5.21 – Everyone is to blame


Rosa gave birth to the cutest of little pups!

He’s a little boy named Balt. Yes Balt as in Balthier. And yes Rosa as in Rosahelminthe. And it so happens that Max’s dog, Mimi, is Mimi as in Millie. XD


I couldn’t take it anymore. I know what I’d said, but I had to tell Rex. I couldn’t keep it in me anymore and I owed it to him.

“Rex, I have something to tell you.” I began.


His expression suddenly darkened a bit and I was scared he already knew.

“Yeah I have something to tell you too. I did something terrible Sariel…” He began.


I didn’t have any time to reply or register what he’d said when a sharp pain erupted in my stomach. Rex’s brow furrowed in worry.

“Sariel? Are you okay?”

“No! I think I’m in labor!”



Mincia’s POV

“Can’t we play together Mimi?” I asked again.

My mom was giving birth to my new baby brother or sister, and Peter had to go home, and I was stuck with pregnant Mimi. Someone who’s a lot less fun than actual Mimi.

“Mhmmhmm.” Mimi replied her eyes closed. This Mimi either slept or watched t.v., and in this case both.

I bet she wouldn’t care if I just left. Hey what a great idea!

“I’m going to go outside now Mimi…” I tempted. It was dark outside and mom usually didn’t like me going out at night.

Mimi’s only response was a tiny snoring sound. She was asleep! All right!

I headed out.


It was a lot darker outside than I thought it’d be, and while I was exploring I wandered near the tiny cliffs on the edge of town. In my hurry to explore and because I didn’t want to waste any time, I tripped on the ground.

“Ouch!” I let out. I dared to look at my hands and let out a little sigh of relief. There was only some dirt and they throbbed a tiny bit, but that was all. I once tripped on the road and got bloody knees and hands. It was really NOT fun.

“Who’s there?” A voice came from around the tiny cliffs. My heart froze in panic and I waited a few seconds. “Hello?”


Timidly I made my way around the tiny cliffs and peeked a look.

“Um…hello.” I replied, noticing his glowing eyes. He was a werewolf like me! He took a few seconds to acknowledge my presence before sighing and looking up at the stars.

“Just a kid.”


I cautiously approached the man.  He didn’t seem dangerous.

“Why are you sitting on a rock all alone?” I asked.

“…I don’t know.” The man said after a moment of silence.

“Are you waiting for something?”

“I don’t know.” He said again.

“Well you have to know something!”


The man seemed a little troubled by my questions. He looked into the distance, rarely even glancing at me, before he spoke.

“I feel like I’ve forgotten something. Something important.  I don’t know why I’m still here. I don’t live here, but I guess I am waiting for something, or searching for something. But I don’t know what it is, and I barely even know where to find it. Because of that, sometimes I forget who I am.” He spoke the words like he was simply talking to himself. A little shiver of thrill ran up my spine. He sounded just like a mystery!


“Well mister, you at least know you’re a werewolf!” Well I think he’s a werewolf. His shining eyes drifted back to mine.

“Werewolf…supernaturals aren’t very liked in this town.”

“Yeah I already know all about that.”


He continued to talking like I wasn’t there and his eyes drifted away again.

“The supernatural era is coming to an end soon. Our powers aren’t what they were. Evolution is killing us off. Soon we’ll just blend right back in with the naturals.”


Then, as if I’d never even existed at all, he turned around, closed his eyes and laid back on the rock.

“It’s late, you should go home.” He said, making me relieved to know I actually still existed.

That’s right I should go home! I turned around and headed back.


Peter’s POV

Coming home has never been a fun thing or a horrible thing. It was a place where I slept, it was a place where I ate, and it was a place where I babysat my anti-social, delinquent little brother on week days.

I would always come home to find Michael slumped in front of the t.v., his backpack and neglected homework lying on the floor, and my mother cleaning a counter that was already spotless or reading a book in her room.

The two never really clicked. Sometimes I feel like I’m the only one keeping them together. From the day mom gave birth, the two disliked each other equally. When Michael turned two they came to an understanding, and I became the only link between the two.


(Michael’s pose by me.)

Today, however, was different. I came in to the t.v. closed, but something else crickeling in the air.

Michael was lounged on the table with his dirty shoes staining the wood. I knew it wouldn’t matter if I told him to get off, he’d most likely reply that mom would clean it up eventually.

There’s a specific reason why I’m okay with supernaturals. If I wasn’t I probably wouldn’t be living with these two or tolerating them. My dad was a natural but my mom is a witch.


I was born without powers, I’m a natural through and through.  And that bothered mom. She wanted another witch child, that’s about when my dad found out she was a witch. At first, even though we were living in Legacy Island II, my dad was very supportive. He was happy I was a natural and decided on his own not to have any more children so they wouldn’t risk having a kid who’d have trouble in this town. My dad didn’t want to move either, he’d lived his whole life here, but that’s not what made them break up. My mom desperately wanted a witch child. I don’t know why, but she probably had her own insane reasons.


And so she fought with my father and he managed to last a few years, but he soon packed his things and left, ignorant of the fact that my mom was pregnant again. I’m not mad at him for leaving me. I’ve blocked out whatever I felt for my father a long time ago.

So after that, mom gave birth to Michael and things have been pretty inactive. I convinced my mom to keep her power hidden and not boast about it around town.

Which brings me to now. She knows how bad this town views supernaturals, yet she loves this place and she loves herself. I thought she had enough decency not to use her powers, but I come home to her practicing them.


“Mom!” I shouted angrily. She dropped her wand and turned to face me. The momentum sent her vacillating slightly backwards and her eyes drooped slightly. She looked drunk.


She stumbled over and leaned onto the couch.

