (coughs) yeah I can’t keep that up. XD Tragedy makes the happy moments that much sweeter.

                      Also ❤ I've seen your lovely gay generation (I haven't read it yet, but I did put two and two together and they look SO cute together).
                      Also, I was sadly not surprised when Rehal turned out to be gay. He just radiated that vibe. XD I'm a hairstylist though, so I get that vibe from a lot of my coworkers. I *do* think I'll be having some bi in there. I'm definitely not going to force things though. Nothing stinks worse than a story where every character is forced to do something they weren't meant to.
                      Alas. One day it will happen. You'll probably be there to see it. We'll rejoice and have pie and be merry. XD

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      There’s definitely something to admire about her.

                      TRAGEDY IS sad. But so needed. Without it, character developpment doesn’t really happen that easy.

                      My gods, a reader saw it before I ever did.
                      This is what I like about letting the characters do what they want. I get to discover who they are! I always have an idea, but they usually tell me the rest.
                      Indeed, forcing a character to do things…should be considered harassement really.

                      Oh yes, we shall be merry

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      I’d love to be Merry, though Pip was always my favorite. XD Something about the idiot who always gets himself into trouble but makes it out in the end sounds like someone I know… (stares at Quinn).
                      (Quinn turns around and looks behind him) “Me? Don’t you mean Dumb and Dumber?”
                      Them too.
                      Oh my characters argue that I harass them anyways, even when I let them do their own things.

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      YYeeess, Pip was the most adorable thing. I’d groan at the tv when he did something stupid, but I can’t stay mad at pip!

                      Quinn? Sounds ’bout right

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • Livvielove says:

                      I’ve seen those movies more times than I can count and let me tell you, I’ve never stopped groaning outwardly about Pip.
                      “I was hoping you’d be smarter this go around. Perhaps I should yell louder at the TV. That’s how that works, right?”
                      “Your neighbors seem to think so.”

                      Liked by 1 person

                    • blamsart says:

                      What?? You’d think he’d learn after the fifth time!
                      haha, oh pip

                      Liked by 1 person

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