“Peter! You’re back!” She slurred with a tiny smile on her face. She was drunk.  My mom never got drunk!

“Mom you shouldn’t be practicing magic! The window is wide open! And are you drunk?” I started to scold her. A frown appeared on her face.

“Don’t blame me! It’s not my fault!”


Mom nearly jumped into standing position. She threw her right hand in Michael’s general direction.

“It’s him!” She said blaming my little brother. Michael let out a scoff. “He used magic to steal food.” She slurred angrily. My eyes half-closed in annoyance. It’s ironic. Mom wanted a witch child so desperately that she forced my father to leave. Now she has that child, but she couldn’t love him any less. I don’t even think she loves me all that much.


“I listened to what you said Peter. The man said he’d tell so I had to sleep with him to keep his mouth shut.” Mom argued. Michael hmphed.  Mom stumbled forwards, still very drunk.

“Mom.” I said harshly. I was having a hard time keeping my anger contained.


“Don’t you mom me!” Mom’s mood turned dark. “I’m the mom, don’t make me feel bad!” She exclaimed as her wand flew into her hand like the two were magnets.

“Mom calm down!” I said as I realized what she could accidently do.


Mom waved her wand too harshly and a burst of flame came out of it and hit the drapes.

“Fire!” Michael yelled as he jumped off the table.

“It’s so loud!” Mom yelled over the ringing of the alarm.

“Let’s get out of here!” I yelled to the two.


I grabbed the both of them and threw them outside before following close behind. They may both have their faults, but I don’t have any wish to see my family burn. Pushing a squealing Michael and pulling a stumbling Mom, I led them away from the house and into the back of another house.


We stopped running and caught our breaths. Ambulance sirens responded to the alarm our house was giving off.

“That was wicked…” Michael muttered and I wasn’t too sure if he was happy or sad.

“Peter, I’m sorry! I didn’t mean to do that!” Mom apologized, clinging to my arm so she wouldn’t fall. But I wasn’t paying attention to her, I was making sure the group of three men weren’t close enough to see us or overhear us.

Unfortunately they had.


The three walked over and for just a second I thought they could be just a random group having fun during the night. As long as they didn’t know my mom and my brother were supernaturals everything would probably be fine.

The man who looked like the leader observed us for a few seconds, a drunk woman, a teen and a kid. He gave us a smile and walked up to Michael.

“Hey kiddo, what are you doing out here? Shouldn’t you be in bed?” He asked before grinning towards mom. She said nothing and retreated behind me.

“Supernaturals are roaming about at night!” The youngest of the three joked.


“It’s none of your beeswax!” Michael shouted.

“Woah!” The man said, exaggerating the tone of his voice. “What did I do?”

“Our house burned down.” Michael grumbled in his direction. It hadn’t burned down just yet.

“Well I’m not the one who did it.”

“Of course not, that drunk woman set it with her magic.” Michael said. At those words I firmly grabbed his shoulders.


Michael angrily shook my hands off.

“He’s kidding! She’s not a witch!” I quickly said as the man’s eyes drifted to my mother.

“Are you saying the kid lied?” He asked with an slightly evil smile.

“I didn’t! She’s totally a witch and she set MY house on fire!” Michael yelled. I slammed my hand on his mouth and laughed nervously.


“You nasty kid!” Mom growled, just realizing what we were talking about. “He’s a witch too!” She tattle-taled. This was spiraling out of control!

“So not only one, but two? Why did you lie?” The man asked me and I looked behind me to see if we could run, but one of the guys was behind mom. The leader stepped forward, forcing Michael to back up into me. I would’ve backed up as well, but mom was holding me in place like I was a shield.


Everything happened in a matter of seconds. The leader nodded once and both his men sprang into action. The younger one grabbed my drunk mother from behind and the blond-haired one grabbed Michael’s arm. Michael fought back and received a punch in the gut as a response.

“Hey let them go! We didn’t do anything wrong!” I yelled to the leader. He laughed.

“They just burned your house down and that’s not the least supernaturals can do. Believe me I’m doing you a favor.” But I wouldn’t have any of it. I turned towards my brother to help him up.


“I think that’s enough.” The leader stated before punching me hard in the face. The sides of my visions blurred and my ears rang from the shock.


The world turned around me and the ground came up to meet me. I held my head as the throbbing pain slowly caused me to black out.

What just happened?

I don’t think I’ve had a chapter title that so effectively wrapped everything up! No, I’m really proud of myself for this.

I’m feeding you guys a bunch of information! But, starting with this chapter, the boring chapters are over! See I even put effects on the last two. Anyway, I expect the next chapters to be a little more fast-paced with the storyline. Or, how should I say this, there will be a lot more drama! Including who the father of Sariel’s baby really is…

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  1. brainofivane says:

    Oh dear… *gears myself up for some heartbreak*

    What?! Yes… of course she goes into labor right after they were about to give each other their big reveals. Why do you do this to your readers?!

    “Someone who’s a lot less fun than actual Mimi.” – ahahah! I love Mincia’s voice. Did I say that already? Well I’ll say it again.

    That’s not Charles, is it?! O_O

    Love Michael’s pose. Not sure I like Michael though (maybe because a guy named Michael broke my heart once… wahaha…)

    Oh wow… so that’s why Peter doesn’t have a problem with supernaturals… Really curious as to where you’re taking his character…

    Now I feel sorry for Michael. A kid should never get punched in the gut by an adult. O_O

    Note to Self: Brace yourself for what’s ahead, Ivane. *holds breath*


  2. Oh my god o____________o

    Can’t even say more because I need to rush to the next chapter!

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  3. Skcaga6 says:

    I see that someone officially met her daddy but doesn’t know it yet.

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